Me (F18) and the pastors sons (M19/M21)

Growing up I was never raised religious by any means, but accompanied my family friend to church occasionally because I all the time had the biggest crush on the pastors sons. Overtime, me, my friend (F 18) and the pastors sons (we’ll call them Josh and James) became friends.

Us four decided to go to the movies one upcoming weekend where my friend bailed last minute, so us three decided to go. Just myself and the pastors sons.

When we got to the movies I was sat in between them in the very back, theater nearly empty. My heart was throbbing just at the wondered of being there with them. I knew they were into me as they’ve become more forward with me as the movie progressed.

I was wearing a skirt and Josh touches my thigh slowly moving closer between my legs. I looked over at James thinking he would leave or give us some alone time, but he just smiled and nodded confirming he’ll stay.

I was throbbing completely as James starts moving closer to my pussy. I could feel how wet I was the closer he was getting and James did too as he started gently fingering me. He started with one finger, then two. Quickly pulsing in and out of me.

Josh was watching and starts kissing me, as his brother James is fingering me and instinctually I felt how hard Josh was. I looked around to a theater still empty and all I could think about was one thing.
I begin stroking both James and Josh over their pants. I wanted James to feel how wet I was too, it was only fair. James was feeling my wet and throbbing pussy while Josh was rubbing my clit. At this point my seat was drenched and I did not want them to stop.

I unzipped both of their pants and licked my hands to get them as wet as I could and started giving them both a handjob at the same time. While they were both fingering me and rubbing my clit. It was a sensation I never wanted to end until I let out a moan I prayed no one heard. The boys finished me off while I’m rubbing their cocks and gripping for dear life. God help me.

I knew I wanted to make them finish so I got on both knees and started blowing Josh first while rubbing James. I would then switch back to James while rubbing Josh’s cock. All I could think about was having both of them inside of me so badly, but felt like it was too risky, being in the theater and all.
I wanted Josh’s cock inside of me so bad, his girth was unbelievable so I cant imagine how he’d feel inside of me.

I decided to finish James off which I did fairly quickly. I was also tiny enough to sit Josh and knew if I did it quickly enough he’d cum just in time before this movie was over.

I bent over in front of him and lifted up my skirt as he pushed me down and thrusted himself inside of me. His cock filled me up I couldn’t help but let out a moan. He starts fucking me so hard that I swear I felt the gates of heaven when he was inside of me. I was so wet and my pussy was throbbing beyond control. When he was close he turned me around and I got on my knees and he came in my mouth. I swallowed his warm cum and I knew he loved to see it. So did James.

Movie was over, couldn’t even tell you what we went to see.

They were both married off shortly after and I never spoke to them again.

NSFW: yes

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