Louis pays a visit, right when the ladies were playing. – Short Sex Story

I don’t know what got into Louis? Maybe it was the way I answered the door when I saw it was him, naked.

I didn’t even have time to tell him what Nance, Tina and I were up to in my bedroom, when set me up on the corner the kitchen table. He dropped his shorts and started fucking me.

Louis fucked me for awhile like that. I was so horny from the activity gonna take place with Nance and Tina, that I welcomed his horny desire to screw me right there.

Louis then pulled me up and had me turn around, resting forward on my forearms, and pounded me from behind. The kitchen echoed with his hips smacking into my ass cheeks.

His cock felt thicker and harder than it usually does. I thought if he took another erection pill before coming over. I grunted and moaned with each hard plunge of his fat cock.

He finally let out a pleasurable sigh, grinding against my bare ass. His cock jerked wildly in my pussy as he squirted in me.

He pulled out and I turned around. “My my, Louis! What’s come over you this early evening? So forceful, you animal!” I smilingly said to him, and kissed his lips.

I then had a chance to explain to him what us women decided to do, being that there were no men around to play with. He wanted to go to my bedroom then and see for himself.

He followed me to my room where there was Tina and Nance in a 69 position making each other moan. Tina was on top and her cute ass was wagging back and forth as Nance licked her pussy. Tina was savoring Nance’s dark pussy.

Nance raised her face from between Nance’s thighs, an aroused, flushed expression on her pretty face and panted,

“Oh man, Dotty! For someone who’s not experienced at eating pussy, Nance is driving me crazy! So good!”

Tina’s eyes closed just then and she let out a bellowing moan. I couldn’t see what Nance was doing to Tina’s pussy, but she had the young blonde cuming her brains out. I was sure it wasn’t the first time she had Tina cuming.

Tina fell forward, pulling her ass from Nance’s face and hands. I smiled at Louis and told him I was going get after Nance now.

Tina rolled out from Nance’s spread legs, Nance looking just as aroused as Tina looked. I smiled at her and said hi. I didn’t get into a 69 position, though, just pushed Nance’s thighs aside and got down there.

I fingered and ate Nance’s pussy and she had multiple orgasms from it. While I was doing my friend, Nance, Louis had Tina at the edge of the bed giving her a fucking of her life.

Tina was having the best of both worlds. Eating pussy, having hers eaten, and now being fucked hard by this older neighbor of ours, Louis.

Nance was really getting a working over. First Tina, then me, and after Louis fucked Tina, he got in bed and fucked Nance silly.

We all ended up in my living room at the bar, smiling, visiting, and having a drink. Crazy how these things happen, but all are pleased, happy, and I think Nance especially, was amazed. She really enjoyed making Tina cum.

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NSFW: yes

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