Mature Neighbor

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I had decided to do a bit of writing by the pool while the sun was still up. Someone had left a hat, towel, bag, and drink at a chair inside, but I didn’t see anyone around. I took a spot at one of the tables in the corners of the pool area and sat down to write.

A few moments later I heard a cough come from behind me. A woman was there bent over a plant growing in the corner, pruning the leaves. It was a nice ass sticking back up at me. I put my head back down, though, and went back to my writing.

She came by me on her way back to where her things were. “Someone planted a plant back there, and it’s looking pretty sad. I didn’t realize I was bent over in front of somebody.” The small blonde had the husky voice of a smoker, and though she looked to be late 60s or early 70s, her body was that of a woman of a fit 50- something.

“I certainly didn’t mind,” I said, which made her chuckle. Having really not had much interaction with anyone since my wife and I had been separated, I got the nerve to introduce myself. She lives in the building next to mine in our condo complex. She introduced her self as Ruth and said and her husband live in Orlando but have this place to escape to the beach.

We made small talk about the weather and the politics of the condo association for a bit. I told her about being separated, and she commiserated saying marriage was hard and you need to reach discover your own thing. Eventually she went back to reading, and I went back to writing. I stole a couple glances thinking about how tight her body looked for clearly being about twenty years older than I. She caught one of these glances, I wondered, but we both had sunglasses on that provided plausible deniability of ever accused of checking the other out.

Eventually she picked up her plastic cup and walked past me to the pool gate. “I’ll be back.”

She was back in a little while with a refilled glass, and I stole a couple more glances again before being caught a second time. This time she came over.

“My husband is in Orlando and there’s a funny sound in my condo that I’m wondering if you could check out for me.”

“A funny sound?”

“Coming from the bedroom.”

“Alright, of course I’ll check it.”

She led us out of the pool area and I stared at her as in the bikini she had on. Okay, it was a bit flat, but I still thought what this woman did to work out. And her legs were incredible. I wondered of Ann-Margret but this was a tinier version.

When we got to her place she opened the door and went in. As soon as I was inside, she turned and kissed my neck. She shoved her hand down the front of my swimsuit and found my growing erection. “That’s what I thought. ”

Before I could even get her front door shut Ruth had my suit off and was on her knees sucking my cock. It was hard tile, so I didn’t let her do that long before I was picking her up, taking her over to the couch there and bending her over. My cock was a tight fit and I went slowly at first. Soon though we were fucking wildly all over her condo. The funny noise in her bedroom turned out to be her begging me to “fill up my cunt!”

She made whimpering noises when she came and finally I unloaded in jolting spasms that had her whimpering again. As I pulled my semi-hard cock out, she turned to take it in her mouth again and lick up our juices.

“I want you to come back and fuck my ass later,” she said. I assured her I would.

NSFW: yes