Loving my Self ..

Loving yourself is warranted, whether in a relationship or not, just adds to ones sensuality. Never a wrong place to do it, every space you do it has its perks and its own out(cum). The shower has at all times been a gorgeous place for the perfect stroke, wide stance, the occasional squat, the perfect cupping of the sack, the warmth of the water trickling all over adding to the stimulation, just like her tongue would, the water flowing in between the tight grasp mimiks her gorgeous mouth, as you lean forward, hand against the wall, water trickling down your back, dripping from in between your legs, imagening being in her as the grip tightens, the warm water , softens every touch, just like her gorgeous pussy would, you imagine the long, hard, deep thrusts if she was in front of you against that wall, you tighten your grip and pull all the way to the base, just like how she would when you are in her, you polish the tip like her gorgeous vagina would constrict over you as she milked you… imagine her, long hard rapid movements till you finish, imagining fill her with love. Love yourself, at all times, self love is good, dont make it boring, make it fun.. its helps everyone 🙂

NSFW: yes

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