Making myself useful… 19f

I was working in kitchen when I heard him come home and then the sounds of the door closing. I heard him walk into the living room and saw his feet under the coffee table. He stood up and took his shirt off, and I saw a beer in his hand. I had been working in the kitchen for about 20 minutes, and I figured it was time to make myself useful. I sat on the floor and put my head down. I started sucking on his cock, and he was moaning. I moved to his balls, and he was moaning again. I licked them as he moaned. He pushed me away, and I moved back to his cock. He moved away, and I moved forward. I licked up and down the shaft, and he pushed me away again. I moved in front of him and took him in my mouth. He was so fucking hot! He grabbed my hair, pulling it, and I kept going. He came in my mouth, and I swallowed. I knew I was supposed to swallow, but I couldn’t. I kept sucking and licking, and he was yelling “OH FUCK, OH GOD!” and “OH MY GOD!” I kept sucking, and he came in my mouth again. I could feel his hot cum on my tongue, and I swallowed.

NSFW: yes

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