[M20s|F20s] Let them eat Cake [fiction][fantasy][anilingus][Constructive Criticism]

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Please let me know if you have any suggestions to continue this story.

Jack ran his fingers over the raised edges of the card. The logo was a geometric depiction of a curvaceous butt styled to resemble a slice of cake, with a trio of capitalized T’s crowning the top. The card had a touch of Art Nouveau flair, and while the storefront’s logo was a little more simplified it was too similar not to be the same place, he knew had to be in the right place.

It looked relatively plain from the outside, but there was an air of mystery to it, after-all what company doesn’t have a proper address? He thought. It was also unreasonably expensive, like an exclusive club with limited invites. There was barely any information about it online. On top of the five hundred dollar price tag, he had to fill out an application just to receive the flashy invitation card in the mail. He knew, if he could post something online about the place, his blog would finally take off, and maybe could even begin collecting some decent ad revenue.

Approaching the door, he swept the elegant black and gold card in front of the sensor, prompting a gentle buzz followed by the clipped click of the lock disengaging. As he eased the door open, the warm and welcoming aroma of fresh baked goods lanced his nose.

Inside the bakery was unlike any he had seen before. The lighting was soft, and the booth areas looked cozy, fashioned with plush leather cushions, and brass accents. While the atmosphere was inviting, the staff was on a completely different level.

At a glance they all appeared to be women, each dressed in an eye-catching version of a similar uniform; pastel pink tank tops or crop tops paired with curve-hugging booty shorts, their asses hanging out of the back of the skimpy fabric. Some of the shorts were adorned with broad seams on the sides that were patterned with miniature versions of the bakery’s logo.

He felt his cheeks start to burn as he stole glances at the women gliding past him. Some of them carried delicate little wooden trays of fancy-looking cocktails.

Jack felt like a fish out of water. Every girl seemed to be absolutely sculpted. There were thick double scoops of plump, twerkable ass everywhere he looked.

As a food blogger, Jack had been in many-a-bakery, but this place smelled off. Of course, not literally, the place smelled amazing. But, given the secrecy and the scantily clad uniforms, he couldn’t help but wonder if the hefty price tag covered more than just a sweet pastry.

He couldn’t decide where he wanted to look, but he was careful not to let his eyes linger on one of the waitresses too long, that was until a woman came sauntering into his line of sight. Her warm smile drew him in first. Initially, he wondered she was coming to help him, a tantalizing vision of dark hair swept up in a messy updo, gauged earrings, and green eyes framed in dark eyeliner. Her curves were all too apparent in her skimpy pink crop top and high-waisted daisy-duke shorts.

Jack all the time had a weakness for big booty gothicc chicks. Then she casually stepped past him, and leaned over a nearby table, whispering to the two patrons sitting in the booth. The full curves of her hips completely on display, her beautiful round ass ripe for squeezing.

Just as Jack’s thoughts were gonna turn lewd, he heard a sudden and deliberate throat-clearing noise. Startled, he turned his head towards the source of the sound, his eyes locking with a pair of amused earthy brown eyes.

“Well, hello there friend, my name is Sophie. Welcome to the *Triple T Cakery,*” her voice rang out cheerfully.

The young woman stared back at him, oozing confidence that he found both disarming and intriguing. Her hair was straight, dark brown, impressively thick, and styled into a pair of charmingly messy French braids.

Her outfit was unique among the staff, though it was just as revealing. A pastel pink, cheeky cut short-sleeve romper, that clung to her figure just snug enough to show off her curves. The neckline plunged low enough to display some modest cleavage and the sweep of her collarbones, while still laced and knotted with a shoestring bow. The bakery’s logo was plastered across her heart.

“I, uh, hello,” he managed to stammer once he finally caught his composer.

“Have you been here before, friend?” The young woman asked.

Jack leaned towards the women so he could whisper, “So, just for the sake of my own sanity… is this place like… a brothel?”

