Love Pill – Part 9 (2/2) – Short Sex Story

Love Pill – Part 9 (2/2) – Short Sex Story


**Chapter 9**

**Part 2**

I knew I was in for a long night when Ava stepped out of her room wearing a midnight halter neck crop top.

It should be categorized as a bra because only her boobs were covered; the rest of her upper body was pretty much on full display. Matched with ripped denim shorts and finished with three inch high heels, I knew there was no way I could concentrate on tonight.

Lucia raised a brow at our skimpily dressed sister but said nothing. She led the way out, keys jingling. When her back was turned, my little sister closed her eyes and puckered her lips at me, as if she wanted a kiss.

I frowned. Ava smirked, then breezed past me, but not before giving my cock a quick, subtle squeeze, making me flinch.

I wanted to be mad at her. She was playing with fire with Lucia around. She knew it. But no matter how much Ava grounded on my nerves, my brain kept handing her free passes because not only was I in love with my little sister, I was utterly hooked on her, desperately addicted to pink hair and blue eyes.

Somebody had to tie a leash around Ava. Our parents never said no to her, Lucia couldn’t control her, and it was clear that every single one of Ava’s relationships was one-sided. She all the time held all the power, and I hated that I couldn’t be the exception.


I settled into the backseat of Lucia’s Porsche, still amazed that the car was a gift from her boss.

Both my sisters were constantly showered with luxury. Maybe that was the secret to life. Be an *extremely* hot female, and you get to live on easy mode.

I mean, I was grateful for what I had. But compared to my sisters? My parents all the time said yes to them, especially Ava, yet the word was alien when it came to me.

I sighed, funneling my thoughts back to the plan at hand. How was I gonna get her to swallow the pill? I could go the same route with Ava. Lucia used supplements too, and she definitely consumed more than just vitamins, considering her constant trips to nightclubs.

But the main problem was that she kept her pills in a locked cabinet in her room. Probably because she didn’t want me or Ava finding out exactly what pills she had.

Lucia turned up the music after a minute of silence. Chatter was awkward with each other. I guessed none of us really shared any similar interest, and it didn’t help that Ava was constantly glued to her phone.

My phone buzzed in my pocket. I already knew who it was the moment I felt the vibration. No one ever texted me. Not even my own parents.

Glancing at Ava up front, I fished out my phone and frowned at the text she sent me.

**Ava: How do I look tonight?**

She wanted compliments, and I would be a fool to give it so freely.

And I was a fool.

**Me: Sexy.**

Ava clicked her tongue and turned, giving me a death stare.

Lucia eyeballed Ava and my little sister set her gaze back forward, crossing her arms and pouting, my compliment obviously not good enough for the drama queen.

I heaved a long exhale, tapping on my phone screen.

**Me: You look amazing, okay? The top really makes your boobs pop and I can’t stop staring at all your curves.**

I watched Ava peeked at her phone, and the edge of her lips twitched. Her fingers danced on her screen, and moments later, I received another text.

**Ava: Awww, thank you (kissing emoji). It’s too bad you can’t have any of it until next week.**


“Hmm?” Lucia smoothed the car into a stop in front of a red light and half turned to me. “What is it?”

Shit, had I said that aloud?

“Oh, nothing. It’s… nothing.”

“You’re acting weird tonight,” my older sister commented before focusing her attention back on the road.

I drafted my next message in my head before laying it out to my sister.

**Me: What do you mean? What have I done?**

Her reply came quickly.

**Ava: You cheated on me, so no sex for one week. That’s your punishment. Deal with it.**

Cheated on her? Really? I pitied Kevin, who had to deal with my sister’s craziness for two years. No wonder the guy seemed miserable. All her exes were. But somehow, none of them initiated the breakup and even begged to be taken back after they had a taste of freedom.

While I digested her insane reply, another text came.

**Ava: But don’t worry, big bro. I’m gonna tease you to the brink of orgasm every day while you live out your punishment. If you behave and be a good boy, I’ll reward you lavishly next week.**

She giggled girlishly, catching Lucia’s attention.

“New boyfriend?” Lucia asked.

“Mind your own business.”

Silence. My phone vibrated again. I glanced at the text and almost choked on my own saliva.

It was a full shot of Ava’s pussy, completely coated in my cum with the caption ‘I’m so wet for you right now, big bro.’

I groaned, clutching my erection through my pants as it jerked and throbbed. One week of this abuse? Fuck that.

The seafood restaurant was by the beach, and Lucia reserved us a spot with a premium view of the ocean. It was still early in the evening with the sun dipping down below the horizon, bathing the sky in a warm orange hue.

