Lusty mistake Part 1

Few years back, one of my best friends divorced and we started texting quite often. I’ve known her for years and we have too many good friends in common. Slowly I started flirting to test the waters. I said she is cute and she started sending pics of herself and I complimented more. Before I realized we started getting a little horny in text, and eventually started sexting. This girl is 5’3. Curvy, hot af with amazing skin, cute smile, pretty face and hair. She was all the time the innocent one and it felt fkn wild to make her my private slut in the sexts. I literally turned her into a lusty hoe just by texting. However we are very far and actually hook up was a distant possibility. Then eventually we stopped sexting and we moved on, married etc. Last night, I was in a different city for work and so was she, co incidentally. We managed to meet up for drinks, and 4 drinks down, we took it up to the room to continue the conversations. We had no intentions of doing anything whatsoever. Eventually we got drunk and while chatting I slid my hands on her thighs and said she still looks bomb af. She got so blushy and I inched forward n kissed her cheeks. At this point, the heart was racing as we both are married, she said brushed off my hands, said she is sleepy n just jumped on one of the 2 beds in the room and slept off. I wasn’t sure what to do, I didn’t want her going back to her hotel this drunk in a Uber. I turned off the light and I slept on the other bed with a hard on. It was 1 am, I just kissed my married friend and cheated on my wife and it’s going to be awkward when we get up.

NSFW: yes

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