The accusation brought a smile to her face, and then she began to laugh, “Okay,” she said once she finished giggling, “I’ll let you in on the big secret we serve *cake,*” she sounded serious, though the way she said ‘cake’ carried a hint of innuendo.

Jack exhaled calmly, assuming the bakery had some sort of elaborate gimmick, “Right. Cake. Just cake. Miss… uh Sophie?” Jack began again, still a little unsure he wasn’t still misreading the situation, “I write for a food blog, and I handed over a solid $500 for this little gold card, you guys really serve *food* here, right?”

Sophie nodded, her scrunched-lipped grin made it seem as if she was trying not to laugh, “Don’t worry, you can still write up your little blog review. I only ask that you run your review by our team first, just so we can polish up your draft, and to ensure you’ve avoided mentioning anything on our hush-hush menu.”

“Okay… not conventional, but I suppose I can live with that,” Jack replied nervously.

Sophie spun around to the counter behind her and with a casual wave, she presented him with a tablet, the screen already opened to a long block of text.

Jack looked down at it suspiciously, “And what’s all this?”

Sophie shrugged, a nonchalant grin playing on her lips. “It’s a waiver, it’s how we keep our secrets… well secret and it’s a promise not to take any legal action if you catch like… pink eye or any such drama.”

Jack could feel the color drain from his face, “Hold on, pink eye? How?”

Sophie waved her hand dismissively, “No need to fret, everyone around here is *squeaky clean.* That whole pink eye incident was a rare occurrence, I’m talking once or twice in a blue moon.”

Jack heard a moan resonate through the seating area, briefly pulling away his attention, then there was a heavy clapping sound followed by some laughter.

Undeterred, Sophie smoothly continued speaking, the volume of her speech increasing over the commotion. “Well then, my intrepid food blogger, seal the pact, indulge in some of our delicious, juicy, decadent cake, and then you can go pen your glowing review.”

“Right… cake,” Jack repeated as he quickly scrolled through the lengthy block of text, before scribbling his signature inside the vacant box below it with the tip of his finger.

Sophie swiftly returned the tablet to the counter behind her, ”Alright, now you just go grab a table, and a member of our staff will be over to help you shortly–”

“Alright, fine, before I sit… I’m sure all the cake here is spectacular, but what do you recommend?” Jack asked, feeling a hint of embarrassment.

Sophie’s lips curved into a slight grin, “Oh, I’m sure we have something on our menu that would be just perfect for the refined palate of a skinny food blogger,” she said with a hint of sarcasm. “And, there are quite a few beverage pairings that I’m sure you’ll enjoy–”

He couldn’t believe he let the facade go on for so long. “So, there isn’t any real cake, is there?”

In response, Sophie lifted both her hands. A self-satisfied smirk curved the end of her lips, and she began to bounce on her heels. Her curves jiggled slightly beneath the fabric of her romper. After a moment he heard a gentle fleshy clapping noise as her ass cheeks collided together–mocking applause.

Jack tried to act non-nonchalant, though he was actually sort of excited. He had never been to a brothel before. He had already signed the waiver, and he doubted they would give him his money back. He figured he might as well enjoy himself.

“I suppose I could get my fork wet…” Jack quipped.

Sophie’s playful expression suddenly turned serious, and she raised a manicured eyebrow at Jack. “Listen, friend, you can’t just stroll up into any self-respecting bakery and ask if you can stick your big fat *fork* in the cupcakes!” she exclaimed dramatically, placing a hand over her heart. “Our *cake* is for eating, *forking* is highly discouraged.”

Jack narrowed his eyes wondering if he somehow miss understood the innuendo, and he heard two nearby customers chuckle to themselves.

“Well, in that case, I suppose I could give your cake a try?” Jack suggested in a hopeful tone.

Sophie’s lips curled back into a playful smile, “Oh, sorry homie, I’m afraid my cake isn’t on the menu,” she clarified.

Jacked arched a brow in curiosity, “No? So, what do you do around here?”

Sophie leaned in slightly, her grin growing wider. “I’m your trusty hostess, and I’m currently training to be a level one Sodommelier.”

