Lost in a Corn-maze (Noncon/Dubcon/Reluctance) ALL PARTIES 18 or OLDER

***This is a fictional erotic story written by me, about me and from my point of view. You should not be reading this if you’re not of legal age, 18 in America, 21 in some other countries. I never explain in my CNC stories how consent was garnered. I have a post named “How I approach stories about CNC/R**p*ay” pinned on my page explaining why. CNC relationships come in all forms, including scenes that may seem/feel too real. I can assure you that since the stories are at all times starring me as the prey, I consent. This is my fantasy, not yours. You are not being forced to read this, so if you choose to then be nice and enjoy. ☺️***

“Look! We are the next group to go in, finally” Sam shouted to the group. “This better be good for waiting an hour in line!” Marcy responded. The guard at the entrance waved us into a shed that played as the access to the maze. “Let’s go, everyone get in here! Smoosh together if you have to” announced the zombie doctor in the corner of the shed. He stood under a TV that flashed rules and warnings. “Great, looks like everybody is in. Please read the rules on the screen and raise your hand when you’re done.” The zombie doctor said. The first people to enter had done so already, immediately raising their hands.

The rest of the group quickly followed. “Welcome to our lab. To your left, you’ll be entering the maze we use for experiments. Unfortunately our bridge broke so we have to actually go through it. Be careful, you’ll encounter zombies that aren’t as nice as me. We had some experiments go wrong if you know what I mean.” He paused, gauging the room. Screams rang into the shed from the maze, reminding us of the exciting jump scares awaiting. The announcer broke character, reminding us “Most important rule: the actors won’t touch you, you don’t touch them. Have fun and enter the left door when you’re ready.”

Everyone was excited, smiling and giggling with fear imitation. We all shuffled out, our shoes landing on gravel. Corn towered over us on each side and ahead there were two options. Left or right? The people that weren’t in our group ran right, so we went left instead. We made our way around a 90 degree turn that switched back to right revealing a long straight path. It was dark, with only the shadows of the corn on the ground from lamps across the field.

We moved forward when Casey said “we should play a game. We always do a corn-maze, but let’s make it more interesting!” I responded back “okay, let’s do it! What did you have in mind?” She grinned mischievously, “I was thinking we play hide and seek. There are six of us, two be the seekers and four try to get out of the maze before they seek us.” The whole group cheered in agreement, loving the idea. Casey went with it, splitting us up “okay who wants to be a seeker?” I rose my hand “Emma, you’re the first seeker. Who else?” Sam raised his hand next. “Perfect, Sam and Emma seek. Marcy, myself, Mark, and Sasha try to get out of the maze without being caught.” We all formed into two sides, “okay we will give you guys a 20 second head start, go!” Shouted Sam. Everyone ran down the long path, shaving off into different directions as the path opened up on the sides in random areas.

“Okay so I think the best strategy is for me to go find the exit and wait there for anyone that you don’t already find before they get there.” Not a bad idea actually! Screams echoed through the maze. I looked toward the dark path, knowing that no one will jump out. All my friends went down already and no one jumped. “Okay cool, I’ll go down the path they went and you go back to the front and go right?” He nodded and smiled, turning to go back to the right of the entrance.

I walked down the gravel path, gazing into the corn to try and see the jump scares before they saw me. The dark seeming to play tricks on me. As I made it further down, options opened up on either side. I decide to make a second left, moving farther away from lit areas. Out of no where, a zombie with their skin falling off jumps out me causing me to scream and jump. The zombie crept back into the corn as I continued forward. The path I chose was coming to end, so I made a right turn. I could hear the corn bristling ahead. Creeping closer and closer, a man in a scream mask stepped out of the corn. I screamed again, laughing at myself for doing so even though I knew the scare was coming.

I continued forward, awkwardly smiling at the person behind the scream mask. I heard foot steps following behind me. I turned around and the scream person was moving towards me, a knife in hand. I turned back around to run, playing along. Though unlike past corn mazes, the footsteps behind me didn’t eventually disappear. They quickened. The gravel under our shoes scraping up and back as we ran through the maze.

Something about this felt different. The knife seemed to sparkle slightly when the lamps low lighting shined across it. I think I finally lost them, so I make a left and it’s a dead end. Fuck fuck fuck I think to myself. They’re gonna be here any second. I jump into the corn and walk backwards slowly. Kneeling down on one knee, I stay still. I can see through the corn in numerous areas, when I hear footsteps approaching.

I’m shaking, convinced that whoever this is has built their way here. I feel like I’m breathing so heavy so I hold my breath and wait. Around the corner comes two teenage boys, “ughh it’s a dead end. Come on, let’s do this way” one said to the other. I let out all the air I had held in and relaxed, the tension in my muscles releasing as I realized how paranoid I was being. This is a corn maze for godsake, they’re supposed to chase you. This person wasn’t actually gonna hurt me. I swear I’m crazy. I start to stand up, gonna leave the corn and return to the maze. I could hear a larger group walking towards the dead end as well. This is my chance to jump in behind them and then get through without doing it alone. Clearly I was way too paranoid of a human to be in a corn maze alone.

I start walking forward when someone covered my mouth and a cold object pressed against my throat. A voice whispered through the dark, directly into my ear “don’t move or make a noise.” I froze. Terrified and unsure of what was happening. I start to panic, I’m gonna die. The group approached the dead end, looking around and then coming to the same conclusion. Oh my god. They’re gonna wake up tomorrow and discover my dead body in the corn. I could feel my heartbeat quicken as the large group that I had planned to be standing next to right now was walking away. They laughed and conversed amongst one another, not knowing my predicament behind them.

