[M19] [F26] [Hotwife] [dom/sub]The Man Who Loves Power: Alex Pt 2

As Alex is on her knees I look down on her admiring the barbie doll slut greedily kissing, licking, and stroking my cock. I reach down grab her hair and move her head to where her hungry mouth is lined up with the tip of my cock. “Look at me while I use your mouth” I say as her eyes meet mine and I slowly slide my cock into her mouth. She gets about half of it in when I hit resistance so I back up a few inches and go again. Every stroke going slightly deeper as her chin and chest become saturated with her slick drool.

I get almost 7 inches in her mouth the first time she gagged hard enough to make me pull out of her mouth to let her breath for a second only to force myself right back to where I was and hold her there as she gags and chokes on my cock her eyes watering and her makeup running down her face. I hold her there until her face turns a deep red and pull out as she gasped for air while I hold her by her hair making sure to keep eye contact I say to her

“Are you sure you can handle this or do you want out now”

She replies with a teary eyed smile “you have no idea how much I want this”

As she reaches quickly for my cock and pulls my hips to her mouth forcing in as much of me as she can bringing on her own gagging. I get another hand full of hair and throat fuck her. I use her mouth and throat as my own personal pocket pussy making long fast strokes as she gags and moans under my control.

Once I had enough of her throat I pulled out of her mouth and grabbed her throat lifting her to her feet I reach behind and grab her ass picking her up and spinning her to against the wall the repositioning my arms under her legs exposing her cleanly shaved pussy and asshole to me again. My cock just a few inches from her entrance I press my hips forward so I rub between her pussy lips but don’t go inside of her.

I whisper in her ear “How badly do you want this cock”

“So badly. please. let me have it inside me please. I will do anything please. I need your fat dick in my little pussy please. Pleeeeaaaaassssseeeeeee! OH GOD UMPH!”

As she begged I slammed my cock into her feeling her flesh stretched tight as my girth pushed her to her limit and she let out a loud moaning yelp as I forced my way deeply into her her legs over my elbows my hands on her ribs just below her tits our noses touching as I began to pound her into the wall behind her. Her moans fill the air as I lowly grunt as I pick up the pace the sloppy wet slapping sounds getting more and more prominent as my balls get soaked with her fluids.

Her orgasm hit like a truckher body spasmed. Every muscle in her bodily tightened as she let out a cry of pure lust forcing me out of her as she bucked her hips and her squirt coated my stomach and chest. And as quickly as it happened her body went limp in my arms. Her legs swinging as I carried her and laid her on the bed. I laid down next to her and spooned her as I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear lobe waiting for her energy to return………

Hope you enjoy the story thanks for reading and post in the comments what you think will happen next! Again all my stories are real life events and this particular even is one of my first open relationship experiences and is one of my favorites!

NSFW: yes

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