M 23 pegged by ex gf

I’ve at all times been bi curious, I’ve watched gay porn and wanted to hook up with guys but I was at all times scared of being judged, so I didn’t. As I was going through puberty I started trying new things. It started off with fingering myself, then I started to shove things up my ass like bananas and sausages, as I got older I was with this girl who was really freaky and she said she will peg me but she didn’t know I liked anal. After a while I confessed to her when I was really horny. She was shocked and surprised at the same time. A few weeks later we were alone in her house and we started making out and grabbing each other she then tells me she has a surprise for me in her room, she had an 8in strap on on her bed, she put it on and started to peg me and she dominated me the whole time, when i finished she made me cum in her tits and then she made me lick it and swallow it I’ll never forget that night

NSFW: yes

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