Losing my virginity…

I was – to all intents and purposes – an average adolescent whose behaviour was no different to that from any of my peers or to societal norms.

I had a reasonable number of friends, a healthy interest in girls and was performing well in my academic life. I’d recently secured very good exam results and was starting further education later that year.

Like most of my peers, during the summer holidays I had a temporary job to earn some money and – more importantly – get some much needed independence.
I landed a local job at a news agents, working behind the counter and being a general help around the shop. It was run by a husband and wife couple, Karen and Graham – both in their 60s – and I presumed they taken the shop as a gentle way to ease their way into retirement.
Karen assumed the role of manager whilst Graham helped as and when he was around, in-between his rounds of golf with his retired friends and ex colleagues. This inadvertently and unintentionally afforded Karen and I plenty of opportunity to spend time together and get to know one another, which we both enjoyed. Her family were all overseas and I know she missed them a great deal so, being able to spend time with me in an odd way, connected her to her distant own son.

Karen, was a curvaceous woman, over so slightly overweight but very feminine and had very womanly curves. She’d often wear a skirt, just over the knee with medium heels and a shirt or blouse which hugged her ample breasts beautifully.

I often found myself glancing at her, sneaking a peek whilst she bent over or was kneeling down and was more often that not, aroused in her business. It was the mix of her attention and demur elegance that I was profoundly attracted to, despite her being over 40 years my elder. I had at all times felt more comfortable with older women than that of my peers and this was no further evident than when Karen and I were alone in the shop and found ourselves deep in conversation.

One summer evening, I had been tasked with closing up the shop as Graham was away of a golf holiday and Karen was stocktaking in the back. This was not a gigantic deal as I had done it a few times when working with Graham. Karen, generally speaking, didn’t work too late into the evenings which I wondered was completely sensible and appropriate.

And I locked up and walked to the rear office where the employee exit was, Karen was there, just finishing up.

I remember it vividly – even the detail of what she was wearing and the conversation we had… it is forever etched on my mind as one of my most formative memories….

A tight, just over the knee black skirt, black heels, nude tights and a cream, translucent blouse, her white bra partially visible through the material.

We made small talk – which was rare for us – and I could sense there was an atmosphere….I asked her if things were ok….

In answering me, she stood and moved infront of me gently taking my hand. I was unsure of her intentions but, my primal and carnal urges were stirring in my loins, despite my best efforts to suppress them – not wanting to misread any signals and making a gigantic error of judgement.

I’d hadn’t of worried.

She told me she knew I looked at her. And that she liked it.

She gently lifted my hand in hers and, without breaking our gaze, she took one of my fingers and gently slid it into her mouth. I can remember the warmth and the feeling of her tongue, gently swirling around it, her lips tight on my skin and the sensation of her sucking it tightly sent rushes of blood flooding into my already slightly erect penis.

She knew I was a virgin – us having talked about it previously – and she tenderly stepped closer asking if id like to kiss her.

I nodded and she let my finger gently tease her bottom lips open and I lent forward, gently pressing my young, soft lips onto hers…

The embrace was heavenly… feeling her mature, yet soft and tender lips caress mine and her warm, wet tongue starting to tease mine coaxing it to entwine with hers, sent carnal urges searing through my tight young torso. Before I kew it, my penis was fully erect, bulging in my jeans as I instinctively pressed my torso against hers.

We were holding each other firmly, her curvaceous body tight against my lean, toned torso and our lips pressed hard against one another. Gentle biting, licking and sucking of each others lips and mouthes continued as my hands – not knowing what to do – just gripped her hips tightly.

She led me to her office chair and tenderly asked me if I wanted her to continue…. I did, of course – and without hesitation, unbuttoned my belt and unzipped my fly, opening my jeans…

kissing my neck, she slowly slid her hands into my tight underwear and the feeling of another hand, other than my own on my penis, felt almost overwhelming.

She instructed me to sit on the chair as she undressed me from my jeans and underwear….

Sitting there, my penis stiff and erect with my jeans around my ankles, she stood in front of me and started to hitch her skirt up… I could see her thighs and as her skirt was pulled higher, the seams of her tights….

I can remember my breathing was frantic and I was ready to erupt … my body in a state of absolute carnal, breeding instinct.

As her wiggled her skirt over her hips, she instructed me to rip her tights and to be ready to give her what she wanted…. She again tenderly asked if I wanted it too and – without hesitation – I tore at her tights and ripped the gusset open. She had not been wearing any knickers and her gusset was already soiled with the moistness of her wrinkled vagina lips.

Her vagina was trimmed, but had a mature level of coverage and she told me to sit back as she manoeuvred her legs astride me and placed her hands on my shoulders.

I looked up at her as she slowly started to lower herself and grind her vagina on my shaft… I could immediately feel the moistness of her juices covering my stiff shaft as she rocked her hips over my young penis. Lowering herself further, her vagina slowly began to encase my shaft and I was powerless to withstand my instinctive urges to thrust my throbbing penis deep inside her.

As she lowered her full weight upon me, her hips slowly grinding back and forth, she kissed me deeply and encouraged me to not hold back and to let me body do what it needed to ….

She kept whispering in my ear to not suppress what urges I had and that what we were doing was absolutely gorgeous. Her whispers became moans and her instructions became more intentional, almost begging me to surrender to my primal, breeding needs…

As we continued to have penetrative sex for, what was only a few minutes, I felt my body tighten and the urge to erupt too overwhelming to control. Hearing her juices as she side up and down my shaft only amplified the sheer unbridled urges I had and – without being able to control myself any longer, I let my body pulsate and ejaculate my young, fertile, verile semen inside her. Deep inside her vagina as she kissed my lips in acceptance.

She held me close as my penis continued to pulsate inside her, the walls of her vagina clinging to the stiff firmness of my shaft as I further gave her everything. Literally everything I had.

NSFW: yes

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