I enjoyed the view—or at least tried to. Both my sisters were seated in front of me, which was already enough distraction. But Ava had insisted she take the spot directly opposite mine, and she was rubbing her foot against my calf. Suddenly, the view of the ocean didn’t seem interesting anymore.


“Hmm?” I turned to Lucia, who was eyeing me strangely, looking absolutely stunning under the evening glow. “Yeah?”

“You okay? You look flushed.”

“It’s just the sun,” Ava piped up cheerfully, uncharacteristically so. The edges of her lips twitched. “He looks fine to me.”

Lucia was about to reply when the server stepped towards our table. He greeted us, eyeing my sisters and giving them his friendliest smile. They ordered a buffet of seafood, and when it came for my turn to order, his smile wavered. He quickly took my order, and I caught him glancing at Ava’s top before walking away.

“Do you really have to wear that?” Lucia asked our sister. “Everyone’s staring at you.”

Ava sniffed, still rubbing her foot against me, going higher. “Let them.”

I stilled when she reached my cock. Ava glanced at me and flashed me a smile before rubbing her big toe against my bulge.

This was bad. I needed to keep my focus and understand a plan for the whole Lucia pill thing. I clutched the handkerchief in my pocket, where the pill was wrapped tightly inside it, and gritted my teeth. My cock was straining so tight under my pants, aching for more than mere touches.

The server returned with our dishes, and Ava dropped her foot. I gasped at the sudden loss of contact and I guessed I might have been too loud because both the server and Lucia frowned at me.

Thankfully, by some miracle, my little sister stopped her torture attempts. She was in her own little world as she browsed Instagram, picked at her lobster, and sipped on her margarita.

“Oh, Aaron, I forgot to mention.” Lucia paused, brought pasta to her lips, chewed, then swallowed before continuing. “I talked with Daddy and we agreed you should consider dropping out of college and work with him at his new factory in Switzerland.”

“What?” Ava looked up from her phone and answered for me. “Why?”

Lucia frowned. “I’m sorry, but since when are you so interested in our brother?”

Ava scowled back. “Aaron’s not going anywhere. I’ll speak to Daddy.”

“He’s wasting his life in school. We both know a fancy degree is useless in the real world. And he has no friends or commitment holding him here. So why not learn from Daddy?”

“I’ll speak to Daddy.”


‘I. Will. Speak. To. Daddy.”

Lucia gestured for me to speak up, but Ava’s glare shot me down. I shrugged. I was comfortable here, especially with the two women I loved living under the same roof as me. Why would I leave?

“Whatever.” Lucia raised her hands in surrender. “I’m going to the women’s.”

Ava waited for our sister to be out of earshot range before speaking up. “You leave me, and I’ll kill you.” She stood up too. “Oh, and if you flirt with Lucy or give her any look I don’t like, you can kiss sex goodbye for an entire month.” She blew me an air kiss. “I’ll be watching.”

She left in a cloud of perfume and I buried my face in my hands, wondering what the hell was happening until I remembered my mission.

Both my sisters were gone. If I was waiting for the golden opportunity, this was it. I took out the silk handkerchief from my pocket and stared at the thing in my hand numbly.

What should I do?

Lucia had ordered a bottle of red, and it was a very *deep* red. If I dropped the pill into her glass, would the color completely camouflage the capsule? And if it did, would she even swallow the pill? She might sip it lightly and feel the pill slide to her lips. My entire plan would go up in flames if that happened. There was no fall back. I only had one pill left.

I heard Lucia’s heels clicking in the distance behind me, her brisk gait giving her away.

It was do or die. Now or ever.

I took out the pill and quickly dropped it into her glass, just a few seconds before she appeared, sliding back to her seat. My heart was beating so loud, I wouldn’t be surprised if she could hear the erratic drumming.

Holy fuck.

Ava appeared a moment later. She sat down on her seat with an exhale, going back to Instagram.

I sneaked a peek around us. Nobody seemed to have noticed that I had spiked her drink. Everyone was lost in their own conversation, the chatter mixing in with the relaxing music a live band was playing at the far end of the restaurant.

Lucia took her glass in hand and swirled her wine in the glass. There was only a little wine left, just enough to submerge the small pill.

I was barely pulling in air, staring intently as she gave her glass a couple more spins before downing it in one gulp.

She immediately coughed, buckling forward and dropping her empty glass on the table. The pill wasn’t in the glass anymore.

“You okay?” Ava placed her palm on our sister’s back, giving her light pats.

