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**Chapter 9**

**Part 1**

This was pure fucking torture.

I groaned in agony, staring up at the ceiling of the theater hall.

Holy shit. I was so fucking horny. I had tried to hide my erection as best I could, but with how stiff I was, the best solution I could craft was to hold my backpack close to my stomach, shielding my embarrassment.

I knew there was no point in trying to get it down. When Ava dominated my thoughts, nothing could divert my attention. Not until I fucked her.

I was late to class because I was held up in the bathroom stall, trying to get all my sexual frustrations out by browsing Ava’s Instagram, focusing on her more revealing photos.

But no matter how hard and fast I pumped myself, my efforts weren’t enough. Once I felt Ava’s touch, my body could only respond to her, as if I was under some sort of demented spell.

I sighed and shook my head, trying to focus on the PowerPoint presentation in front, but I could still feel the residue heat of Ava’s pussy gripping my cock, making me unable to comprehend the lecturer’s words.

God, she was like a drug. I could still smell her perfume on my hands, making me feel sluggish, frustrated, dizzy, and horny all at once.

My sister was a crazed, possessive bitch, and I was royally pissed off at her. But I was an addict, and I had to have my fix.

Retrieving my phone, I dialed her number and stared at the screen, knowing full well she wouldn’t pick up, but being desperate enough to try once every hour.

She declined my call, and I face-planted onto the desk, praying for the next few hours to go by quickly.

Time went slower. It felt like days had gone past before the bell rang. I felt pale, like I was on the verge of death as I waited for everyone to file out for the exit.

After the room cleared out, I pressed my backpack close to my stomach and walked out, exiting the building, heading towards the car park.

At least I could see her again. My little sister had driven us to college, so she was my only ride back home. There was no way she would ditch me and make me walk.


I breathed a sigh of relief when I spotted her BMW. Ava had her private parking spot in an exclusive area along with all the rich kids. If your car wasn’t up to ‘standards,’ you couldn’t park in the area.

Waiting under the sun for my sister added to my suffering. She finished classes at the same time as me, but I had no idea how long I would be waiting.

She could be chatting with her friends for hours. Or she might have been offered a ride by one of the guys to go to coffee or something where they would no doubt confess their feelings for her.

The wondered had me balling my hands into fists. For years, I had witnessed countless guys flirting with my sister and hitting on her. I had at all times felt jealous, but did nothing other than mull over the fact that I couldn’t have my dream woman.

But it was different now. We had fucked. She was *mine*. If Ava was dating another guy, I would…

What could I do?

I almost jumped when Ava’s BMW beeped and the door locks clicked open. The sounds of heels clicked towards me, and my pulse kicked up to insane levels.

Ava was alone, and she looked even sexier than when I last saw her in the computer lab, even though she hadn’t changed a thing. Her makeup was still immaculate, her lips full and pink, her hair perfect in lush Hollywood waves.

My eyes trailed down to her college uniform clinging to her curves, her top two buttons of her blouse opened, showing a cruel tease of what they hid underneath.

“Hey,” I started, walking towards my sister. “I—”

She breezed past me.

Without a word or even acknowledging my existence, my sister opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat. I quickly pried the door open and ducked into the front seat beside her.

God, her car smelled delicious. It had the new car scent, and when mixed in with Ava’s perfume…


“Hey.” I looked at her, placing a hand on her creamy thigh, on the spot right below her pleated skirt. “Can we talk?”

She clicked her tongue, still looking straight ahead. “Don’t touch me.”


“Don’t. Touch. Me.” Her tone had a certain venom to it. I withdrew my hand.

“I’m sorry, okay?”

My sister locked in her seatbelt and started driving.

“Ava, what can I do to make this right? I’ll do anything.”

Pathetic, I know. But I really would do anything to get the edge off and blow my load I was forced to hold back for the entire fucking day right into her.

I never, ever wanted anything as badly as I did right then, even when I had my sister below me last night, pleading for me to fuck her.

Ava didn’t reply, which I expected, but her lack of reaction still disappointed me.

I looked her up and down, pausing my gaze at her long, toned legs. “You look hot today.”

You look hot today? What the fuck was I saying?

She turned up the music, and I sighed, curling back into my seat, resigning to the fate that no matter what, Ava would not talk to me.

It was the longest drive back home in my life. We finally pulled up into the parking lot and exited the car. I trailed behind my sister as we made our way to the elevators, and my gaze automatically dropped to her ass.

Somewhere during school, Ava had developed a feminine hip sway, sexy and enthralling. It looked even better when she was wearing her college skirt. Just watching her walk brought me into a trance and I almost bumped into her when she suddenly stopped to call for the lift.

