(M28) Fucked a lady I met at a bus stop

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This was around 2017. I (M21), was at the bus stop at my school heading to UHaul to rent a box truck when a heavier set native American lady, probably about 35 years old or so walked up and asked when the next bus would come.

I told her the buses come every 10-15 minutes, so she sat down and we bullshitted for a few minutes until the bus came. We both hopped on and continued our conversation for the duration of the trip and since she was really flirty, got her number and bid her farewell.

She had just got out of jail and was living in a halfway house with very strict rules about her needing to be at work at McDonalds (which was her stop off the bus) and going straight home; probably part of the parole or whatever.

So we flirted over text for a few days, sending me nudes and what not. She finally said she wanted to meet up and fuck but because of her halfway house, itd have to be before work at McDonalds either 6am or like 6pm but I work evenings so I told her itd have to be a wake n fuck.

So like 4 days after meeting her at the bus stop, she hops off the bus in front of my apartment complex around 6am and comes inside. Brought her to my room and we lay in bed smoking bud and watching tv for a bit before I made my move to make out with her.

Got hard and had her suck me off for a bit and tried to smash raw but she made me put on a rubber. While we were smashing, we would take breaks to smoke and she was taking pictures of my dick in her mouth and pussy and sending them to a couple other guys, like trying to make them jealous or somthing. I nutted like 3 times and she went to work.

She came back like 3 or 4 times within a 2 week period for the same type of fun before she kinda stopped hitting me up. Got her on FB and saw she was pregnant with some guy she was dating a couple months after we hooked up. She’s still married to him. One of her past account pictures in the past is of her laying in my bed on one of those days, my dick in her pussy cropped out. Wild’n shit.

NSFW: yes

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