Jack’s brows furrowed, “Sodommelier? You mean, a sommelier, right?”

Sophie chuckled, “Maybe. Either case, I assist you in pairing the right beverage to go with your *meal.*”

“Well, I’ve got a pairing request,” Jack declared boldly.

Sophie’s shoulders slumped in an exaggerated sigh. “Oh, really? Lay it on me.”

“I want to be paired with you,” He answered grinning as if he had just suggested something very smart.

Sophie only rolled her eyes, “seriously? You spent FIVE HUNDRED dollars for this experience and you want to spend it on me?”

“What can I say… I have a refined palate.” Jack answered confidently.

“Bud, you haven’t even taken a proper look around at our menu options…” Sophie protested.

Jack’s gaze remained locked on Sophie, “I already know what I want, Ms. Sommelier.”

“Alright… if you’re sure,” Sophie replied, shaking her head. “and if you’re THAT sure, I’m going to go drop a quick deuce, and then I’ll meet you at your table.”

Jack winced, “You’re kidding, right?”

A cheeky grin tugged at the corners of her lips, “hey, you brought this upon yourself,” she shot back before turning on her wedged heel. “Grab any free booth you like, and I’ll be right over with some beverage options in a sec.”

“Just bring me something good,” Jack requested, “you’re the Sommelier after all…”

Sophie cut him a grin and nodded before waltzing off behind the counter and into a backroom.

Before he even took his first steps through into the expansive seating area of the bakery, he noticed the goth cutie was now beneath the first table, see-sawing back and forth in between the legs of her customers. Both gentlemen were sipping a semi-clear drink from tall narrow glasses and carrying on, what sounded like a heated political debate, as if there wasn’t a gorgeous woman spit-roasted between their cocks just below the table.

As walked he noticed almost every other booth hosted a guest, mostly solitary men, though a few held groups of three or more, some chatting among themselves and others were properly engaged with one of the bootylicious babes of the bakery. He even caught sight of a sprinkling of female patrons lustily twisted up with a member of the staff.

At least half the staff he passed were face-down ass-up atop the tables with the face of a customer buried between their plentiful cheeks. Unlike what Sophie suggested, there was plenty of *forking* going on, and he was sure at least one booth was going evolve into a full-on gang bang.

Every nook and cranny of the place echoed with hushed moans, the smacking of lips, and the clapping of cheeks.

After walking all the way to the back of the bakery he stumbled upon a cozy nook tucked away in the corner. Seated across the way from another lone customer, who perhaps was also looking for some semblance of privacy.

After about five minutes Sophie reappeared stepping toward him with a wooden tray in hand.

She paused at the edge table, “Alright friend, first things first,” she declared with a theatrical flourish, plucked a thin metallic cylinder from her serving tray, and whirled it through her deft little fingers before executing a well-practiced jab into the tender meat of Jack’s shoulder.

First, he felt the jab causing him to wince, then an unexpected pinch, “Geez, you could’ve warned me,” he protested.

Sophie, undeterred by his objection, focused her attention on the cylinder. After a few seconds, the cylinder emitted an electronic *boop* signaling it came to a verdict. Sophie let out a satisfied sigh, “Sorry about that,” she said sincerely as she placed the cylinder back onto the tray, “but good news; you’re all clean bud!”

Afterward, Sophie handed Jack a rocks glass from off the tray, brimming almost to the edge with a pale, syrupy liquid.

“Consider this your reward for being such a trooper,” she said with a cheesy grin.

Jack raised the fluted rocks glass to his lips and took a sip. It tasted like a mildly sweet herbal liqueur, but the after-taste was salty and slightly metallic. It was palatable but not something he would describe as good.

“What is it?” Jack asked before taking another sip.

“So, I haven’t got to try it with anyone,” Sophie answered with a sly smile, “but we call it Ejaco-Max—a nifty little drink guaranteed to pump up both the volume and duration of your orgasm… sooo, sounds like fun right?”

