Married (29f) I’m freeuse for my husband’s friends and 2 of then fucked my ass together

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So most of you have probably read my confession I made a recently about recording myself losing my anal virginity to my husband’s friend while my husband was passed out on the couch next to us .

Well now I’m really really starting to love anal and have let 3 more guys creampie my ass since then. 2 of them being my husband’s friends and one being our neighbor next door. For the handful of my husband’s friends who know we live a hotwife lifestyle I have all the time been freeuse for them and they all the time come over even when my husband isn’t home and take their sexual frustrations out on me by fucking me hard and leaving me full of cum .

Yesterday 2 of his friends were over having drinks with my husband when he told them how I just started doing Anal and well they instantly said they had to have it too. I of course was all for it and walked over tocthe couch where they were drinking , got down between his 2 friends , took both there cocks out and started stroking and sucking them both . After they were both extra hard I grabbed the lube and rubbed it all over my tight asshole and their cocks .

I got up and bent over the couch and had one of his friends (jay) come around and stick his cock in my mouth while his other friend (Brian) started pressing his cock against my asshole for the first time . He slowly slid it inside me and I heard him groan as my right ass gripped his cock so tight. It really only took him no more than 5 min of being inside my ass before I felt him shake and begin pumping his cum deep isnde me . All while still sucking Jay’s rock hard cock .

Brian slid out of me and I could see Jay’s excitement as he knew it was his turn and he came around behind me , added a little more lube and slid his cock deep in my ass. His dick was the biggest I had , had in my ass so far and it felt amazing. I started rubbing my clit fast as he fucked me and a fee min later I was cuming so hard and shaking my body which set Jay off and he started cuming deep inside my ass .

As he slid out I noticed my husband come around from the side with his phone out recording the entire thing , he then went and got a close up of my stretched asshole leaking both his friends cum out of it .

We agreed that now I would add my ass to their free use abilities of me and not just my pussy and mouth. Next I’m gonna let his friends DP me and cannot wait for it .

NSFW: yes


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