M20, left my girlfriend a mess

Today my girlfriend wanted a leg massage. I was rubbing her legs and I would occasionally and intentionally graze her pussy and she gave me a smile each time. She was wearing a small thong and booty shorts and she was spreading giving me the hottest view.

I was supposed to head back home after the massage but when I kissed her goodbye I slipped a finger in and started to rub her g spot

She was gasping for air and asked me to stop and then I asked how about two fingers. Her eyes widened with pleasure. She then said “I can’t cum like this” while moaning.

I backed off and gave her a sinister look. She gave me a smile back. Then I moved her panties and shorts to the side and ate her out until she came all over my face.

I got up kissed her goodbye and when I looked back she was hanging half off the bed in complete pleasure and it made me so happy to see her like that

NSFW: yes

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