Massage Stories, Episode 2

A couple of weeks had gone by and I had wondered about my massage with Star a lot. Considering the unfamiliar territory I was unsure sure how soon I should try to schedule again. I had almost reached back out a few times then deleted my text.
Finally I was having a terrible day at work and it was time, I needed another massage to relax after a day like this. I sent a message to Star and asked what sort of availability she had. She responded quickly and said I could come by at 7:00 PM so I confirmed I would see her then.
When I arrived, it was much like the first time without the introductions but this time she gave me a light kiss on the cheek and took my hand and lead me inside. No one was there watching TV this time as we walked to the back room. She opened, the door and I went in, she said she’d be back in a few and to get ready.
I disrobed and got on the table like last time, covering my mid section with the sheet as I had done before. I wondered about the last visit and how uncomfortable my stuff had been when I was face down and she did things to arouse me. I repositioned everything in a way where I wondered I would be more comfortable with my cock pointing to the foot of the bed being concealed by my balls on top of them. I got comfortable, and just as I did she came back in.
Like before there was some relaxing small talk. She nearly immediately noticed how tense I was and asked about my day. Without boring her with too many details I talked through some of the highlights in vague detail and expressed how frustrating it had been. She consoled me and continued with the massage. Like last time I laid with my eyes closed enjoying her touch. She had worked my neck and shoulders and was starting to work my back, only this time she didn’t step to either side, she stayed at the head of the table. She was really starting to work my back and working her way down. As she did, she bent over and slid her hands under the sheet and work on my glutes a bit. When she did I could feel hers breasts on my back, only something was different. She continued to do this and put pressure on my entire back with her body, then finally I realized what was different, she had removed her shirt and it was her bare breasts I was feeling.
She moved to my right side and continued to work my back all the way down again to my right cheek, working my muscles in to submission. She maintained contact with me while she eased around to my left side and continued to work my back and my left cheek.
Star picked up my left hand and started to massage it and again when she was through and was ready to move to my arm she placed my hand on on of her breasts and played with it and teased her nipple. She finished with my left and moved back to the right making sure that at least one hand maintained contact with me as she moved. She picked up my right hand and massaged it but didn’t place it on her breast. this time she placed it between her legs. We were barely in to the massage and she was practically dripping already.
Star was probably at least 10 years older than I am. She didn’t look it though, as she was very well kept. I still to this day haven’t figured out if it was just her or if all women in the age range were just crazy horny. I like to think it was her, she had a lot of sexy about her. Sorry for the sidetrack.
Once she was done with my right arm, she started to work her way down my right side. Working my right cheek some more and moving to my inner thigh. She moved my leg closer to the edge of the table to to build some space. Based on the last time, I expected some feasible innocent encounters with my balls but this time it was much more intentional. She worked my upper leg and my calf and then my right foot. She took my left foot and when done moved my leg over tot he edge of the table like my right. Then she worked my calf and while doing so I wondered to myself this time she didn’t rest my foot where I could feel her breast on it, but I didn’t feel like I was missing out. She continued to work up my leg, and inner thigh with some more intentional encounters with my balls before proceeding to my left cheek. I wondered to myself that I was glad it wasn’t an exact repeat of last time, I like the idea of not knowing where things were going next.
When she was done with my left side I was anticipating it was time for her to leave the room for a moment so I could turn over and comfortable, but I was wrong. She maintained contact with my legs and made her way back to the foot of the table. She began to climb on to the table between legs. She crawled up and positioned her knees gently again my inner thighs, being very careful not to push either leg off the table. I felt the sheet come off of me and heard it come to rest on the floor. From that position she started on my back again. Very slowly she work her way down to my cheeks and gave them another once over. This time though she would spread them slightly and left no part untouched and she work worked her way down to my balls. By this time I was sufficiently hard as she found when she lifted my balls. At that moment she stretched out and laid her body on mine and whispered in my ear “There’s that beautiful cock of yours, but be patient, not yet.” She made her way off the table and told me it was time to turn over only she didn’t leave the room and the sheet was no where near the table. But what did I have to be shy about after last time. I turned over and got comfortable. In the process I opened my eyes to she was not only topless but also completely nude as I was. She told me I could keep my eyes open if I wanted but if I needed to close them to relax that I could.
Star moved my legs aside just enough to make room for her to climb back up on the table. She climbed up and straddled me, I wondered something else was bout to happen but no she just straddled me and sat in a way that I could feel how wet she was but I I wasn’t inside her. From this position she worked on my chest and abs, then back up to my nipples. She would lean forward to kiss them and suck them and it would feel like I was about to slide inside her but she wouldn’t let that happen, just let it get really close. I was so hard. She was soaking wet to the point that I was wet as well. She worked her way down and slowly move back from straddling me to being on the table. She looked down at my hard cock and said “I may have made a bit of a mess on you.” She proceeded to clean up the mess by licking me, commenting about how hot it was that she was tasting her on me. She continued to stroke me with one hand and cup my balls with the other. She started to get off the table but never once let go of my cock as she did, and then moved to my right side. I didn’t wait for her prompt, when she got to my side I moved my hand to the inside of her leg. She smiled and said I learned quickly. I began playing with her clit and wet pussy as she was stroking my cock. It wasn’t long before I was about to hit my point. Star was so sexy and the attention that she gave made it more sexy. It was very difficult to not just give up and explode. Like last time she noted I was close and backed off to give attention to my nipples. She would suck and bite of them, sometimes too hard but that just turned me on even more. The whole time she kept her right hand on my balls and at this point had put her knee on the table to make sure I had clear access to her warn, wet, pussy.
I felt her getting closer, she got really warm inside and even more wet which I didn’t think was feasible. I kept going and picked up the pace a bit. She had to stop giving me attention to avoid collapsing. Her legs got noticeably weak, she began to tremble a bit and I could tell she was having to work to not collapse. Finally, she just let go and squirted for what seem like 5 minutes though I know it was probably just a few seconds. I stopped and she quivered a bit, whispered thank you, then asked if I minded if she took a minute to recover. I of course said sure so she carefully made her way on to the table as she was weak from the orgasm, then laid her head on my stomach. She lightly stroked her fingertips up and down my leg and arm while she recovered.
After a few minutes she had gathered herself and began kissing my stomach then worked her way back to my cock, I was still mostly hard though it had eased up some while she recovered. It didn’t take long before she had me a full attention again. She proceeds to suck my cock and cup my balls. Like last time she was able to take it all the way in to her throat effortlessly, she has talent for sure. As I got close to the end, she pulled up rather take it deep in the throat again. I’m not sure to this day what her plan was but exactly I she took my cook out of her mouth, I explode and shot my cum up her nose. She was surprised for sure and told me what had happened. I raised up to look and it was obvious that it didn’t go slightly up her nose. She laughed, thanks goodness because I felt terrible. She made her way off the table and told me not to move, that she would be back to clean up the mess. She came back with a warm damp cloth and cleaned me up as I laid there. She laughed here and there about the oops that had just happened.
When she left the room I got dressed and waited for her to return. She had put some clothes on as well. She took my hand and walked me to the door. I stepped out and she kissed me goodbye. She whispered in my ear again, but this time said “Don’t wait so long.”

NSFW: yes

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