[M/MF] The joys of delivering pizza [Part 4] [18] – Short Sex Story

It’s another Friday night, and the deliveries have been flying out the door at record speed.
At this rate, I’ll need to refill my gas tank a second time in two days.

The time is eleven forty, and I had only two more deliveries left on my run.
The second to last was to a nice older lady, who tipped me ten dollars for her food.
The next one was only three blocks away, and in a gated community.
Driving up to the closed gate, the guard called ahead to alert the home owners that I was on my way.
The house wasn’t large, in fact it was rather modest in size.

Ringing the doorbell, the man who opened the door was a rather handsome man somewhere in his forties, if I had to guess.
While I stood in the front room waiting for him to count out the cash, I kept hearing moaning from the room around the corner.
As he stood there he told whoever was in the other room that she was making far to much noise.
His rejoinder didn’t seem to have any effect on the other person.
In fact the sound level increased three fold.

“Young man, I hope in your future you will discover a lady friend who knows how to keep a level head, and also figure out the concept of discretion.
If you will follow me, I’ll show you what I mean.”

Tagging behind, we rounded a corner as my feet came to a cartoon like screeching halt.
Blinking three or four times, just to be certain that what I was seeing was in fact real.
In the middle of the room, was a naked woman with long blond hair, hanging by her bound wrists from a hook in the ceiling.
Covering her eyes was a blindfold, keeping her from seeing anything going on around her.

Speaking up I asked what was going on, and wondering if I should run from this place, while calling 911.
“Miss, are you OK, are you hurt, do you need help?”
As I pulled out my cell phone ready to holler for help.

“Yes, I’m OK, I am doing this of my own free will, my husband discovered in my browsing history that I was looking at BDSM porn.
To that end, well, here I am.”

Her husband asked me what I wondered, and would I like to stay, and play?
Looking back and forth between them, I began to take a deeper inspection of what I was seeing.
Walking up to the lady, I walked around her while debating if this was something I wanted to be involved in.

“Young man, you have my permission to touch her if you wish.
Our only rules, are cause no harm, and if she uses the word “Red” you must stop whatever you are doing, also if she says “Yellow” you are to slow down.
Is this acceptable to you?”

Nodding my head, the man said, please say that out loud so she can figure out your acceptance.“
The lady acknowledged my agreement, saying “Thank you.”

Reaching out, I ran my fingers over her back, and down the length of her spine, until I reached the top of her butt crack.
As this was happening, her body began to shiver, the muscles on her back twitching in anticipation.
Running my hands along her legs, she began to moan loudly.
Stepping to her front, my fingertips ever so lightly touched her nipples.
Right in front of my eyes, I saw those same nipples harden, and turn crimson, as the blood rushed in enlarging them into rock hard, super sensitive zones of pleasure.

Reaching between her legs, I grazed her pussy lips, feeling the moisture that had gathered along the length of her lips.
Her juices had a slippery quality akin to baby oil, it felt wonderful as I ran it between my fingers.
Returning my fingers to her treasure, I began to slide my middle finger ever so slowly deeper, and deeper until my finger was buried deeply inside her.
Her response to this was her body twisting around, in her attempt to drive my finger deeper inside her pussy.

Moments later her husband touched my shoulder, motioning me to step back.
As I backed away, he took a wide floppy leather paddle, it’s shape much like a ping pong paddle, his swing landed against her bottom.
Impact, after impact landed upon her bottom, drawing from deep in her soul, a whimpering that was the most erotic sound I had ever heard.

As he stepped back, he took from the table, a dildo that he handed to me,
kneeling in front of her, I spread her legs, and began to work it into her pussy.
If she was wet prior to this, she was absolutely gushing juice that was running down her legs, only to fall upon the floor between her legs.
While kneeling there, he handed me a condom.
Standing, I dropped my shorts, and ran the condom down the length of my cock.
While I watched, he lifted a bottle of lube, followed by him working that lube into her bottom.

Motioning for me to stand, and move behind her towards her bottom, I took the hint, and began to slide my cock along the crack of her bottom, over and over I teased her until she was out of her mind with lust.
Now was the time I wondered, pulling her cheeks aside, I zeroed in on my prize.
With a single thrust, my cock speared her ass.
Her response, an earth shattering yell, as I began to thrust inward.

Second later, he began to run the same lube into my bottom.
He reached out, holding me still for a moment as he began to probe my bottom, with his cock.
Driving forward his cock opened my little hole wide as he sank into me.
I was now the meat in a human sandwich.
While I fucked her, he was plundering my asshole.
In my entire life, I had never felt like this, my cock felt larger than it ever did, the friction of his cock running in, and out of my bottom was giving me an out of body experience.

It took only moments for me to shout out, “I’m cumming”.
Within seconds, my host followed with his own shout.
As I felt his cum rushing into my bottom, I unleashed my cum filling my condom to nearly bursting.
When I fell away from the couple, I sat upon the floor, sweat dripping from my body, cum running out of my bottom, as I attempted to catch my breath.

In a short time, my host offered me a damp washcloth, to wipe myself down.
While I stood there cleaning myself, my host handed me my shorts, while walking towards the front door.
By the time I had reached the door, I had my shorts on, and pulled my belt tight.
As my host opened the door, he shook my hand, while saying they had planed to order pizza again the next weekend, and promised to ask for me to handle the delivery.

NSFW: yes

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