M28/F26 – Working From Home Gets Hot – Short Sex Story

It’s been seven hours since we first started working from home together and we’re both starting to feel like calling it quits for the day. For me, it seems like divine intervention that you called me last night telling me how your power went out, and it won’t be back on for a few days. I offered my place so that you could work while they fixed the power and you happily agreed.

I don’t know if it was all just a fantasy in my head or just wishful thinking, but the day didn’t go as I expected. I was hoping we’d skip work altogether and have some fun, but maybe being a married man has built me undesirable. I could have sworn you were giving me looks during the day, but nothing ever came from it. Maybe it just wasn’t mean to be.

I finally close my laptop and lean back on the couch, “Ok. I think that’s all the work I can handle for one day.” You were mid-reading an email when I interrupted. You look over at me, look at the time, and also decide to call it quits. “Ugh.” you let out, “My power still isn’t ready yet. I have two hours, if I rush, I can head over to the gym just to shower off before it closes.” I pause knowing the gym is a hassle to get to as you would need to drive in the opposite direction to first pick your stuff up from your house.

“Well if you want, you can shower here. My wife has her shampoos and all. I’m sure you can use those.”

I can not tell if I saw you smile, but your response comes over rather indifferent, “Oh, that’s really nice of you. I guess I can. I don’t mind the gym showers, but I guess it’s a lot of work to just get there. I guess I can take a shower here.”

“You’re more than welcome to. There are towels in the hallway linen closet. Help yourself.”

I kick my feet onto the coffee table, pretending that cute girls come to my place always to shower. As I hear the water begin to run and the sound of movement in the bathroom my mind is not even close to being chill. I’m sitting there imagining your suds covered wet body in the hot steamy shower. I notice a drift of steam trailing down the hallway and realize you didn’t fully close the door. I look through the crack and can see you through the steamy shower. It’s a soft outline of your body. You’ve at all times had a great body. I usually caught myself checking you out from time to time, although I tried my best to not have such naughty sexual thoughts about you. That’s just a testament to how good you look.

I peer through the crack even more. The steam covered door shows the outline of you washing your hair and I imagine how your body looks with the warm water cascading down it. I let out a soft sigh. “Mmm, damn.” You take the wash cloth and begin to soap down your body. “God, if only she knew how hot she made me.” My mind continues to have hot desires as I see the outline of your hand move the wash cloth over your chest and down to you pussy. The steam makes it hard to see, but it looks like you stay there for longer than you should. Just my luck to imagine you enjoying the feel of touching yourself.

Like a dirty perv I keep watching, but I try not to touch myself. I’m rather enjoying the tease. Not to mention, I’m afraid you might hear my pants unzip or some other unwanted noise. As I watch you continue to wash away the soap I see that your hands rub over your body more than you should. All the soap is washed away. Are you feeling yourself?

My mouth drops open and I see you life your one leg and stand it on a ledge, opening your pussy. My mind is wild. I can not see in detail, but I think I’m about to watch you begin playing with yourself in my shower. I’m dumbfounded watching the outline of your hands on your chest. The outline of your hands moving down your body to your open pussy. My pants are bulged and I can not break away. I shouldn’t be watching this, but I can not stop. “Oh.. damn..” is all that I can think.

I can feel my blood boiling. I can feel my pants grow tight. I’m gonna go crazy just watching you. I should walk away, but then I think I hear a slight moan from you. I stand completely still. I can not tell over the rushing water, but I think your letting out soft coos. Moaning. I can not even focus on the sound because my ears are now pounding from the excitement. I’m peer closer. I want to see. I wish this damn steam would go away. I just try to focus closer. I have to watch.

I’m too horny to notice that my face just pushed the door open a few inches further. Enough to no longer be a crack, and also enough to make a noticeable creak. “Shit!” I think. I look over to you to see if you noticed and it’s too late. The water is off and you begin to open the door.

You catch me standing like a statue in the doorway. My body and mind go wild. I’m caught and trying to understand how to not get fired in the next few minutes for spying on my coworker. At the same time, my mind is soaking in your nude, wet, body standing in front of me. If I’m getting fired I want to at least remember this moment.

I brace for you to scream at me, but the look on your face isn’t of anger. Instead I notice sorrow, remorse, or is it a begging, pleading look. The first thing out of your mouth, “I’m so sorry. I need help. I know you’re married, but I need your help now…”

To be continued..

NSFW: yes

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