Me (F19) my best friend (F19) and her younger brother got carried away


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Me and my friend were hanging out in her brothers room binging anime, in the anime very sexual things were going on between the woman in the show while the sexual scenes were happening we noticed her little brother sitting in a funny way hiding his boner , we laughed about it. i have humongous breast, they’re the elephant in the room and my cleavage was out so I jokingly asked him if my boobs were as big as the girl in the show and he said yes , his sister then asked if he wants to see her play with them, he nervously agreed, that’s when things took a wild turn

It started off simple, she did the normal anime trope where she stands behind me and gropes my titties, pretending to be the character in the show (she’s the daughter and I’m the mom) I’m just smirking at him, his eyes were just so wide I can tell he was enjoying it, she then slides her hands inside of my shirt and starts to rub her palm on my nipples, it felt so good I started moaning , my nipples got so hard and I was getting turned on, she then takes my shirt off, takes hers off and she presses her breast against mine and we begin to rub our titties together , she then said something that made me want to melt , she tells me “ mommy it’s been so long since we’ve both taken a bath together,” as her breast and hard nipples are pressing on mine, I moan and then she starts to suck on my titties , I was moaning so much it felt so good , she took my tits and squeezed them together so that she can fit both nipples in her mouth, her soft lips felt so good locked on both of my nipples , I was looking down at her , seeing her adorable innocent face dominating my breast, she stuck her tongue between my tits and slowly licked them up and then started making out with me , moaning in my mouth while calling me mommy “mommy this feels so good” she then asks “mommy” to take care of her little brother , she tells him to sit down and I begin to titty fuck him, she’s behind me holding my breast thrusting them up and down on his cock, his cock was so hard , she had the bright idea to play the anime while I was titty fucking him, telling him to look up and see the sexy scenes then look down and see it happening in real life , taunting him saying “don’t you want to suck mommy’s big tits,? You can’t they’re all mine” he let out a cute moan and buster all over my face from between my tits. This started a very interesting relationship between all of us
Now, whenever me and his sister hang out we send him spicy videos , his favorites are when my titties are in her mouth 🥰 I love our spicy relationship

NSFW: yes


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