M23/ In The Car – Short Sex Story

A Young 23M, New to exhibitionism, all the time loved the idea of getting a enormous boner Bulge in public. I recently had gone out to run some errands for the day in a pair of runners shorts and a t shirt and feeling confident as I can I decided to not wear underwear. Letting the soft bulge poke at the wayside of my shorts as I drove to the store. Knowing it’s already poking and I’m not even hard. Walking around shopping was all well until I went in line to pay. All the lanes were filled so I took my pick behind a beautifully dressed woman that caught my eye. She had an amazingly fit body. Her big booty stretching her yoga pants as her black panties were showing even on black on black. I couldn’t help but to glance every so often, my bulge started filling my shorts as it grew hard. I couldn’t stop it as my thick cock bulged at full attention, I tried to adjust myself sneakily as my tent was becoming too obvious for comfort. Thoughts of the two of us going at it like animals filled my mind. Feeling my cock pulse and ache, drawing the attention of a few others shoppers made me feel embarrassed yet so horny. I couldn’t hide it any longer and at that point I did not care, I composed myself as best I could and paid for my items. The walk back to the car felt like miles as I felt my tent swinging and passing shoppers heading into the store, some glancing in distaste and even a few curious looks. I got one last glance of the woman that was ahead of me as I was getting into my car. Pulling my shorts down and jerking myself, not lasting long I finished myself with confidence sitting behind my dark tinted windows. Leaving a mess all over myself, still half hard I drove myself home the way I was.

NSFW: yes

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