Married Lily meets James [part 3]

James pulls Lily along inside his place when Lily says “I can’t believe you had me walking around outside with your fucking cum on my face” angrily as James laughs “don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it slut” as he pushes her and pins her against the door while she glares at him trying to be defiant, her face wavering when she feels his hand rub her pussy over her panties “mmm so fucking wet, good girl!” As Lily blushes in embarrassment thinking why the fuck is this guy turning me on so much? No one has ever treated me like this! What’s wrong with me?

Lily lightly moans and bites her lip to stop the sound from escaping. “Stop, I don’t think we should do this. I love my husband!”

James stroked her hair and face with his big strong hand, running his thumb across her full lips, making her eyes close and lean her head into his hand. He pulls her hair back slightly, forcing her to look up at him. As their eyes meet, Lily feels their electric animalistic attraction straight in her pussy “Please” she begs but it comes out as a quiet moan. James smiling down at her as he grips her hair and pulls her into a firm passionate kiss, his tongue pushing past her lips and meeting her tongue, his strong arms wrapping round her and squeezing her body against his as he pins her with his muscular body. His hand travelling down her back to grab her nice firm ass, squeezing as she groans into his kiss.

James pulling back as he looks into her big brown eyes now full of lust, with a hunger of his own, “Baby, you are his wife but my slut! Don’t you forget that. I don’t care that you love him. He can have your heart. I’ll own your pussy” as he slides his hand under the waist band of her panties and rubs her soaked pussy, dipping his fingers into her wetness before running them back up to her clit making her moan loudly as he grips her hair tighter and smiles at how her body responds to his touch.

“Ahhh fuck, James! You don’t play fair! Mmmm”

“It’s not James to you my little slut” pulling her hair back tighter as his fingers easily slide into her now dripping pussy curving up to reach her gspot making her eyes roll back.

“Ugh mmmm oh my god! Yes Sir!” She pants through her moans.

“GOOD GIRL!” He smirks knowing he has her in the palm of his hand like the needy slut that she is now.

“Get on your knees slut!” Lily thinking she’ll be getting another face fucking as she follows the command. “Follow me” as he walks to the bedroom.

Lily on her knees looking at him confused as James smiles devilishly “crawl like the good girl that you are” her eyes widen at the request and she freezes for a second.

“Not a request Lily!! Now!!” James says with an authority that makes her obey without question as she crawls behind him. Lily thinking why does him using her actual name make her feel like she’s in trouble.

When she gets to the bedroom he rips off her wet panties, and spanks her raised ass. Lily’s face going red and feeling humiliated as he spanks her again but over her wet pussy this time making her scream “Ahhh fuck!! James… Sorry, Sir” as he glares at her and stuffs her wet panties into her mouth. She can taste her wetness and pussy through the thin material. He spanks her ass and pussy again as her screams are muffled by her panties. Her ass cheeks going red and her pussy so wet that her juices are dripping down her inner thighs. “Look at how wet you are getting being treated like the slut that you are Lily” He groans as he rubs his hand over her ass to her clit and back, rubbing her juices over her asshole as she moans into her panties and pushes back against his hand.

“Stand up and take off the rest of your clothes” James orders as he sits on the bed now naked and watches as she takes off her dress revealing her toned, slender but curvy body to him. Watching her release her big breasts from her bra as they bounce making him moan. “Come here” as she steps towards him without question or hesitation as he smiles. He grabs her hips and runs his hands over her body making her squirm under his touch, licking and kissing up to her breasts before taking her nipple into his mouth and sucking before moving to the next nipple making her moan and push her breasts further into his mouth “yes, that feels so good” she mumbles and moans around her panties as he leaves her nipples and breasts shining in his saliva.

“I have a surprise for you later baby” Lily wonders what that might be but before she can think too long on it he picks her up and throws her on the bed. Surprised at how strong he is and staring at his gigantic hard cock bobbing up and down as he grabs her legs and spreads them while pushing her knees towards her chest, her glistening smooth pussy spread and bare to him as he cock slaps her clit making her jump and moan. Running his cock head over her slick slit and clit before cock slapping her clit again. Lily squirming and writhing on the bed but held down firmly as she raises her hips to rub against his cock. Her need to be filled by him evident. James pulling the panties out of her mouth. “Tell me how much you miss my cock” he says with a smirk that annoys her but she’s wants him so bad she can not stand it.

“I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about you filling me up since last time” she says quickly and then starts blushing.