No one was in the lift with us, so I spent the entire time gazing at her reflection like a boy trying to get his crush’s attention while my little sister scrolled through Instagram, humming the pop song that had last played on the drive back.

Why was I so pathetic? Every time I was near her, my brain switched off. Thinking was difficult, probably due to all the blood gathered down south, none spared for my head.

We entered our apartment, and Ava called for our sister, her sweet voice warming up the space.

“Lucy?” Ava crossed the living room and knocked on our eldest sister’s door. “Are you in there?”

When no reply came, my sister tried the doorknob, and the door swung open. She slipped inside, coming out a minute later.

I stared at her. “She’s not home?”

Ava didn’t meet my gaze. She hadn’t even glanced in my general direction yet. My sister headed towards her room, and I followed her like a fool, fully expecting for the door to be slammed in my face.

Incredibly, it didn’t. I stepped into her room, hope blossoming in my chest.

Ava never allowed anyone to enter her room. And her indirectly inviting me back in meant only one thing.

We were gonna have sex.

I closed the door behind us, locking it. Ava sighed and finally turned towards me, her piercing blues scorching me, making me fidget under her heated scrutiny.

She gestured me over with a finger.

I walked towards her, feeling utterly powerless. What else could I do? I wanted sex, and my sister was the only person who could fulfill my needs.

“Is he still angry?”

I was about to ask her what she meant when she palmed my erection through my pants. I gasped and instinctively backed off. Shit, I was seconds away from cumming—all from a single touch.

“Have you suffered enough, Aaron? Hmm?” Ava stepped forward and began unbuttoning my pants with her skillful fingers. “Have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes,” I gasped. “Yeah.”

“Really?” Her tone rose into a little girl’s voice. Feminine, high pitched. Playful.

I moaned when she pulled my zipper and palmed my erection through my boxers.

“There he is,” she whispered, tugging my underwear down, leaving me exposed to her touches. Her fingers wrapped around me and I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut.

“So big and hot.” Her voice sent me drifting. “You’re throbbing so much, Aaron.”

Yeah, no shit.

“Ava—” I groaned low as she began pumping me. I needed something to hold, so I grabbed her hips, fisting her pleated skirt as she jerked me off.

“What is it, Aaron? Do you—” She started to say more, but I was done. Just ten seconds in, and hours of pent up frustration exploded, bursting from my tip and splattering all over my sister.

“Oh fuck.” I tightened my grip around Ava as more ropes spurted out in rapid waves. “Fuck!”

My sister was still going, pumping me fast and hard even as I painted her in white liquid, globs of cum mixing in with her makeup.

I shuddered when the last wave spurted out and blinked at my sister, the realization of the mess I made dawning on me.

My sister was splattered with my seed, the sight comparable to the first time she had touched me on that fateful day. She was also in her college uniform then, and I had to wonder if I had an obsessive schoolgirl fetish.

Whenever she wore her uniform, every touch was lethal.

“Sorry,” I sputtered. “I didn’t warn you. To be honest, I didn’t even expect to—”

“Shh.” She let go of me and licked her fingers clean, one by one, before swiping globs off her face. “Shh, baby, it’s okay.”

Ava took a step back, away from my reach.

My breath quickened when she pulled her mini skirt and then used her other hand to tug her pink panties down, showing her bare sex, glittering from her juices under the bedroom light.

“Big bro.” She blinked and spoke in her little girl’s voice. God, Ava really knew how to play the innocent girl act. “You missed a spot.”

I growled and started for her, preparing to drag my sister to bed if needed be, but she clicked her tongue and I stopped dead in my tracks.

“No.” Her ordinary voice was back, all buttery smooth. “You haven’t learned your lesson. You haven’t suffered enough.”


“Shh.” She stepped forward and silenced me, pressing her lips against mine, her soft hands gripping the sides of my neck. Yet again, her sweetness overpowered my taste. I sighed, plundering her vanilla as she kissed me into bliss, her lips so fucking soft.

I was in a daze, drunk on her intoxicating sweetness. My sister pulled back, grabbed my hand, and led me towards somewhere. I didn’t realize I was out of her room until she closed the door on my face.

“Hey.” I shook my head, breaking from my daze and knocking on her door. “What the hell?”

A second later, my phone buzzed at my feet. Frowning, I pulled my pants back up so I could retrieve my phone from my pocket. Ava was facetiming me, and I furrowed my brows at the closed door before answering the call.

The first thing I saw was her pussy. Her skirt was pulled up and her panties were down, her wet pussy lips in full view. That wasn’t even the worst thing. Ava was giving me a show, running a finger along her drenched slit.

“Can you see, big bro?” Her voice was clear, leaking from my speakers, but I could also hear her from her room as if she was beside me. Fuck. She was leaning against the door, the only thing separating us was a piece of wood.

