Louis visits us. Part 2. – Short Sex Story

We all retreated to the bar in my living room after the fun in the bedroom. Louis said he’d play bartender and was behind the bar mixing us drinks. After he was done with drinks he sat down behind the bar.

Louis sat back and had the three of us sitting across the bar from him, all naked still.

“This is the way to relax at a bar. You all have lovely breasts.” Louis said, his eyes traveling from Nance, Tina and me.

Louis leaned forward and reached across the bar, rubbing one of Nance’s nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Nance let out a quick yelp and giggled with a big smile.

Louis did the same to Tina then me. We let him have his fun. Nance excused herself and walked to the bathroom. Louis watched the shapely, tanned Nance walk across the living room and commented,

“Man! What a nice ass!” Tina and I turned our heads to see what Louis was referring to. We knew it was Nance’s ass he was referring to.

“I love everything about all three of you lovely ladies. You both have great asses, too.” Louis told us as Nance disappeared through the doorway.

This nipple and tit playing, and talking about our asses, had Louis horny again. When Nance returned she no sooner sat back down and sipped her drink, Louis stood up and took Nance’s hand.

“I have to have your sexy ass against me, Nance. Do you mind?” Louis said to my visiting friend.

“Thanks for thinking so, Louis. Nice complements like that are always appreciated. I don’t mind.” Nance told Louis with a sexy grin on her pretty face.

Nance slid from her bar stool, holding Louis’ hand. She was eager to let the retired man have his way with her. Nance, although a bit shy, loved sex as much as any of us do.

Louis led Nance over to the sofa. She was still smiling, and knew what he wanted. Louis wanted to fuck her from behind. Nance knelt up in the corner of the sofa, presenting her bare ass and plump pussy back at him.

Nance smiled back at Louis as he stepped up behind her. He squeezed her ass cheeks then rubbed her pussy. She slowly looked forward again as Louis felt her dark cunt.

Tina and I swiveled around in our bar stools to watch the action. I loved watching people fuck. Something I discovered after my divorce. Not like watching a porno, of course, but live fucking between people I know.

Louis rubbed his fat cock to Nance’s pussy and eased up in her. Nance sighed and rested her forehead on the back of the sofa.

Louis started banging against Nance’s bare ass cheeks. She let out a sigh with each stab of the older man’s thick cock.

“Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! MMM! OHH!” Nance continuously blurted out as Louis pounded her pussy and bare ass.

Tina put a hand on my knee and squeezed it, and softly said, “This is so hot, Dotty. I love it. Gets me so horny.”

I looked at Tina and could tell by the expression on her face, that watching Louis fuck Nance, had her turned on.

“Let me help you with that, hon.” I said to Tina and swiveled slightly in her direction.

Tina didn’t say anything as I pushed her knees open. She glanced at me then back at the scene on the sofa. I squeezed her soft, inner things and then to her blonde, plump pussy.

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NSFW: yes

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