“I can tell your pussy needs my cock by the way you are dripping for me” He says as he pushes his thick cock into her tight pussy making her gasp and moan at the sudden intrusion. Going balls deep in one thrust and then pulling out. “Ugh mmmm fuck! What, why are you pulling out?” Before she can finish her sentence he is straddling her chest and pushing his cock covering in her juice down her throat as she gags on his cock. Her arms pinned by his legs as he fucks her mouth and throat again. “Mmm fuck baby! You taste so good, don’t you?”

“Mmm gghf shhir” trying to mumble yes Sir around James cock.

James pulls out and slides into her pussy, feeling her pussy squeezing his cock as he fucks her. Pushing her knees to her chest as he pushes his cock deep inside her. Fucking her balls deep as he fucks her harder and faster after every thrust. “Oh. My. God!! Fuck you are so big!! So deep!”

“That’s right slut, take all my fucking cock. I’m going to mould your pussy to my cock” James says as he wraps his strong hand around her neck, making her eyes roll back.

“Yes yes yes! Fucking make me cum for you! Make your whore cum for you Sir!”

James squeezing her throat lightly as he plows into her dripping pussy, feeling her pussy grip his cock as he tightens his grip on her throat. The room just filling with the sounds of their moans and his balls slapping against her round ass.

All of a sudden Lily’s legs begin shaking as an intense orgasm starts washing over her. “Fuck yes!! I love your cock! I’m cummingggg!” As her pussy clenches his hard thick cock as he continues fucking her pussy through her orgasm, bending down to suck and bite on her nipple as he squeezes her throat.

“Fuck this is too much! I can’t” as the sensations is too much for her. James starts rubbing her clit while he fucks her brains out until she tenses up and starts squirting all over his cock. “Mmm fuck, look at what you did you filthy slut. Such a good girl for me!” As he thrusts as deep as he can into her quivering pussy before he releases what seems like an infinite amount of warm cum inside her, filling her up quickly before overflowing and trickling out covering her asshole.

Lily panting and out of breath, laying on the bed with hers and James’s cum mixture pooling between her legs and delirious in her pleasure. So delirious that she didn’t realise they were no longer alone. James’s roommate, Tom was watching and decided to join in. “Thanks for the heads up buddy! You are right, she’s fucking hot!! I can’t wait to fuck the shit out of her”

Lily shocked and embarrassed to be seen in such a state, tries to get up and say something but Tom is already between her legs pushing his thick 9″ inch cock inside her pussy. The cum mixture making it so much easier as he slides in balls deep “Ugh fuck she’s so tight! And so wet!” As he starts thrusting in and out of her, holding her hands above her head as he sucks on her nipples.

“Fuck! What! Mmmm ugh noooo mmm” Lily moans as Tom holds her down and fucks her so good.

James saying “Surprise baby! You will be my whore to share as I please. You’re mine now!” Pushing his cock into her mouth before she can respond. Her eyes widening and tearing up as she gags on his cock. Tom pulling out of her pussy and holding her legs as he pushes his cock into her asshole. Lily trying to say stop but it’s muffled around James cock in her throat as he holds her by her head.

Tom’s cock covered in her juices easily slips the head of his cock into her tight asshole. As she screams around James’s cock but Lily is surprised as it doesn’t hurt as much as she wondered it would. Tom goes slow thankfully and let’s her get used to his size before going balls deep into her ass “Fuck James!! You have to try her ass, so fucking tight” as he picks up the pace and starts fucking Lily’s once virgin asshole.

Lily trying to concentrate but finding it hard in between gagging on James’s cock. She’s never had more than one partner at once but now she’s being fucked by 2 guys she hardly knows. She can not believe it. And given away her ass even tho her husband had begged her for anal various times over the years.

James and Tom discover a rhythm and Lily starts feeling really good. The cock in her ass starts feeling amazing as she starts moaning around James’s cock and her pussy starts drooling again. Tom starts rubbing her clit and it pushes her over the edge as she screams around James’s cock and cums hard with Tom deep in her asshole. The guys laugh and cheer “made her cum again! Fuck yeah! What a fucking slut. We are going to have so much fun with her”

James and Tom switch so that James can take her ass and Tom pushes his cock into her mouth “How’s your ass taste?!” He says with a smirk as he slides in and out of her throat. James balls deep into her ass as he says “mmm time for another load baby, such a good cum dump for us” as both James and Tom thrust deep into her ass and throat before unleashing a torrent of cum. The first warm stream of cum filling her ass triggering another orgasm as she squirts again. Tom pulling out of her throat first to then sit on her face “eat my ass, my little cum dump” as she starts licking and moaning into his ass as James let’s her asshole milk his cock of every drop of his cum.

NSFW: yes

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