“What are you doing?” I tried the doorknob, but it was locked. “Ava?”

She didn’t reply, but I could hear her heavy breaths, both from the speaker and from her. I looked back towards my phone screen, my eyes widening when I realized she was scooping globs of my cum into her pussy.

My sister giggled. “Your semen is so warm, Aaron. So fucking warm.”

“Stop playing games.” I banged on her door. “This is stupid.”

“I love how you fuck me, big bro.” She sighed contently as she poured more cum into her sex, globs dripping from her fingers and leaking into her pussy. “Your cock… mhmm… your cum…”


“Oh, god, big bro. Holy fuck…”

Her pants grew louder and although I had just came, I was still rock hard and fucking horny, probably hornier than before the handjob—if you could even call it one.

“This is dumb,” I said, trying for the knob again and then banging on her door. “Come on.”

“Don’t you feel it, big bro? My pussy clamping down on your cock? I bet it feels nice when I do that, hmm?”

I looked down at my phone. Two of her wet fingers were jammed inside her visibly flexing pussy and she was thrusting them in and out, soft whimpers leaking out from her lips.

“Big bro… mhmm…” Ava moaned. “I’m going to cum.”

“This is so stupid,” I muttered. “Can we stop playing games and fuck?”

“But we’re fucking.” She moaned again, louder this time, and even though I knew it was deliberate and overreacted, my cock jerked up. I closed my eyes, my entire body reeling from an imaginary pain.

Ava could drive me nuts and she knew it.

“Can you feel it, big bro? Can’t you feel me clenching around you?”

“Okay.” I knocked on her door again, pausing when another soft moan leaked out. “I said I’m sorry, okay? Open the door.”

More moans drifted from her room. I looked back at my phone, watching my sister enthusiastically sliding her fingers in and out, her digits coated with our mixed arousal, whispering my name over and over in ragged breaths.

Fucking hell. I was so fucking done with her shit.

I seriously considered kicking her door down, but heels clicked outside, the gait immediately distinguishable, sending a bolt of fear right through me.

“Shit.” I banged my fist on the door. “Lucia’s back.”

The facetime ended. I almost stumbled over my feet as I pulled up my pants and rushed towards my room.

The front door opened before I could reach my room.

“Aaron?” The smooth, silky voice behind me had me straightening up. Keys jingled and the front door closed. “Is that you?”

I turned towards my eldest sister, forcing the best smile I could manage. It came out tight-lipped. “Hey, Lucia. You’re back from Hong Kong.”

Lucia was dressed nicely, as usual. A sleeveless red pencil dress hugged her body, displaying soft curves only Ava could rival. I tried my best not to stare—or salivate.

She dropped her purse on the kitchen island, but her blue eyes stayed nailed on me. Lucia’s blues were much lighter than Ava’s—looking at her was like gazing up into the sky.

God, I forgot how hot she was. Lucia had some similarities to Ava. Same high cheekbones, perfect facial symmetry, blessed with god given curves. But she also looked different than our sister, in an alluring, distinct way.

“You…” She gestured a finger from my head to my toes. “received a makeover?”

“Yeap. You cut your hair?”

“Mm hmm.” She paused. “You look… different. More cleaned up.”

I shifted on my feet, wanting to skip the conversation and make a dash towards my room.

Lucia closed the distance, then circled around me, inspecting me from all angles.

“Why…” She paused, and I heard her sniff. “Aaron, are you using Ava’s perfume?”

I froze. “No.”

“Then why do you smell like her?” She circle to my side and leaned so fucking close, her hair tickled my neck, sending chills through me. “Yeah, that’s definitely hers.”


“A-Are you sure?” I stammered, glancing towards my room. “Maybe you got it wrong. I bought a few new colognes. Maybe you got it mixed up or something.”

“No. I’m very familiar with the perfume she uses, and you have it all over your neck.” She raised a brow. “Is everything okay, Aaron?”

“Yeah, of course, of course. Why—Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Hmm.” She hummed, smelling deliciously herself, her scent an expensive concoction of rose and fruits. “Anyway, go get changed. I’m treating you guys to seafood. It’s been a while since the three of us have a get together.”


Lucia gave me a look, then a quick once-over, before turning around and heading toward Ava’s. She rapped her knuckles on the door three times.

“Ava! We’re going out to eat. I’m treating you both!”

“Give me ten!” Ava shouted back, her voice wavering. “I’m going to take a shower.”

“Make sure it’s ten minutes or we’re leaving without you.” Lucia sighed and rubbed her forehead. Dealing with Ava was a full-time job, even for our eldest sister.

