Madi from the gym part 1

So I (m23) graduated school last may. I have lived in Ohio my entire life and after graduation you guessed it I stayed in Ohio. I moved about an hour and a half north in Ohio so I’m close enough to my family and friends but also far away enough to make some new experiences and to learn things on my own. I took a job after school essentially selling outdoors equipment to businesses and getting their orders ready and blah blah blah. It’s not that exciting but the pay is honestly very good for a 23 year old right out of school and in all honesty it’s super easy. I worked through school and lived at home for my last 2 years after covid. Plus making time for friends , the gym and yeah.

But after living in this little town it’s almost the complete opposite feeling. I at all times wondered I could never get bored. I’ve at all times been an introvert and loved my alone time and my gym time. But since moving here I really only have about 2 friends I go out with both of which I met at work and both are quite a bit older than me. People are all really nice here but I just haven’t made friends I go out with. I also have only had sex once since moving here and it was with a girl from my hometown coming to visit me….

But to describe myself I’m 6’3 , thin , but toned brown hair , blue eyes I a lot of times have a beard but just recently shaved. I played a little D3 basketball in school for a year and I still play now for fun which is why I got a membership at the gym I did. It’s the local community center they have nice courts and also a pretty decent gym but I like the gym. It’s never too busy but it’s not the biggest gym. But at the gym I have noticed a really hot woman months ago named Madi (f33). I’ve never spoken to her at recently but we at all times make eye contact at the gym. She’s short she has some of the absoultely most amazing bodies I’ve ever seen. Her tits are amazing they’re gigantic and totally proportionate. She’s got that big toned gym booty (nah I don’t check her out at the gym bc I know that weird trend going on). But I’ve seen her I don’t stare and I don’t be creepy but sometimes she walks litterally right up in front of me and sometimes we walk past each other and sometimes we make eye contact. But yeah her legs and her torso are all just super toned. You can tell she’s been working out pretty much her entire life. She’s not bulky but she’s toned and just yeah.

I’ve seen her around town a little bit. I live in these apartments right by this little like strip that has a grocery store , a pub , a Starbucks and honestly way more stuff I can’t even think of. A lot of times I’ll see her in the Starbucks on like company calls or whatever. I can tell she has money because she drives a BMW and right around the corner from my apartment complex are all these really nice neighborhoods. I never knew specially which one but I knew it was one of the 3 next to eachothers all very nice. I could also tell she’s married she had a ring on her finger and I saw her with a man at Starbucks once. He was short and honestly kinda chubby.! I honestly would see her out and just say to myself damn what a babe. But she’s 10 years older than me , married , rich and she’s like honestly got the hottest body I’ve ever seen. I’m not going to lie I’m a very good looking young man. I get female attention everywhere I go. But like I said I’m kinda introverted and awkward. So sometimes I be saying some weird shit.

But I got off work early on saint patricks day and went to watch some March madness with some fellas from work. I had honestly popped a 50 MG edible and was down to get kinda trashed as I had taken the entire weekend and Monday of next week off because I planned on having a boozy weekend. It’s like 3 pm and my edible kicks in and I’m feeling good and happy. I go up to the bar from our table to get the next round and I turn to my right and it’s madi from the gym. (To be fair I didn’t actually know her name at this point but u get it). Madi looks so hot she has on this little like blue crop top (which was weird it’s saint ptrucks day) and it like crosses like an X on her boobs which make her gigantic boobs look so nice (I could see her belly button ring) and like skin tight leather pants also her makeup is done all unique she looked SEXY. She’s sitting at the bar with no offense a much less attractive woman. I’m feeling confident as I’m an edible and about 3 tall boys in at this point and I walk up to her and introduce myself I tell her my names Ryan she tells me hers is madi. We both acknowledge we see eachothers at the gym. She then proceeds to mock the way I run on the treadmill (I’m flat footed lol). I ask her how long she’s going to be here she says not too long but I can come and join them as long as she’s there.

I go back and join my fellas. I honestly can’t keep her out of my head she was super like flirty just in tone and by the way she looked at me. But then I’m like nah what would a rich married booby/bootylicious babe want with a 23 year old stoner. I honestly can’t stop from staring at her tits now. A few hours pass and she’s still there my friends head out as they are gonna watch other games with other friends. I say I’m going to stay here so I go and join madi and I offer to buy her and her friend a drink. They want shots so we all do patron shots and she thanks me and honestly her and I had about a hour long conversation about basketball which was amazing she played in highschool. I found out she’s a natural brunette even though she has blonde hair , her husbands away a lot and she’s an engineer and her husband is like a VP of marketing at some business. So when I said rich I meant rich rich. I found out she lives in the nicest neighborhood of the ones near me and her house is like 3500 square feet. She has a giant pool , a movie room and honestly anything you can think of. She also smokes weed and she use to dabble in psychedelics in her younger years but now just smokes a ton of weed. I ask her and her friend if they wanna come out to my car to smoke. Her friends says no. Madi says yes. We’re out in my car smoking and I give her the aux she turns on some gangster ass rap that I didn’t expect lol. I’m so into this woman. Also I had never hooked up with an older woman before. We’re smoking and she out of no where asks if I check her out at the gym. I tell her I do. I ask if it’s obvious and she said yeah but she likes it. She said she thinks it’s hot that a guy 10 years younger than her thinks she’s sexy. I’m like at this point thinking if I play my cards right I can fuck this woman tonight. We finish my j I had pre rolled she asks if she can smoke more I say yeah. I get out my bowl and now we smoking out of my bowl (I have a medical card so it’s goooood shit). She says let’s go back in after another bowl. Going back in she walks in front of me and looks back at me looking at her ass and just smiles.

Part 2 next!

NSFW: yes

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