“Ye—” Lucia coughed. “Yeah. I—I swallowed something.”

“What?” Ava frowned and looked at the empty glass. “There was something in the wine?”

Lucia nodded, sputtering more coughs, her hand clutched on her upper chest.

Did I feel guilty? Yeah. But if the end result was having Lucia in bed with me, then anyone would look the devil in the eye and take the deal.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Ava enquired, genuine concern in her eyes. That was the thing about her. She can turn off her bitch switch if the moment called for it.

“Mhm.” Lucia cleared her throat, tears prickling from her eyes.

The same waiter that served us came to our table, his hands clenched together.

“Is everything okay?” he asked.

Ava shot him the same death glare she gave me moments ago. “There was something in the wine and she swallowed it.” She jabbed a manicured nail at the bottle. “Fetch a new bottle.”

The server spluttered apologies, and then the manager came, offering more apologies and promising us we didn’t have to pay for our meal, which was crazy since our bill must be close to four digits.

“I’m fine. I’m fine,” Lucia said, her voice hoarse, sounding like a completely different person. Ava was genuinely pissed, berating the poor manager, but she finally dropped it when Lucia placed a hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay, Ava.”

I stayed silent through the rest of the meal, my actions finally weighing down on me. I didn’t expect Lucia to almost choke and that other people would take the blame for my doing.

But the seafood meal was delicious, and we left the beach restaurant without needing to pay.

During the drive back home, my sisters were deep in conversation, which was a refreshing change.

Ava talked about drama in college while Lucia listened and occasionally gave her input. Apparently some guy made a public proposal to Ava, going down on one knee and asking her to be his girlfriend.

Ava rejected him. She told us he was some dork in her class that she had a few conversations with. The guy had deluded himself into thinking Ava had interest in him just because they had a couple of chats.

My little sister then went on a tangent, complaining that practically all the guys in college were gunning for her ever since her breakup went public.

“I wish they would all just leave me alone,” she grumbled.

“You don’t want a relationship?” Lucia asked, surprised. Her voice was back—all rich and creamy. “I thought you always wanted a long-term boyfriend.”

“I do. But I already have someone in mind.”

“Really?” Lucia perked up. “Who? Spill the beans.”

“He’s a dork too.”

I shifted in my seat.

“A dork?” Lucia shook her head. “I thought you didn’t date down.”

“I don’t. But he has an enormous cock, and he’s so adorable. But he’s shit with words and can’t compliment me properly. He once called me ‘pretty’. Also, he’s not loyal and talks with other girls.”

“Ava, why the hell are you associating yourself with a guy like him? You can choose your man, and you picked someone like him? Sounds like he’s a real asshole.”

“He is, but I like him. I actually took his virginity.”

I couldn’t listen any further. I leaned forward in my seat. “Hey Lucia, could you turn up the music, please?”

“Aaron.” Ava sighed, but when she noticed Lucia wasn’t looking, she gave me a wink. “The women are talking, so shut up.”

Ava settled back in her seat. “So, as I was saying, I took his virginity. Do you know virgin cum tastes amazing?”

“Maybe we shouldn’t talk about this?” Lucia offered. “If you haven’t noticed, there’s a guy in the back.”

“He’s one year older than me. He can handle a bit of sex talk.”

“Okay.” Lucia cleared her throat. “So was sex with this asshole good, at least?”

“Amazing,” she breathed, mini moaning out the word. “Truthfully, it was the best sex I ever had.”

“Really? You have to introduce me to this guy.”

“You should have seen me when I worked him, Lucy. I taught him everything. How to kiss. How to eat a girl out. And the way he moaned my name? The way he shivered every time I touched him?” Ava giggled. “You know, during our first time, he exploded the second I touched his big cock. The very second, Lucy. He blew his entire load on my face. It was sooooo hot.”

“I don’t understand, Ava.” We reached our condo and Lucia reversed parked in her spot. “He’s clearly not worth your time, and he doesn’t deserve you. There are plenty of guys with huge dicks, so I don’t understand why you chose him. He can’t be that hot.”

“I know, Lucy. He doesn’t deserve me at all, right?”

I groaned.

“Mm-hmm,” Lucia agreed.

“I hope he knows that and starts treating me better.”

“He should, or you should leave him. Honestly, just leave him now.”

“I punished him. No sex for a week.”

“You and your weird kinks.” Lucia muttered, killing the ignition and stepping out.

The door slammed shut. I scowled at Ava when she turned to me like I knew she would. She puckered her lips and gave an air kiss in response.