She sighed again and turned towards me, rubbing a few strands of her shoulder blonde hair between two fingers. Lucia changes hairstyles every six months, and I was loving her current one: a wavy textured bob with dark highlights that made her look effortlessly sexy.

I didn’t think any other guy in the world had lived through the torment of having two *extremely* attractive sisters.

She pursed her lips, giving me yet another once-over. “I like this new look on you, Aaron. Keep it.”

“Okay.” I nodded, mesmerized at how full her lips were. I had the sudden urge to kiss them, have a sampling of those reds. Would she taste better than Ava?

*What is wrong with me? I fuck one sister, and want to sleep with the other the moment she returns home? Do I have some kind of sister fetish or something?*

But they were both fucking hot, and it was only natural to be drawn to attractive women. Them being related to me was a nonfactor.


Lucia narrowed her blue eyes. “What?”

I blinked. “Huh?”

“Is there something on my face?”

“No, no.” I didn’t even realize I had zoned out from ogling at her. I tried to laugh it off, but all that came out was a pitiful cough. “I just—you just…”

Lucia crossed her arms and raised a brow. “Hmm?”

“I… uh… I just like your haircut.”

I prayed for the ground to open up and swallow me whole. Why was I horrendous at talking to girls? She was my sister for fuck’s sake. I had known her my entire life.

Lucia used to be like Ava when she was younger—just to a lesser extent. Stubborn, rebellious, ego the size of Jupiter.

But my eldest sister eventually outgrew her tendencies and became more well put together.

Ava might be the more attractive sister: younger, curvier, toner legs, creamier skin. But sometimes, looks weren’t the most crucial factor.

After long exhausting days of dealing with my spoiled little sister, I came to realize silver might be better than gold.

Lucia gave me a strange look. “Go take a bath, Aaron. Make it quick.”

I nodded and watched her go, my gaze automatically drawn to her swaying ass, looking absolutely otherworldly, clinging tightly to the plump curve of her ass. She had the same sexy sway as Ava, and her ass was rounder.


If *that* was second place, gold medal shouldn’t matter.


Luckily I had prepared everything days ago for this exact moment.

Sweat beaded down my forehead as I spooned the herbs from the container and carefully transferred the mixture into two empty shells. I blew a sigh of relief when I didn’t spill a single grain. Everything was almost set. All I needed to activate the concoction were three drops of my semen.

That should be the simplest part. But I wasn’t confident I could orgasm with my own hands anymore. My body hasn’t been the same since I lost my virginity to Ava. My muscles constantly felt rigid, my whole body locked tight, and unfortunately, Ava held the only key.

I should be fine with that. Wasn’t this a fantasy come true? But my little sister kept dangling the damn key in front of me and wouldn’t give me what I needed. I wanted sex with her all day, every day, whenever we had spare time, but it was obvious Ava wouldn’t grant me that so easily.

If I wanted to fuck her, I had to jump thorugh various hoops, walk through lava, and then after accomplishing all that, fall to my knees and beg. It was not the arrangement I had fantasized about.

Was Ava’s pussy worth all the effort? Honestly, probably. But it wasn’t like I had no other options. Ava might be the best choice, but I had one pill left, and Lucia wasn’t as childish as our little sister.

I grabbed my flask and headed to my bathroom, turning on the shower faucet and sighing as warm droplets pelted my skin, calming down the rapid thoughts swimming in my mind.

I could have anyone I wanted. Was Lucia worth the last pill?

Such a dumb question.

“Lucia,” I groaned, pumping my cock, imagining myself balls deep inside my older sister.

The simple fantasy sent the pressure that had been edging inside me for several hours spiraling forward in a heated rush.

“Oh—fuck.” I wasn’t expecting to cum, much less when I had just started masturbating. “Lucia.”

My sister’s name spilled from my lips over and over and over.

“Lucia.” I squeezed my eyes shut, momentarily slipping free from the chains Ava had shackled around me. “Lucia… Lucia…”

The flask was almost overflowing by the time I was done. Heaving breaths and stumbling out of the shower stall, I set the flask down on the vanity and dried myself with a towel. My cock was still agonizingly hard, but the edge didn’t feel as bad as before.

Was that the secret? All I had to do was fantasize about any one of my sisters and cum seemed to pour out in gallons.

Maybe I was a sick fuck after all.

Opening my desk drawer and retrieving a dropper, I sucked up the fluid from the flask, and carefully transferred exactly three drops into one half of the shell, watching as the grains became damp, absorbing my seed.

I swore I heard a low sizzling sound as they mixed, but that was probably my imagination. Setting the dropper to the side, I picked up the two shells, closed my eyes to compose myself, before reopening them and sealing both half shells together.

It was a full pill once again, and I studied the tiny capsule in between two trembling fingers, wondering how the hell I was gonna get Lucia to swallow it.


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