(M24) School Adviser sucked off again by (F18) School Student

Hello Everyone!

I got a ton of DMs from my first post asking for part 2. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, I highly recommend it because it builds off that!

Just a quick side note on a few things:

1. I got a ton of DMs asking to see V. At this time, I won’t be sharing any photos of anyone that comes up (due to privacy). Might change in the future based on consent from all parties.
2. This is a continuous story of what happened to me in the past, starting with V (who essentially broke the ice, which lead to other things).
Hopefully that clears some things up! Now onto Part 2:

To continue the story from earlier. V came back to the Center 2 days after Part 1. At first I wondered she was avoiding me out of awkwardness/a bad experience because she went and talked to another advisor first. However after she finished with talking with my coworker she came over to me and asked if I would be around before the Center closes. I told her that I would wait for her and she ran off to her next class.

A few hours later, once all of my coworkers left, V came back and entered the Center. I immediately locked the door behind her and asked if everything was ok because I didnt see her yesterday to work on essays. She explained that she was nervous about coming back in because she wondered I didn’t enjoy the blowjob two days early. She was very apologetic and kept saying she didn’t know what she was doing since it was her first time. She even admitted to going home and watching amateur blowjob videos to see where she could improve. I reassured her that she did fine and that by practicing she can get better at it.

At this point she replied with “well I guess I better practice some more then. You just give me tips, ok?” We sat down at my desk once again. She got on her knees and was undoing my buckle, never breaking eye contact with me. Once my cock was out she started sucking on it just like before. But this time I was giving her tips in between soft moans from her and I. Such as “less teeth, more tounge action, more stroking and sucking.” She was really getting into and taking my advice to heart. After about 9 minutes or so, she stopped and looked at me. She said that after the first blowjob, later that night she could not stop thinking about it, and masturabated to the wondered of sucking my dick again. My dick was still in her hand as she was talking, slowly jerking me off. I immediately stood up and put my dick back in her mouth, softly face fucking her. After about three minutes of this, I asked her where she wanted me to cum (I don’t know call me a gentlemen, but communication is hot). She said that she still isn’t use to the taste of the pre-cum and wanted me to cum on her face/shirt again. And that’s what I did. I tilted her head back softly so that she was looking directly in my eyes and came on her face. This time it was more controlled as at least 80% went on her face and 20% on her shirt.

Afterwards she cleaned up her face and wiped the cum of her shirt. After she was done, I pulled her in closely and kissed her on the check. Before letting her go, I whispered that I better see her tomorrow. She looked at me, smiled and said that she would and that maybe I could see more of her…

Part 3 coming soon!

NSFW: yes

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