Madi from the gym part 2

After about 30 minutes more on conversation just getting to know each other her friend decides to bounce. She then asks if I wanna go somewhere else to watch the game and here is the moment of truth. I say “we can go back to my apartment we can Uber there and that I have plenty of liquor and weed she got hyped about it she said “omg let’s go” I’m so happy I knew that now I had it in the bag. I order an Uber and she touches my leg like really close to my cock. She now starts asking all these sexual questions like if “a young sexy guy like me is getting laid every night”. I told her no that not knowing anyone here makes it harder. I ask about her husband she says he’s the love of her life and left it at that. The Uber arrived and we’re on our way. We get to my apartment and she immediately goes to the fridge and pulls out a beer. She also starts dancing just super care free. I let her hit my dab pen and she starts asking all these questions about checking her out at the gym and about her ass and her tits. Kinda weird she wants me to just gush over how hot she is (which I don’t mind doing lol). She then asks about my sexual history I tell her. I had fun back home blah blah. Before I know it we’re making out on my couch we have music playing and a candle burning. The make out was intense she moved her tongue so sexy like in my mouth and she would bite my lip. She also had my pants off and was playing with my cock. I had my hands on her ass but she was still in her leather pants. She takes my hand and reaches it into her pants and under her panties to feel her soaking wet pussy.

Before I know her shirts off and she has pierced Titties (nice) and just in her little white lace thong. She takes my boxers off to be surprised about my length. (Ngl I’m slightly bigger then 9 inches). She like worshipping my dick and she has it in her mouth in no time. She was amazing at sucking dick which she said she was she used a ton and I mean a ton of spit. Also she kept my balls wet and in her mouth. Also she kept licking my taint which I had never had a girl do and ngl it felt amazing. I have honestly been on a semen retention challenge lately to help me with my workouts (I have no idea if it’s actually helping or not) but at this point I haven’t came in like 3 weeks. I was honestly scared I was going to shot the biggest load that’s ever been shot into this sexy woman’s mouth. So I flip the switch. I pick her up and Cary her to my bedroom. I rip her thong off and kiss her body making her want my tongue to lick her completely shaven pussy. I believe there’s great power(this revelation came from an acid trip a couple years ago lol) and a woman’s vagina and like it should be given it’s all during oral so I’ve in my comment perfected pussy licking. I had her soaking like dripping down her legs before my tongue even touched her clit. I then gently grazed her clit and let my spit drip on her clit and I would lightly lick it off. She was moaning like a mf. After minutes of severe teasing I was two fingers deep and tongue and mouth on her clit kissing it like I would her mouth and switching off between licking her clit. I then sped it up and used my tongue to tongue her clit and fingers inside her to have her cum so fucking hard. When I tell you the wet spot on my bed was epic. Which it should be honestly first wet spot in my new bed since moving here in august (ifs now March lol).

I slide myself in her missionary and she honest to god has the best pussy I’ve ever felt. She’s ungodly wet and tight and she had a gym body and would like pulse her hips and her pelvis while I was in her Awhh. I could tell my size was shocking to her as later come to figure out her husband is about 4.5/5 inches and she’s only been with him for the last 6 years. She said she had had some other pretty big cocks but nothing like mine. I was deep in her and stroking slow and deep and just staring into eachothers eyes. She couldn’t form words was just moaning deep and loud into my mouth. After just a few minutes of deep stroking I can feel her cumming on my dick. It feels amazing she tightens up , she grabs my arms and just shakes. She tells me to just sit inside her. She makes me just sit in her for like 5 minutes while she moans and shakes and stares into my eyes. She keeps telling me how hot I am and how big I am.

We did doggy for a little bit fucked her rough pulled her hair and slapped her ass but what I found out was in bed she likes to be dom. She wanted to ride me and oh boy was I in for some wild shit. She’s riding me and I got her titties in my mouth and she starts telling me I’m a dirty little frat boy with a big ass dick. I’m like huh okay. I was never in a frat but okay lol. She then sucking on my neck and got her tongue in my ear. Woah did that give me the good goosebumps. Her pussy is still amazingly wet as fuck. She tells me to open my mouth and she slowly spit right into my mouth. It took a minute to make it into my mouth but I just took it. She then did it again a little more aggressively she asked if I liked the way her spit taste and honest to god don’t judge in a weird sexual way I did. I’m about to explode I tell her she licks my ear and whispers to nut inside her. Before I know it I’m unloading nearly a month and hours of fucking worth of cum inside her warm , wet tight pussy. It was unbelievable. Best orgasm I’ve had since the first time I ever jerked off.

At this point it’s only 9 pm. We laid in my bed and hit my dab pen and watched basketball and just vibed and talked. She’s a really dope person. We ended up fucking again at like 10:30 just for like 15 minutes we both got one more we ubered to my car and we went and got a plan b. I took her home since she only lives like less then 10 minutes from me. She said her husband is away a lot so I’m hoping I get a chance to fuck her in her mansion. But we’ll see. I got her number she said to use responsibly. It’s now Saturday night/Sunday morning haven’t talked to her since. Will probably see her Monday night at the gym. ! But yes best sex I’ve ever had. On saint Patrick’s day 2023!

NSFW: yes

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