Master uses her while she sleeps…[19M] [18F] [Sleep] [D/s] [Free Use] [Good Girl] [Dialogue] [Excerpt]

Jack stayed up for a few hours, letting Katie get into a deep sleep. He finally crept back into her room, pausing to ensure that her breathing was deep and measured. She hadn’t moved much from when he tucked her in, no doubt fairly restricted by the latex covering her body. He sat on the edge of her bed, already feeling her warmth as her sweet scent met his nostrils. He moved a piece of hair from her face, smirking as he realized that it was hardened with his cum from earlier in the day. Her makeup was smeared, just as he liked it- he wouldn’t let her take it off before bed, knowing that he was gonna use her overnight.

He traced his finger over her lips, picturing all the times he had seen them wrapped around his cock. He moved the blankets down just enough to expose her breasts, the moonlight through the window dancing on her creamy breasts. He circled a finger around her nipple until she sighed, causing him to quickly pull back- he wasn’t ready for her to be awake yet. He moved to her other nipple, repeating the motion and drawing a gasp from her lips. He let her settle again, waiting for her deep breathing to resume before tracing the latex fabric around her breasts. He gently cupped one, and then the other, palming her nipples and feeling his cock throb as they hardened in his grasp.

He moved his body lower, so that he had better access between her legs. He wrapped her limp hand around his cock, enjoying the feeling of her skin on his. He squeezed her hand around himself and stroked a few times, his cock instantly coming to life. He was willing to get between her legs, but knew he would have to be careful if he didn’t want to wake her.

He took the rest of the blanket off of her, smiling as he realized her latex dress had ridden up on her hips. Her bald pussy was clearly visible between her closed legs, just begging to be explored. He gingerly ran his fingers up her slit, the promise of wetness kissing his fingertip. She shivered, and he held his breath as she relaxed back into the mattress. He traced the outline of her pussy against her thighs, trying to get her used to the sensation of being touched before he moved her leg. Finally, as she remained settled as he caressed her mound, he bent one of her legs slightly. Her pussy opened for him, begging him to come in.

He spread her lips, not yet daring to touch her clit. He took in the beautiful sight, blowing on her slightly to elicit a delicious shiver. He ran his finger along the line of her lips, bringing it to his mouth to taste her sweetness. He blew on her clit again, priming her to be touched. He grazed her with his finger, her mouth opening in a gasp. He knew that she was starting to wake up, but he couldn’t help it- he had to have more of her. He flicked her clit gently back and forth, causing her legs to open further. At long last he dipped a finger into her wet hole, instantly coating it in her juices. He tasted her again, her breathing now shallow enough for her to wake up. He dipped two fingers inside her as her eyelids fluttered open.

Her legs clamped closed on his hand as panic filled her. “Shhh, you’re okay, just open your legs. It’s me- I told you I would need you tonight. Open your legs for me, you’re okay,” he repeated, his voice quiet and comforting.

Once Katie got her bearings she relaxed slightly, her body still on high alert after being surprised. He fingered her gently, coaxing her body to relax before he took her. “That’s it, just relax, I’m almost done,” he encouraged, and felt her body melt back into the mattress as he stimulated her. He brought her hand back around his cock, closing his over hers and motioning her to stroke while his fingers slipped in and out of her.

His cock was starting to twitch, and he knew that if he didn’t fuck her now he was gonna explode all over the sheets- not that he minded making a mess, but he really wanted to feel inside her. He climbed on top of her, her legs easily opening as he slid inside. She gasped, her eyes looking into his, just barely noticeable in the moonlight. He moved his hips into hers, his body rubbing up on her latex dress. He put his mouth on her nipple, and her body squirmed under him.

The more that he felt the latex against him, and her squirming underneath, the more he desperately wanted her. He slammed his cock into her, no longer caring to be quiet or gentle. He took everything she had to give, fucking her until she was screaming. He could feel that her pussy was soaked, and he was willing to add his cum to the mix. He cried out as he came, exploding into her with all the force in his hips. She stiffened under him as he filled her, her breathing heavy from taking his cock so hard.

He got off of her when he was finished, tucking the blankets back around her. “Thank you, Katie, you were such a good girl for me. Sleep well,” he said, and with a kiss on the forehead he was gone.

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