Married but occasionally fuck my best friend m4a

I’m 27, and bisexual. I love my wife but I’m still exploring my sexuality and she understands that.

My bestie is my age and also male – though he claims to be straight, we’ve had sex a total of 3 times… it at all times starts with us watching porn together – this is how it goes:

-He puts on his “go-to” porn category and we start stroking ourselves under our pants until typically I whip it out and make it open.
-I’ll jerk it for a while and notice that he’s watching me… I revel in it. Soon he’ll expose his body in full too.
-We’ll switch to my “go-to” porn category and I’ll ask if we can jerk each other off while we watch
-He at all times says agrees to my question.
-Not trying to gloat but I’m several inches larger then him. He seems to get jealous at the size of my cock in his hand and it becomes all he can talk about.
-I at all times say “Well – if you don’t like it, put my money where your mouth is.” And he at all times understands my sexual innuendo
-Instantly he’ll throw his head off my cock and lean over my waist, stuffing my hard dick deep in his throat.
– I assure to him “Are you okay with this?”, for the 300th Time and he at all times agrees and nestles my cock deeper down his throat till his nose nuzzles my navel.
– I love it – and I love him… and by all accounts he begins to love on me with his hot mouth.
– After a few mins I grab his hair and throw his head off hard, throbbing member.
-He knows the drill… He turns around and waves his ass in the air while on all fours. He’s asking me to stuff him in a wordless motion as his small hips wiggle around.
-And I do.
-His ass is so tight at first and I go slow at his command, but…
-As soon as he’s comfortable, I start to rearrange his insides stroke by stroke.
-His pleasure/pain moans only make it worse….

NSFW: yes

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