Me and mom pretended to be swingers so we could help each other get sex

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NSFW: yes

My (22M) mom (39F) have a remarkable relationship.

We’re extremely close, and ever since dad left, moms been abundantly open to me. She’s been depressed but also sex deprived.

Me, having been a virgin up until that point, agreed with my mom to help each other. There’s this nude beach not too far that we visited sometimes already, and mom wanted to try for some fun, but this time as a “swinger” couple.

Took me a couple of weeks to brainstorm the logistics though, yet in the end it worked out beautifully.

So, every weekend we made it up there and messed around. Most weekends were a fail, but every so often we’d get a few successes.

I’m super glad mom had her fun, and she’s glad she was able to help me lose my virginity. It was an extremely exciting string of weekends, and I have loads of stories I’m eager to distribute 🙂

Edit: am also eager to answer any questions

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