When we entered our apartment, Lucia yawned and stretched her hands high, pushing her chest out. I tried my hardest not to stare.

“I’m heading to bed. Night.”

We said our goodnights, and she disappeared into her room, shutting the door.

Multiple thoughts ran through my mind. Should I visit her tonight when Ava was asleep? How long until the pill worked? For my little sister, it took less than twenty-fours before I caught her sniffing my clothes and fingering herself while performing the sin.

“Hey.” Ava stepped in front of me and placed a hand on my cheek, breaking me from my thoughts, enveloping me in her cloying scent.

I sucked air when she took my hand and guided me to her ass, allowing me to squeeze her plump cheeks through her denim shorts.

“Long night, huh?” My sister looked up at me before tiptoeing up and parting my lips with her tongue.

We both moaned as we spared, her tongue tangling with mine before licking every corner of my mouth.

“Ava,” I groaned, right back under her spell. I was vaguely aware of the words coming out of my mouth, but I’ve lost the ability to comprehend them. I gripped her ass as hard as I could, sucking on her vanilla lips with fervor.

But I should have known by now she was playing me. As soon as I deepened the kiss, Ava pulled back and glanced down at my obvious erection.

“You’re so hard, Aaron.” She whispered sexily before giggling. “Have fun jacking yourself off.”

She let go of me, leaned forward and pecked my lips, just to torture me with one last taste, before turning on her heels and heading straight to her room.

“Ava!” I called out to her, lips tingling, erection throbbing painfully. “Ava—fuck!”

I frowned after my sister, so fucking poised at the edge as I watched her slam her door shut, the lock clicking audibly.

I was tired of being played the fool. No more. Somebody had to tie a leash around my little sister, and I swore to myself that I was gonna be her first.

And her last.


I used every trick in the book to try and get the edge off. I sighed, my mind drifting off to Ava while I pumped myself under the hot shower, watching the steam condensed around my glass cage.

Nope, nothing. Fuck.

I switched my thoughts to Lucia, but somehow, no matter how I orchestrated the scenes and fucked my elder sister in all the positions I fantasized about, I couldn’t orgasm.

Ever since I lost my virginity to Ava, my cock seemed to have a mind of its own. I couldn’t figure it out.

In the end, I gave up and retired to bed, my cock still throbbing and my thoughts still on my sisters. I was excited to see how Lucia would react to the pill. Fucking both my sisters, the two most attractive women I knew was a pipe dream that was shaping up to be a reality.

I mean, I had sex with Ava. Never in a billion years would I ever wondered that would actually happen. Fucking Lucia didn’t seem too far fetch now.

It took a long while for me to fall asleep. Hours passed with me laying completely still, staring up at the ceiling, occasionally licking my lips to get a sample of vanilla because it was just too fucking delicious. When I was finally about to doze off, a knock on my door jolted me up, and just like that, I was wide awake again.

Lucia? Could it be Lucia?

I mean, it must be. Ava made it clear she wanted to make me suffer. If it couldn’t be Ava, then…

Soft knocks again.

I was on my feet, walking towards the door, hand on the knob. I held my breath and swung it open.

I was wrong. I was staring at pink perfection.

Ava looked exhausted. Her eyelids were heavy and her shoulders were sagged. But she also looked… horny. My little sister was panting, and when she looked up to lock gazes, I could recognize the ‘fuck me’ expression.

“Don’t say a word,” she told me, her voice low and husky. Yeap, she was definitely horny as fuck. “In fact, don’t open your mouth.”

She pushed past me and I inhaled her scent, my body immediately reacting, throbbing with need, chest clenching. I growled and closed the door, locking it.

My little sister was wearing her usual bedtime attire, a cute silken pajama set. All pink, blending in perfectly with her hair.

She touched my neck, and I felt wetness. The realization sent shivers down my spine.

Ava had been masturbating

My sister inhaled deeply then tiptoed up, offering me fresh vanilla, and I moaned at how sweet she tasted.

It was a short but passionate kiss that I wished would go on forever. Ava pulled back slowly, sucking on my bottom lip as she withdrew.

“Take off your clothes and lay on your bed,” she whispered, dipping forward and offering featherlight pecks on my neck, running her wet tongue along a hot vein. “I’ll ride your cock tonight.”

“I thought you said—”

She stopped kissing me and clicked her tongue. “I said shut up. I don’t need your voice. Only your lips and cock. So take off your clothes and get to bed.”

When I paused, she wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled herself up. Ava was back on my lips, kissing the edge, giggling, running her warm, wet tongue along my lips, then lapping at me as if she was a kitten.

