Married [29f] But I have now fucked 5 guys off reddit and 2 of them at the same time

So since I found out about reddit and started using it I have consistently gotten DMs from guys asking to hook up and at first I totalled ignored them all but then a few started peaking my intrest and next thing I knew I was flying to Vegas with my girls where a guy I had chatted with on reddit was also flying for a vacation.

We had agreed to meet in the MGM lobby bar and see if we vibed well. He got there around 11pm and we hit it off instantly , after only a few drinks we were heading up the elevators to my room. The entire elevator ride I was kissing him and rubbing his huge cock through his pants.

We got to my room and I sort of just pushed him onto the end of the bed and pulled down his pants to reveal that crazy BBC , was the biggest cock I had seen up untill that point. I had to have it and went right into sucking his cock. To my surprise he held nothing back and grabbed my head and started face fucking me hard before letting me up for a breath . I got up and soun around bending over the bed as he ripped down my skirt and spit on his cock getting it ready to slide inside me.

It honestly took a min and few deep breaths to fit insdie me but once it did , it was amazing and within minutes I was cuming over and over again . He actually surprised me again by lasting quite a while flipping me into a few different positions but then I got on top and rode him hard untill he exploded inside me .

That was my first experience fucking a guy off reddit but since then it’s happened with 4 more guys and two of them were friends who came together and spitroasted and used me at the same time over and over again including a DVP and DP attempt 😳

But that’s a story I’ll have to type out another time. There has at all times been once catch with these guys I keep meeting off resdit tho and that’s that they have to record it all cause I’m married and that’s the agreement with my husband. I can fuck anyone I want as long as he gets to see it either by being there or by recording it and I love it .

Love being able to meet and fuck anyone I want , can not wait till the next one

NSFW: yes

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