Louis trying to handle Nance, Tina, and I. Part 3. – Short Sex Story

Tina let her legs fall open when my hand reached her pussy. She rested back in the bar stool watching Louis and Nance screwing over on the sofa. She wanted me to play with her.

“Look at that, Dotty? It looks like Louis is trying to get his balls in Nance. I love that feeling when Louis is screwing me. If he’s not grinding his balls into your pussy, they’re bouncing against you.” Tina softly said to me as I stroked her wet pussy.

Tina was squirming her pussy on my fingers and told me she was gonna cum. “I’m gonna cum, Dotty. This is so hot watching Louis fuck Nance like this.”

“Yes it is. Has me all worked up, too.” I told Tina then stood up.

I squatted down between Tina’s shapely, spread legs. I wanted to finish her off with my mouth. I eased in and kissed her slit.

“Oh Dotty! I’m gonna cum for sure now.” Tina sighed, looking down at me licking her wet slit and clit.

Tina placed a hand on my head jerking her pussy on my mouth. Her eyes slowly closed and her legs and tummy twitched and jumped from her orgasm.

I licked Tina through her climax. I rubbed and kissed her soft inner thighs before standing up. “How was that, sweetie? I love the way you taste.” I said to her with a smile.

Tina’s legs came together and she sat up. “Oh God, Dotty. You make me cum so hard when you do that. I love the way you taste, too.” Tina told me.

I wondered Tina was gonna go down on me then, after saying she loved the way I taste also. Louis had pulled out of Nance and had other plans.

Nance slumped down on her side breathing very hard. Her sexy ass glowing a reddish pink from the hard fuck Louis just gave her. He turned around looking at Tina and me. His throbbing, thick cock sticking up to his belly button.

“Come on over here, Dotty.” Louis told me.

I smiled at Tina and she told me to go over there and get some of Louis. I slid from my stool and walked over by my horny neighbor. Louis squeezed up my large titties and sucked on my hard nipples.

He had me sit down on the sofa and knelt between my legs. He pulled my ass to the very edge of the sofa cushion and rubbed his cock up and down between my pussy lips. Then he eased the bulbous head inside of me.

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NSFW: yes

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