Look What You Made Me Do [MMF, DP, Alcohol]

I all the time get super slutty when I get wasted.

I’m the girl that will take a shot and flash her tits. Give me tequila and I’ll eat pussy. Give me a bottle and it might end up inside me. Tonight was no exception. It was Thursday, karaoke night, at the local dive bar. I was there with my boyfriend. He only comes for the booze. I come because I love getting buzzed and singing Taylor Swift. Either way, he gets fucked good when we get home, so he acquiesces.

By the third rum and Coke, I remembered I forgot to eat dinner. I’m not gonna order any though; I think it’s silly to ruin perfectly good alcohol with food. It’s after the fifth, that I realize I am trashed. And horny as fuck. The entire night my boyfriend has been sipping beer and fucking around on his phone. In his defense, so have I, unless I was singing. I tell him I need to use the bathroom and wobble my way into the stall. I lift my skirt, pull down my panties, and sit. I open my front-facing phone camera and aim it at my pussy. With my other hand, I spread my already glistening lips and *snap.* I go back to my seat in the bar to discover it is almost my time to sing, “Blank Space.” Before I get on stage, I send my boyfriend the picture. By the time I reach the stage and look back at him, I can tell he has seen it. There is lust in his eyes.

Back at the table, I am in full flirt mode. My eyes flutter just a little. My mouth lingers a little longer on the rim of the glass. I lick my lips. I tuck my hair behind my ear. I move closer. I place my hand on his knee. I open my legs, just enough. He knows exactly what I’m doing. I’m playing it up even more for him, just absolutely giving in to my slut-instincts.

I love teasing him with the photos and imagining how nice it would be to get a picture of my finger in my pussy. Before I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, I lean in close to his ear so he can hear me tell him I want his cock. I make my way back to the bathroom again. As I’m about to enter the ladies’ room, I feel a grip on my arm yanking me in the other direction into the men’s room. I don’t have time to react when I see my boyfriend smirking before he leans into my ear and tells me to “prove it.” As much as I would love to fall to my knees, I’m not kneeling on the floor of a men’s room. I open his pants and take his already throbbing cock out, bend over and suck as best I can from this position. He moves me over so he can pull my skirt up and see my ass in the mirror. I can feel him pulling my ass aside. All I can imagine is how he must be looking at my asshole right now. Which is good, because I have been craving anal. He must like the sight too because he grabs my head and shoves his cock deep in my mouth, making me gag. It’s a dangerous game to play with me being this drunk, but I’m an old pro. He starts to aggressively fuck my throat, coating his cock in my spit. My ass bounces with every thrust of his cock into the back of my mouth. I feel absolutely filthy.

Just then the bathroom door opens. Then shuts. I don’t know if my boyfriend didn’t see it or didn’t care, because he doesn’t stop. It’s then I notice the door opens the tiniest crack and I know someone is watching us. Why does that make me so much wetter? My boyfriend pulls my mouth off his cock by my hair, turns me around and pushes me down against the bathroom counter. I can see him clearly in the mirror. I can see the crack in the door, as well. I turn my eyes back to my boyfriend’s, as he swiftly brings his hand up and gives me a good crack on the ass. I love when he gets primal. He grabs me by the hips and grinds into me, rubbing his slippery cock all over my drippy cunt. Without hesitation he shoves into me, filling me. I let out a shocked moan and look to the door. I see eyes in the crack. My boyfriend pulls out slowly, drawing himself out almost completely before slamming himself back in. God, I love how he stretches me open. I love the dull ache deep inside from him forcing himself in, over and over. My head is swimming from liquor and cock. I am absolutely in my fucking element. I can feel my ass jiggle with every slam. He pulls out all the way and begins to slide up and down my slit, from clit to asshole. Each time he passes against my asshole, I hope he will shove it in. My ass is craving cock. Before I can even beg, he is balls deep and is hammering me hard. He has my hair wrapped around his hand so many times I can see the water stains on the ceiling.

“Do you want this cock?” my boyfriend demanded.

“Yes,” I managed to moan out.

“Do you want this cock?” he asked more emphatically.

“Yaaaassss, please”

“Are you a slut?” he asked as he slammed into me extra hard.


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I’m a slut!”

“Are you?” said a voice to our left.

I jerked my head, but my hair was still wrapped in my boyfriend’s hand. He didn’t stop fucking me.

“What the fuck!?” I managed to say as my boyfriend released my hair. I looked to my left and saw a man, whom I can only assume was the man at the door. His cock was in his hand, and he had a hopeful look on his face.

Before I had a chance to say anything, my boyfriend said, “jerk him off.”

“What!?” Was he being for real right now? We had never done anything like this before. Never even talked about it. I was the drunk one, not him!

“You said you were a slut didn’t you?” he asked as he gave my ass another hard smack. “Then fucking prove it. Jerk him off.”

So, while bent over the counter of a bar bathroom with my boyfriend’s cock balls deep in me, I reached to my left and took a stranger’s cock in my hand. He wasn’t as fat as my boyfriend, but his cock was longer. I was in a weird angle, so I was just sort of holding my hand while he fucked it. It was sort of surreal, but I loved every minute of it.