As soon as they were no longer near us, the person behind me removed their hand from my mouth but the knife remained. Their hand traveled down to my jacket, smoothly unzipping it. They dragged it back, down below my shoulders and left it there hanging above my elbows. “Please don’t do this, I have friends out there that are going to be looking for me.” At this point, I could tell it was a man. His bulge pressing against my back as he ignored me and continued. He pulled my sweater over my head and left it resting on the back of my neck.

My breasts were now exposed to the cool air. My nipples start tightening into themselves, as though they’re trying to hide from the cold. He groaned at the sight, using his free hand to paw and pinch at them. I let out a pained moan to which he took a disliking to. He grabbed my chin and pulled my head back to look at him. His scream mask remained on, giving me no identifiers. I could still feel his eyes piercing mine through the mask despite this, as he he gritted”shut the fuck up” through his teeth in a low whisper. My eyes widened, fear evident among them. He stepped back and turned me around.

I wanted to run but the way he had removed my clothing was acting as a light restraint on its own. My jacket hung on my elbows making it difficult to bring them forward. My sweater levied my shoulders and neck on one another creating resistance in both areas. I could get out if I tried but trying takes longer than it would for him to kill me for trying so I remained. He grabbed my pants on each side and peeled them down to my ankles, again leaving them there. Yet another barrier to freedom. I was freezing, now in the middle of a corn maze, in October, only in underwear.

He stepped closer to me, leaning in and smelling me. I shuddered. Snickering at this, he kneeled. His face now directly in line with my underwear. The knife appeared in his other hand and traced it up my inner leg. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to breathe. The blade reached my pussy lips, resting in the fabric between. He rocked the knife back and forth. I let out a muffled whimper, trying to maintain composure and not make him angry. He pulled the waist band of my underwear forward with his free hand, and slid the knife up. They immediately cut open, no hesitation, when more voices start to creep closer.

He stood up, pressing the knife into my stomach and staring down at me. I stood there, vulnerable and naked, staring at the ground in silence. Maybe they would see my skin through the corn. Maybe they could go get help. I remained frozen and quiet, knowing the ending if I didn’t. The group continued on, once again unknowingly leaving me to probably die. “Good girl” he said to me, returning to cutting off my underwear. I was shaking, from the fear and from the cold.

My underwear were now on the ground, in the dirt in pieces. He took the knife, using it to spread my pussy open one lip at a time. Then turned the knife to be flat against my skin and slapped my legs open so I was standing with them at hip-width. He flipped the knife upside down, pinching it by the blade and slid the handle into my pussy. I start to cry now, the tears sliding down my face and landing on him and my chest. He enjoyed this, continuing to slide the handle of the knife up and down inside me. He pulled it out and stood up “open your mouth.”

I opened my mouth, tears sliding in there too. He placed the handle in my mouth and said “suck it.” I closed my lips around the handle, tasting myself. “Stick out your tongue” he demanded. I did as I was told. He used me like a towel, wiping the handle down it on each side and then wiping it off on my face to dry it. My mascara start to run into my eyes, burning them and making it difficult to see fully. He quickly pushed me to the ground, I landed on my chest and face. The ground was wet, causing mud to trace across my face and body.

I wiggled my hands in an attempt to use them to get back up but before I could, he was on top of me. His body weight substantially more than mine, weighing me down into the ground further. I could hear him wrestling with his pants, the skin of his dick touching me as it escapes his pants. He pushed the head against my pussy and rammed into me. It hurt, but he pushed my face into the ground, muffling my groans. After four or five times of hard, forceful thrusts he pulled out. He slid his dick up my ass, pressing against my asshole. I bucked my hips up and back, trying to prevent the inevitable.

I wiggled back and forth but he just held my face down and let me wear myself out. Once it seemed as though I had very little fight left, he pushed against my asshole and in. I gritted my teeth, screeching through the pain. “Does that hurt?” He asked me. I looked up at him, the mask still protecting his identity and begged “yes, please stop.” He moaned, a sensual and delighted moan, sliding out and back in once again. The corn husks and gravel in the mud scraped at my skin as he pumped into me over and over. At no point did it stop hurting, every sensation around me building on the pain and humiliation. He pulled out and sat up, grabbing at my hair and pulling me up to my knees. He stood now, looking down at me. I looked up at him. My face covered half and the front of my naked and cold body covered fully in mud. My hair a mess, mascara running down my face. His cum completing the degradation and humiliation by landing in my hair. He groaned quietly, trying to hold back knowing we are still in a place where people could catch us. He shook his cock back and forth, wiping it across my forehead.

He pulled off my sweater and jacket fully, releasing my arms. Then zipping his pants and composing himself, kick-pushed me back towards the ground. “Get dressed whore, wouldn’t want anyone seeing you like that.” He turned toward the maze and start leaving. I looked down at my clothes, using my shirt to wipe my face and hair as much as I could, then sliding it on. I stood, shakily, my legs and ass hurting immensely as I did. I wiped the dirt off and bent over to pull up my pants, then put on my sweater. I walked through the corn until I could leave from the side. I didn’t care about the correct exit or entrance, I just needed to get to a bathroom before anyone saw me. I finally got out, running to the bathrooms and cleaning myself up. The scratches and bruises clearly visible now across my skin. I smiled slightly. Knowing now that I was alone, alive and safe, I could admit to myself how much I had enjoyed it. I made myself presentable and exited the bathroom to discover my friends.

NSFW: yes

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