(M21) let my gf (F20) get fucked by a bbc

story is 100% true

My girlfriend and I are in school right now and have been dating for over a year. We are both bisexual, so we have talked a lot about doing stuff with other people.

We started doing stuff like sending her nudes and videos to different guys, which we both love. We would download applications and just get her to send a bunch of nudes to random people. Sometimes I would even send my friends videos of her getting naked and stuff. Eventually she wanted to take this a step further and get fucked by somebody else, and I wanted to see that too.

I had the perfect guy in mind to do it. Before my gf and I started dating, I used to message with this guy on Grindr. After almost meeting up, it turns out that I knew this guy and we went to the same high college lol. So that made us send each other nudes way more. I never actually met up with him before I started dating my gf, but we would send nudes and videos at all times. I would send videos of my asshole at all times and he wanted to fuck me really badly. This guy was also bisexual, so I knew he would be down to fuck my gf.

I started out by messaging him pictures of her and saying that I wanted someone to fuck her. He agreed pretty quickly and asked for more nudes of her. I gave him her number and told her to send him videos.

After weeks of them sending nudes and trying to set it up, we finally had a set night planned. I was home from school and my gf was staying with me, and we told him that we need to do it tonight. Me and my gf prepared by getting super drunk, and she sent him a bunch of videos and dirty texts.

Finally, at like 2am, he started walking to my house. I have this cabin outside of my house that we used to hang out in, so I told them to do it in there. Even tho I would’ve had sexy with the guy, we decided that I would stay inside for this whole thing. I really wanted him to fuck the shit out of her, and I wasn’t going to get in the way of that. I just told her to take a bunch of videos for me, and she said okay.

So she walked outside into my backyard by herself, super drunk and ready to get railed. She texted me and said that he was inside now and that they were going to begin. I was so horny at this point.

I decided to sneak out and peep through the window of the cabin to see what I could see. I saw her grinding on top of his black cock while he smacked her ass a bunch of times. I came right there outside onto the ground.

After like an hour she came back inside, and she said it was great. She sent me videos the whole time and showed me them afterwards too. There was video of her sucking dick, getting eaten out, and getting railed from behind. The guy texted me and said it was great, and said he wanted me to join next time.

Definitely going to do this again, and with other people too.

NSFW: yes

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