[M19] Fucked a Girl With a Big Secret Pt. 1

This was a crazy encounter. One that still kinda confuses me to this day. This is a slow burner but trust me all details are essential. I’ll try my best to tell it as I remember.
So some 5 or so years ago when I was 19 I went to visit my dad. My parents are divorced so every now and then I’ll go visit the other you know the deal. Anyways, this time I visited I noticed there was a new girl a couple blocks down while I was unloading my luggage, she was a caramel skunned, brown haired, hazel eyed, Hispanic chick on the chubby side, thick thighs, slim waist and DD sized tits. Checked her out low key and carried on.

I asked my dad who the new girl was and he said he wasn’t exactly sure but he thinks it’s one of the neighbors daughters or nieces visiting for spring break. She must be visiting just her family because there ain’t much going on in this little town and the beach is like 2 hours away.

About a week passed and I did my daily routine. I’d run early in the morning and on my way back home I’d pick up some ingrediants for what I’d choose to make for breakfast. Got cooking to in the kitchen, served my dad and I and sat down. A couple minutes into eating and we hear a knock at the patio door. I went over and to my surprise it was the girl from a couple blocks down

I opened the door. She was about 5 foot even and I’m 5’10 so she looked up at me and with gorgeous hazel eyes. Her hair shoulder length and braided, wearing some grey leggings and a Pink long sleeve shirt.
She greated me and introduced herself as Emily (18). She said her mom lived a couple houses down and said she was there because her mother was asking about a couple pans she let my dad borrow a couple days ago and for a couple ingredients. I gave her the ingredients she asked for and started talking, she said she was from Florida and was visiting her family and friends for spring break. We started talking about some places she should visit and I begin flirting a little, then eventually I hear my dad picking up his dishes and remembered that I’d have to clean the pans as I used them to make breakfast. I invited her in and she came in and sat at the table.

Emily and my dad greeted each other and immediately after, she said “Mr Ricardo, I didn’t know you had such a hansome son” they both looked over at me and I gave a quick smile before I continued washing the pans. My dad thanked her saying I stole his looks then left for work shortly after leaving just the two of us. As soon as the door slammed shut it was like she changed onto another person. She stood right behind me and started complimenting my muscles.

Now a bit about myself, I’m your normal Mexican guy with a pretty average muscle mass, short hair with a mid fade and a pencil mustache and trimmed goatee. Not too muscular but definitely toned with pecks a six pack and a 6 in penis.

“Your muscles are so tight, how often do you work out?” She says as she’s feeling up my arms. At this point I’m starting to feel me dick swelling up a bit. “I work out 6 days a week for 2 hours” her arms move down my back and around my waist “how much do you lift?” She says. Now I’m rock solid, I’m wearing tight breefs so my cock is pointing straight down my shorts, and I’m just frozen. Pretty sure she noticed me stiffen up and took that as a green light to move her hand down over my shorts. I tilt my head back and let out a gasp. Her small hand squeezes my cock. “Can you lift me?”

As soon as she says that I turn around and lift her onto the island countertop and we begin making out intensely. She’s putting her hand down my shorts as I feel all her curves and begin lifting her shirt. She had on a nude colored bra and her boobs were practically spilling out of them. She grabs the base of my cock with her right hand and in one swift motion she pulls it out and just looks down staring at the 6in uncircumsized chunk of raw meat in awe. She looks up at me then slowly down at my chest, which is hairless btw, and just starts making out with it, licking all over my chest while stroking my cock.

This would’ve been a turn off but I was too in the moment and let her have at it while I unclipped her bra. It comes undone but before i could take it off she slides off the countertop and gets on her knees staring right at the now glistening penis inches away from her drooling mouth. She grabs it, and I can feel her hot, nervous breath blowing on the tip, making my balls retract. She looks up at me as if looking for approval but I just stare at her. She looks down at it and barely places her lips on it for what felt like an eternity and suddenly all you hear is someone calling her name

EMMIIILLLYYY!!!! A female voice calls from a distance. She stops dead in her tracks and let’s go of my cock that’s still sticking out right at her. She looks at it with such disappointment and sadness, gets up, and quickly starts to put her bra and shirt back on. “I have to go” she says frustratingly. She collects the pans turns around to take a good look at me and my penis standing there, probably looking stupid, and thanks me. With one last glance at my penis she bites her lip, turns around and walks out towards the entrance.

I’m just standing there, everything that just happened starts to hit me like a train. I’ve never had an incounter like that before. She was so bold, suddenly my unfinished horniness comes rushing back so I head back over to my room and bust the craziest nut ever.

– – –

I’ll post the next part in the following days.
Hope you guys enjoy this.

NSFW: yes

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