Me and he GF organized her Birthday just so we could let her experience her outdoor fantasy.

We never held back when talking about our fantasies that we wanted to come true. Even Anna’s GF/Lover, was aware of the things we wanted to do. Anna was at work and me and Dale were naked in the hot tub which wasn’t unusual, although there was never anything happen without Anna we were at all times comfortable being naked, yes we teased each other but not much more. We discussed Anna’s birthday and I told her I wanted her to have a birthday like she had never had before. Now Dale has an amazing mind which I loved, she was as dirty as us. She came out with the idea, “We can go to the walking area and have a picnic”. I wondered that was lame and told her so. “You really are slow sometimes Johnny, what is one of her outdoor fantasies that she always talks about?” It suddenly clicked. One of Anna’s more outrageous fantasies was to be stripped naked and tied to a tree, for up to an hour and see if anyone would touch her or try to rescue her. Dale said that as we would be close by we could keep her there as long as efficient and we can stop people from untying her. I loved the idea I just hope Anna would.

The picnic was great and as evening fell and it became darker Dale looked at me and nodded her head. I leaned in and began kissing Anna, as I did Dale took out her handcuffs and secured Anna’s hands behind her back. We hadn’t wondered it through, we forgot to take her top off, not a issue as Dale said “Baby girl I will buy you a new top” then ripped Anna’s top off. Dale then lead Anna to a tree, which was just off the main track but she could still be seen to passers by. I took the rope we had brought tied her legs up they were aside and placed the rope around her neck and secured it behind the tree. The idea then was to remove the cuffs and replace them with rope. Dale had forgotten the keys. I tied rope to the cuffs and trailed it around the tree. Anna’s breathing was heavy she was already turned on, I felt her pussy it was soaked. Anna’s wraparound skirt was then removed and her panties ripped off. Dale then placed a sign around Anna’ neck, “FUCK ONLY NO RESCUE”, we then moved away and sat and watched if anything would happen.

For a while nothing happened aside from Anna peeing a couple of times (Quite sexy), me and Dale were gonna call a halt to it as it seemed like nothing was gonna happen then we heard voices and stepped back. A couple of men, one probably in his 20’s and the other a lot older came into view. I wondered they were gonna walk passed at first but the younger one stopped probably because the sound of running water as Anna had anther pee (She was very nervous).He said something to the other guy by the looks of it he was telling the younger guy to go for it. We watched as he started putting his hands on Anna, he grabbed her breasts and pulled at her nipples and without ceremony, stuck his fingers inside her, we could see Anna’s legs almost buckling as he rammed her with his fingers. He was hot to watch, especially when she came all over his hand and then forced her to lick and suck his fingers clean. The he turned and rejoined the older guy, me and Dale were disappointed, because we hoped there would be more. Dale decided to go and check Anna was OK, she was still shaking from her orgasm but otherwise she was OK. However the older guy suddenly turned up and Dale couldn’t get away so she got on her knees and started licking Anna’s pussy.

The older guy was now close to them both, he offered his cock to Dale who refused it, (Mine was the only cock she would touch she was 95% for women only) Dale moved apart and gave him space then she began kissing Anna, he bent down and sucked Anna’s nipples and lined up his cock and pushed forward and began to fucked Anna slowly, (Not how she wanted to be taken), Dale began shouting at him to “Damn well fuck her or go home” and he picked up the pace, this guy had some stamina, he was really pounding away at her I could hear her shouting her usual obscenities and with Dale sucking her nipples it just made her louder. I guess he was fucking her for 5 mins before he finally went still. He said something to Dale, then disappeared from my view, Dale gave me a thumbs up sign. The guy returned again with the young guy, this time the guy got his cock out and pushed it straight into Anna, he didn’t waste time and he didn’t last long either filling Anna after only a few strokes, with that they both disappeared. I came out of hiding, and Dale began to untie Anna but I stopped her, no way was I gonna miss out, I drove my cock into her, Dale got behind me, then as she had done before, she pushed two fingers in my ass which made me fuck Anna deeper and harder, the whole time I was in her I could feel Anna leaking over my cock, I came pretty much at the same time as Anna, and fell forward onto her and kissed her hard.

We untied her and she began thanking us for the experience. It was a shame it was just the two of them but it was another fantasy achieved for her. We passed her the skirt to put back on “What the hell is the point, everything else I had has gone so this may as well” With that she grabbed our arms and we walked to the car. We needed fuel on the way home and Anna turned to Dale and told her to get her top off and fuel the car topless and go pay for it the same way. As Dale went in to pay Anna just said “And that is another fantasy fulfilled”.

NSFW: yes

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