My boyfriend must’ve seen that the angle was weird because he pulled out and said he wanted to change positions. I wasn’t sure what he was thinking, but I soon found out. He turned me away from the mirror and bent me over. He kicked my legs open and grabbed the backs of my arms. As if aiming for a target, he was in my cunt directly.

“Hey, dude.” said my boyfriend to the guy. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about the Peeping Tom for a second. “Take her mouth.”

I don’t want to say my boyfriend is vanilla, because he’s not. But this is not something I would have ever expected from him. Like, ever. But I’m on fucking drunk slut time, so all bets are off. I am taking this fucking dick all right. I open my mouth. All I am is a throat. I don’t have hands to work him. He tests me at first, to see how much of his cock he can get in my mouth. My boyfriend tells him not to worry. I guess this is all the incentive he needs, because before I know it, there is a cock head stretching my throat open. And a cock stretching my pussy open. I love being properly used.

They are both going at their own pace. My mouth is being used slowly while my pussy is getting a beating. I feel a sharp slap on my ass, and my boyfriend pulls out of my pussy. He rubs his cock head up and down my slit again, this time lingering on my asshole. He hasn’t warmed me up at all, but with how drunk I am, I don’t think it’s gonna be a issue. Plus, I am dying to have cock in my asshole right now. There is nothing more that I want than for my ass to be stretched wide. He starts to push against me and I feel that familiar resistance. Thank god my pussy is flooded wet because we sure as hell don’t have lube. At least we can borrow. Homeboy in my mouth has no idea what is going on in back; he is just happy to be here right now. I feel the pressure in my ass. Then I feel the spread start. Then the sting. I moan and gasp and have to remove the cock from my mouth for the moment. I feel my arms being pulled back as the cock is being pushed in. Just when the stretch starts to feel too intense, he pulls his cock out. I take a deep breath and take the cock back in my mouth. Then he tries again for my ass. He has already opened the door, he just needs to push through. The stretch is so lovely and then– breakthrough. It’s gorgeous. It’s so fulfilling.

He was slow and kind at first, but I knew it wouldn’t be long until he couldn’t control himself. I don’t know what it is about the ass that makes men fuck even harder, but my boyfriend is no exception. He fucked me like he was trying to crack a diamond. Even dude in my mouth hopped out and came to the back to watch that cock open me. He was fucking cheering him on. He was slamming into me so hard he was walking me forward across the floor. Before I knew it, I was up against the bathroom counter again. Just then, he stopped, laughed, and pulled out. He walked to the sink next to me, soaped up his hands, then started to wash his cock. I was so confused. Until I wasn’t. If this was going where I hoped this was going, I was about to check off an item on the sexual bucket list.

As if he could read my mind, my boyfriend said, “Let’s really turn this slut out,” and walked to a toilet. He sat on the edge and leaned back as best he could and just grinned at me. I was willing to feel his fat cock in my pussy again, so I slid right on top of him, feeling his fat head spread my lips aside. I looked over my shoulder and see this guy standing there with his dick in his hand. So I told him, “Don’t just stand there, get in my ass.” Just slut things.

The head of his cock was far more pronounced. I could feel my asshole grip it tightly as he slid it in. Plus, he was sliding in dry; granted, my boyfriend had already prepared the way. The moment his head was in me, the orgasm overtook me. The pressure of the two cocks at once was too much. I have never felt so fucking full and stretched. Such a dirty slut. A dirty slut who wanted more. And, dear lord, his dick was long. I didn’t think it would ever stop filling me. My boyfriend wasn’t able to move much from his vantage point, but I could a little, which really got his cock moving in me. As for dude in the back, well, like I said, there is something about anal that makes men fuck like animals. There was only one thing left to do, and that was to be a perfect little cum dumpster. I knew homie in the back was about to blow any second, He was grunting and panting. Could’ve also been the position he was in. Either way, he absolutely exploded inside my ass. Ass creampies are all the time fun.

As I heard the faucet turn on and off beyond the stall I climbed off my boyfriend’s cock. I heard the lock on the main door unlock; clever move on his part. Didn’t even think of that. I need that glorious cock in my mouth. I get down on my knees–fuck it–and take that wet, sticky, messy dick all the way to the balls with my mouth. I savor it. I can feel the cum dripping out of my asshole while I suck the precum out of him. I knead and massage his balls, desperate for him. I feel him start to stiffen and know it is my cue to throat him. The moment the head of his dick meets my throat he unloads inside me, warm and delicious.

Once again we walk to the sinks and he begins to wash up. He tells me sluts aren’t allowed to. We are lucky enough to not meet anyone as we sneak out the bathroom door, but I catch the dude sitting at a table with a group of men. As we pass by, they all look at me. Some smile, some laugh, some look away. Just as I grab my jacket and my boyfriend pays the tab so we can bounce, my name is called to sing. I forgot I put another in. Alcohol, right? What was it again? Oh, yeah, “Look What You Made Me Do.”

NSFW: yes

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