[m26] so my wife was keeping a big secret from me!!


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So me and my wife have been talking about maybe sharing her just so she can try a bigger cock not sure yet if I’m okay with it or where to begin but just the other day we where watching porn and a bbc came on and I felt her getting really wett and I got turned on and she started talking really dirty to me and saying how she would want to try a bbc one day just to see what it would feel like I was going along with it being the situation I wondered it was hot then she was so horny she ended up telling me her secret and made me promise not to get upset she told me she had a big black dildo she had been keeping from me and I mean this thing is 12 inches and she said she had it for over a year I didn’t know how to feel she told me to use it on her to see if she could take it all and she took almost every inch of it she had told me she had never put it in her now idk how to feel she said she wouldn’t mind trying the real thing if I wanted to see her take one!!

NSFW: yes


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