Jack felt his cheeks flush with heat, and Sophie couldn’t help but giggle. She dipped low, placing the tray on the floor. She popped back, glancing around, offering the stranger behind them a little wave.

Then she undid the bow of her romper. He could see just the hint of a tremble in her fingers. With a determined yet slightly awkward movement, she slid her arms out of the sleeves, and her perfect perky tits popped out one by one. Jack felt his cock twitch and he gulped down the rest of the drink, setting the empty glass apart.

He could feel the chill of the drink coursing down his throat and into his belly.

She rolled fabric down her body, shimmying a little when she was met with the slight hurdle of her hips. Sophie exhaled sharply and giggled ending the little tango, when the romper surrendered, sliding down her thighs and falling into a delicate puddle around wedge-heeled sneakers.

“I hope you’re hungry,” Sophie teased before she hopped onto the table, positioning herself so her round juicy booty was directly in his face. She shot him a mischievous look before sinking to her elbows.

Jack leaned forward in the booth, his eyes focused on the darkened space nestled between the two fleshy cheeks. She shimmied back, her weight shifting from knee to knee, causing her cheeks to jiggle slightly. He could see the darker space between them for a split second, just a hint of what lied beneath.

Jack gingerly cupped the fleshy cheeks in his palms, and a strange sensation washed over him. He had never done anything like this before, let alone in public. Her cool skin dimpled slightly under his fingers. Jack took a deep breath, reminding himself that he did ask for this.

Slowly, he dragged his thumb over the crack of her ass, caressing her cheeks before sinking his fingers in deep and prying them aside.

Then the smell stuck him. A musky scent that swirled in the air beneath his nose, heady, and tinged with a hint of earthiness that involuntarily wrinkled nosed. Her asshole was surprisingly cute; a pink fleshy little ring, slightly elevated, and no larger than a cheerio. The glistening pink concave of flesh flexed and relaxed as he held her cheeks open, practically begging for him to dive in. He could almost hear it calling his name.

“Are you *staring* at my butthole?” Sophie asked sounding hesitant.

“It’s pretty,” Jack admitted, he couldn’t recall ever seeing a butthole up close like this before. Her pussy was already blushing, and beads of arousal seeped out from the inner lips running down to the hood of her clit.

“Pretty enough to eat?” Sophie teased.

Jack only nodded to himself before taking a deep breath. He leaned in mouth first, he pressed his lips together, and extended his tongue probing the puckered ring of flesh with the tip.

Sophie tensed up, letting out a melodramatic gasp before he felt her relax again.

The taste was more subtle than the scent, only faintly salty. Reassured it wasn’t as gross as he imagined, he opened his mouth, lapping at the tight ring of flesh.

He felt Sophie tremble in his grip, “…that’s nice…” she cooed. Her hips lazily swayed, in a slow, coaxing motion.

He adjusted his grip. His fingers sunk in deeper, spreading her heavy cheeks wider, and then he buried his nose into the gap.

Sophie’s hummed happily, her shoulders slumped forward, her hips stayed in place but the rest of her practically melted atop the surface of the table.

He felt her sphincter pulse around the tip of his tongue, with willing determination, he extended out his tongue, to kiss beyond the second sphincter. Her asshole slowly relaxed with every plunge.

“Holy fuck, you’re really getting in there…” Sophie moaned.

He wasn’t sure if it was just how willingly dirty he was being, or if it was the effects of the virility drink Sophie gave him, but suddenly his cock was humming, throbbing fiercely beyond the confines of his pants. It was as if a primal creature had awakened within him.

He was willing to thrust his tongue deeper. Driven by an insatiable hunger to unearth even the tiniest morsel of dick fuel from her unsuspecting little hole. Like a ravenous pig relentlessly scavenging through a trough, this sensation was raw, visceral, and maddeningly hot.

Heat poured against his chin, and he heard Sophie start to whimper, her soft curses blending with the wet squelching sound of his tongue diving into her ass.

