[M/F] “Wish you were here”

“Wish you were here”

I (f33) recently purchased a 9 inch vibrating dildo to add to my collection and have used it often. When I do, I’d send hubby (m36) a text letting him know what I’ve just done and it’s usually after he’s left for work early in the morning and I’m unable to fall back asleep.

On this particular early morning I texted him “Good morning baby. Couldn’t sleep so I’m on your side of the bed. My legs are bent and pushed back, thong pushed to the side as my fingers slide in and out of my wet p*ssy. Since you’re at work I’ll use my new toy”.

Followed with “Index finger and thumb softly twisting my nipples as I feel myself getting wetter with each. The wetness of my p*ssy allows the toy to go deeper. Feels amazing. Wish you were here”

Right away I got a response “really?! Send me a video”. There was nothing he could do, he was half way into his long commute. I recorded myself being pleasured by my toy. The moans, the breathing and the slaps that I know would drive him insane and sent it to him. He came home that evening and told me how hard he was all day just thinking about it and took care of me…after watching me play with my toy.

NSFW: yes

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