Me and my former teacher

This past summer in July my old teacher messaged me and asked if I come over. I show up at her place she opens the door and is wearing black leggings, white t-shirt that is kind of see through. It had probably been about a year since we last fucked. We go into the kitchen and begin talking, I can feel my cock getting hard just from looking at her. We talk for probably 30 mins then she walks over and starts kissing me, I kiss back then she takes my hand and has me follow her to her bedroom. We get to the bedroom, begin making out and feeling each other up. She gets on her knees pulls my shorts and boxers down and starts sucking my cock. She keeps going till cum in her mouth and she swallows. I take her to the bed, bend her over, pull down her leggings and begin eating her from behind. Once she orgasms, I stand up, guide my cock into her wet pussy and begin fucking. She’s moaning like crazy then as she started cumming and her pussy tightens up around my cock I begin cumming too. She tells me to lie on the bed, gets on top, grabs my cock and lowers herself on to it. As she riding me she takes her shirt off, keeps riding and takes her bra off. At this point I’m grabbing her tits, ass and hips as she’s riding me. She cums and I cum shortly after and she collapses on the bed. We go back to kissing and I’m playing her tits and her dripping pussy while she plays with me cock. Once I was hard again, I got on top and put legs on my shoulders as I slid my cock inside her. I started off slow but started fucker her harder and harder as I grabbing her tits. She was moaning and screaming as she came pretty fast. After she was begging for me to finish, which I did after a few more minutes. Once came, I pulled out her and collapsed on the bed. We both fell asleep and woke up a few hours later. I woke up and heard the showering going then she walked out and asked if I wanted to join her, which I did. We showered, got dressed and as we were heading downstairs she asked if I was hungry and we ordered some food. We ate and chatted some more. When I was leaving she come over and gave me a big long kiss and I left.

NSFW: yes

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