Gradually, he felt the hole give way, loosening up enough for him freely sink the length of his tongue inside. The sensation was slightly spongy, with a somewhat elastic texture. The flavor was more intense, somewhat tangy, salty, and sweet.

Jack felt a warmth sink to center the of his lower abdomen. It felt strangely heavy, and the weight slowly seeped into his balls. It felt a like he had been edging for days. It was a prolonged ache, that nearly made him wince every time his cock twitched. This was the effects of the virility drink he realized.

The sensation was impossible to ignore, so Jack unzipped jeans, freeing his cock, and began to stroke. His fingers and palm were slippery with precum the moment he touched his cock.

The heavy sensation only seemed to increase the more he stroked. He removed his face from Sophie’s ass. His mouth slightly agape with strings of saliva forming a web between his mouth and her ass. There was a damp pool on the table beneath her. Sophie’s fingers slid down to her pussy as he pulled away.

He looked down at his crotch. His dick was bloated and throbbing, a pearl of precum pooled at the tip. He gently tugged his boxers over his leaky cock and pulled his balls free over the waistband of his boxers. He half-expected them to be the size of bowling balls based on the way he felt, but they looked the same, only they felt heavy and they were slightly tender to the touch.

A nervous laugh escaped his lips, a mixture of amusement and unease.

Sophie moaned loudly, her braids flew up whipping her back as she threw back her head. On instinct, Jack drove tongue first back into her ass. He could feel her clenching. Sophie’s thighs trembled, she moaned and Jack pulled her in toward his face, pinning her to his face by hugging the small of her back.

Sophie groaned, he felt her asshole flexing around his tongue.

Sophie’s body started to twitch, and let out a string of noises, in an attempt to form words, but what came out was as something throaty and guttural. Her asshole was going wild, sometimes clenching his tongue tight he wondered it would bruise. Then she suddenly tensed up, a shiver running through her, and she slumped back down onto the table, catching her breath.

“…did I remember to do WHAT!?” he heard Sophie shout, her breathless voice a curious mix of irritation, and what sounded like genuine worry.

Jack peeled his face from Sophie’s cheeks just enough to catch the sight of a pretty honey-haired woman rising from her crouched position, that had her face to face with Sophie. The tip of his tongue was still inside Sophie’s asshole.

She had a kind, cherubic face, large tits, thick thighs, and fleshy hips. She was slightly heavier than most of the other staff, but the weight was in all the right places. Her eyes were fixed on him, but he kept his tongue wriggling in Sophie’s ass. Normally he would’ve felt embarrassed to be caught in such a compromising position, but he was too horny to care.

“Care for a blowjob while you enjoy your *meal?*” the honey-haired woman offered.

Jack’s eyes widened, the prospect was hard to pass up, and he pulled himself away for a moment to say yes. But Sophie scooted back, throwing her ass against his face, and he instinctively dove his tongue back inside her before he had gotten a single word out.

“NOOO, I can do it,” Sophie declared possessively.

The honey-haired girl only shrugged and sauntered away.

Sophie leaned forward, leaving his face cold and wet. She rolled over and pushed herself upright, meeting Jack face to face. There was a lusty, satisfied, fuck-hazed look on her face, but her smile was radiant. She scooted towards the edge of the table, her legs closing around him and trapping him in place. His cock was buzzing, and the ache in his balls was becoming more insistent.

Her delicate painted fingers gently clasped his jaw, guiding his gaze upward to meet hers. Her tongue, pink and wet, barely parted her lips. She leaned closer to his face, Jack’s eyelids fell, anticipating a kiss.

He felt her flick her tongue against his lips, and he noticed her nose wrinkle up. Her cheeks flushed, and thin timid smile swept across her lips.

“Sooo, apparently I was supposed to, you know, *rinse out?*” Sophie said in a timid voice, her cheeks turning another shade warmer.

Jack only narrowed his eyes expecting her to clarify.

Instead she reached down to guide his hands to her thighs, “So, tell me friend, where would you like to blow that big juicy load?”

NSFW: yes

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