Married 24 Yr old dad & Sex Addict

Im a Male, 24 years old, Im married and im a dad. Born and Raised In Australia.
Im the ordinary, picturesque, perfect husband. Or the idea of one anyway.
I begin work early in the morning, I work hard, pay the bills, keep a roof over our heads and make sure there is food on the table. I cook the Sunday roast and host family dinners.

But what dont most people know?
Well… Im a sex addict.

My Sex life with my wife isnt dead, we have sex once a week or two, romantic, passionate, its enough to satisfy her and keep her happy.
But she doesnt have a drive that compares to mine, she isnt interested in exploring kinks and is fairly uninterested in sex once she is satisfied. To her its just the occasional urge that once fulfilled is out of site and mind until the next time. And im at all times on call to fulfil her needs. But it isnt enough for me.

For me, its at all times on my mind.
Im an adult product and toy tester and reviewer for a large business, its unpaid and more of a side gig, but i get plenty of free toys to test, use and keep. But toys alone cant keep me satisfied.

Ive been flirting and sexting strangers online since i was 13 and well before I met my wife. Ive been on Skype, Kik, Omegle, snapchat, grindr (im bisexual for clarification), tinder… you get the idea.

Not only have i flirted and sexted, but on occasion ive met people. Its even hotter when they know im married and a father, its so wrong, so taboo, and that makes it all the more exciting, having a breeding kink doesnt help either

NSFW: yes

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