Mary The Gym Rat Part 2

I told you before, my boss is an asshole. She comes up to me one day at the end of September and says, “Scotty, if you’re working in a gym, you should look like you do . From now on you’re showing up at 4:00pm every night and I’ll supervise your workouts. Holy balls! The rest of the staff is overjoyed.

“Thanks Scotty! Now the boss will take out all her frustrations on you; we’re in the clear!” Not only does the boss work my ass off every day, she cannot count. I’m supposed to be doing sets of twenty five, but the boss keeps yelling; “GIVE ME ONE MORE GOOD ONE!” I have to admit by the first of December I’m in great shape. I mean I have real abs and I’m toned all over. It’s way easier to ride by bike to campus. The only issue is, I’m so tired every day, I don’t have time or strength to jack off.

Mary is making things worse. She has about ten pairs of these leggings that lace up in the back. I think she’s supposed to wear panties with them, but Mary doesn’t. She’s doing pike push ups and every time her ass is in the air, I have a perfect view of her dripping pussy. Not that Mary will give me the time of day, she just laughs when I spot for her with my bulging hard-on.

I get the worst news the first week in December. I figure I’ll finally get some rest because college is over—I’m a school professor. Nope; boss is gonna Aruba with her MILF friends for ten days of sun and relaxation. Me, I’m stuck working from 3:00am to 9:00pm five days a week. I keep up with all my exercises and I’m feeling pretty good. We shut down over the holidays so I’m looking forward to two weeks of rest. My first day off, I get a text from Mary. *Get over here and open up the gym!*

I hurry over and Mary’s in her big expensive car with the motor running. I open everything up and Mary has me behind her as she does her Pike push ups. I haven’t had any since the last time I hooked up with Mary and that’s almost three months. Mary looks back between her legs and she laughs; “You gonna stand there all day or will you put that big fat cock to work. I learned a few tricks about . . .”

While Mary gabbed, I tugged down my shorts and her leggings and slipped inside her pussy. She was dripping today and I gave her four nice slow stroke before slamming into her. Fuck Scotty, that feels good. Your muscles are much more powerful. Give it to me; fuck that pussy.”

Oh Mary got it all right. I was strong enough now to hold her off the ground as I plowed into her. “I like this Mary. I like it a lot, but Mary, you can’t see my cock plunging into your pussy. I’m sure you’d like to see that.”

Mary grunted every time my dick bottomed out and I could feel the first spasm of her orgasm and I didn’t let up until she came. “You fucker! That was great; now put me on the bench so I can watch you plow me.” The front of Mary’s legging were stained with her juice and I tugged her leggings down to her ankles and pulled one leg off. Mary pulled me up and sucked my my dick as far down her throat as it would go. She made slurping and gagging noises but she kept on trying to take it all. “That dick’s too fat; shove it in me!” I knelt down and gave her what she asked for, but as I slammed into her I rubbed her clit with my thumb. Mary likes it better then way. She was bucking against me and I kissed her on the mouth shoving my tongue down her throat.

I pulled her forward with my left hand and forced her head down. “Watch my dick destroy that pussy Mary. You’ve been waiting for that a long time haven’t you.”Mary watched as her pussy got wetter and tighter and my dick creamed her pussy.

“Oh fuck me Scotty that feels good. Pound that pussy; I love the angle of you cock there, that big fat cock is rubbing the walls of my pussy.” Mary tensed up and started squirting, I pulled out my cock as she splashed us both. Her legs and stomach quivered and shook as the orgasm shook her. She was still shaking and squirting, put I slammed into her again. My balls were so swollen it hurt to slam her but I was crazed. “You fucker, you and your big cock are going to make me squirt again, AW FUCK!” I pulled out again and Mary squirted even more wildly this time. I stood up and my whole cock was dripping with her juice. “I’m licking that pussy juice off of that cock. I’ll show you how it feels to bust a nut.’

Mary sucked both balls into her mouth and sucked hungrily while pumping me. I pulled off her top and pinched both nipples before squeezing her breasts. Mary moaned and tried to get my hands off her, the nipple twisting was making her crazy. “Suck my cock Mary; take it down your throat and suck me dry. Maybe you’d like it on your tits.” Mary pulled off me and knelt on the bench sho she could tit fuck me. My dick would disappear in her cleavage. We were both dripping sweat but Mary kept the pressure up. My nuts did feel ready to explode. Mary let got of my dick with her breasts and grabbed me and pumped away. “Here it comes!” The first blast of cum splashed across her nose before she covered my dick with her mouth she sucked and pumped and I swear she sucked my balls into my body. It felt great, but it was painful at the same time. I stopped thrusting, but Marry sucked harder until she pulled off.

We were both a mess so we headed off to the showers. Mary led me back there by my still throbbing dick. “That was nice Scotty, but you haven’t got your Christmas bonus yet. I think you’ll enjoy it.” Yeah, the advantages are great, but my boss is still an asshole; she was squeezing my dick until I cried uncle.

NSFW: yes

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