“I’m not playing, Aaron. We’re going to have sex.” Her voice was so throaty and her blue eyes twinkled. “I couldn’t sleep, big bro. I was touching myself and thinking about you all fucking night.”

Ava sighed, taking my wrist and guiding my hand under the waistband of her silk pajama. Seconds later, I felt ample wetness and scorching heat.


“I thought I had self-control,” Ava continued. “I did. But after that night…”

I ran a finger along her slit, gathering up her wetness. Ava closed her eyes and moaned. Holy fuck, she was drenched. My fingers were sliding everywhere.

She finished her sentence with another erotic moan. Soft and throaty. “… I can’t stop thinking about you and your big, yummy cock.”

There was a desperate tinge to her voice. I recognized the low whimper from last night.

She wasn’t playing around. We were gonna fuck.

My body surged with primal energy. I wanted so fucking badly to tear off my clothes and get to bed. This was what I wanted, right? To have sex with my sister once again and fulfill all my dreams.

“Get on the bed.” Ava whispered in my ear, licking my earlobes, making me groan. “On your back. Now.”

But that wasn’t my dream. I wanted to fuck my little sister badly, but I wanted it on my terms.

I was sick of getting pushed around, being wrapped around her little finger, jumping through hoops every time she told me to jump. That was basically the plot of my whole life, being pushed around, just from different people. Currently, that person was my little sister.

I was fucking tired of being stepped on. She was my little sister, for fuck’s sake. We would have sex. Then what? I would wake up the next morning and get treated like shit again.

Maybe the Aaron from a day ago would have jumped at this golden opportunity. Not me. I was done.

“No,” I said, withdrawing my hand, my finger dripping with her wetness. The word leapt out, and suddenly time ceased to a standstill.

My sister froze. Looked at me. Took a step back.

I wanted to retract the word. Tell her that I was sorry. Tell her I would get on the bed and we could fuck. My insides were screaming, demanding me to haul my ass to bed so I could have what I really wanted. To lose myself in unfettered lust and demented pleasure. To unload all my pent up frustration into her drenched pussy.


No, that wasn’t what I really wanted.

“What?” my sister said, frowning. “What… what did you say?”

“I said no.”

My voice was shaky, my mind yelling at me.

I kept my ground.

“No?” Ava repeated softly, blinking, as if she was hearing that word for the first time. She tasted the word on her tongue again. “No?”


The silence was tense. If looks could kill, I would be bloodied on the floor.

Five seconds passed. Ten. Fifteen.

Finally, my gorgeous sister spoke.

“Fine.” Ava shrugged as if it was no big deal. “You get no sex. Honestly, Aaron, I don’t know why I came here anyway. You’re so fucking pathetic, I don’t know why I even bother.”

She shoved me with a hand and pushed past me, knocking shoulders.

Ava grabbed the doorknob, then paused, turning back towards me. Holy shit, she was pissed. Even angrier than when she was making a scene in the seafood restaurant.

“Fuck you,” she spat out with way more venom than I had ever heard from her. “Who do you think you are? You reject me? Me?” She punctuated the last word with a prod on her chest, and her voice cracked, the first tear prickling from her right eye.

“Ava…” I started for her, but stopped when she continued, her voice growing shrill.

“You’re such a shit boyfriend, Aaron.” More tears streamed down and her lips quivered. “I gave you everything. I taught you everything. I gave you my love.”

“Love.” She chuckled, and more tears sprung out. “You told me you loved me. Is this how you treat your lover? Once you see and experience all that they have to offer, you go run along and talk to the next girl? Gawk over the next shiny object? Hmm?”

“Ava, please. I—”

“Am I not enough for you, Aaron?” She let go of the door and stomped towards me, shoving me on the chest again. “Is sex with me not good enough for you? Do you want to fuck Grace? Vanessa? Or Lucia, hmm?” She sniffed. “Sure, go ahead. Fuck all three for all I care. You boys are all the same. Explains why I can’t fucking keep one down.”

She shoved me again, and her voice peaked to a shrill scream. “I can’t fucking keep one!”

Ava pried open the door and slammed it before I could get a word in. I have never, ever seen my sister this emotional.

But as I stood there, my mind going a hundred miles an hour, my cock throbbing in agony, I realized something crazy.

I just refused sex with the girl I was completely addicted to.

The love of my life.


Why did I do that?

I knew the reason.

For the first time ever, I didn’t run or cower.

In my nineteen years, I had never experienced something so exceeding sweet. Not even Ava’s lips could match this taste.


The chains were unshackled.

I am free.

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