Maid surprises me


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My maid usually does not clean my room if I’m in it, so I never bother to check if I locked the door or if I was clothed.
On this fine day, I’m snoring away, having just finished a 2 hour porn binge session. Cum is drying on me, and I’m sleeping since I’m tired. I don’t have anywhere to be, well, where does an 18 year old have to be if he’s not writing any exams?

My room is unlocked, porn is running and I’m naked with nothing to cover me.

What could go wrong?

Gorgeous and busty, I have wanked off to her multiple times throughout my teenage years. I’ve peeped on her, and I’m pretty sure she’s seen me wanking off.

She knocked on the door, called my name. No response, so she walked in, and there I was. Sporting a chubber, cum dripping from my uncut penis, my cum drying up fast.

She closed the door and did not bother waking me. Took her hand and scooped of the wet cum and tasted it.

‘Tasty’, she must have wondered, because she came down to give me a blowjob.

I woke up to discover myself cumming again, this time in her mouth. She got up, swallowed and smiled at me.

‘Tastes nice, Johnny. Let me know when you want to be sucked off again’.

Saying this, she went on to clean my room, and left, leaving me very confused.

NSFW: yes

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