M31 chubby fwb took 6 creampies


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M31 chubby fwb took 6 creampies

Hooked up with my fwb for what we named a sexcapade. We met at a hotel and fucked for an entire day. She’s a chubby hot slut with pierced c cups and a nice thick ass, she also sucks a mean dick and no stranger to hard core kinks.

From 2pm-11am the next day we fucked 8 times in every position we could think of. She made me cum 6 times and they were all creampies. Being a dirty slut she kept every load in her making me completely fill her pussy til it over flowed with my cum.

My favorite part was fucking the wettest sloppiest pussy ever by the time we got to round 6 it was a total mess. She made me cum so much I couldn’t even orgasm the last 2 rounds so I just kept fucking her til she came all for her pleasure. We parted methods and I’m still getting her texts that she’s leaking cum

NSFW: yes

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