Long Hard Day [MF 40’s] [Oral]

It was almost over. The week had been hell. I was a week and half past having the Rona. I was starting to feel like myself again. I was sooo tired. Work had been monotonous. I wanted to go home, have some bourbon and be done. You just called to let me know you were on your way home too. I had hoped to get home first, hoping to let off a little solo steam.

Based on your call that didn’t sound like it was gonna happen. While I’m exhausted, I’m also super horny. The sort of horny where I just want to destroy you. Sweat it out in one short intense and passionate session. My cock has been semi hard all day. It’s funny how Covid hasn’t changed my libido.

As I pull into the garage I notice you’re already home. You’re never horny so I’m afraid my issues will remain just that. When I enter the house you’re standing at the kitchen counter looking out the window. You have that long summer dress on that drives me crazy. Your arms are extended holding you up against the counter. This makes your breasts look absolutely perfect. I’m sure you’re not in the mood, yet I have to try.

As I approach I push your hair to one side put my arms around your waist pulling you into me. I nuzzle your neck, making sure my stubble tickles just the way I know it drives you crazy. You moan slightly making me think there is a chance. I kiss your ear and moan a greeting in your ear as my hand starts to wander up to your breast. My attack is slow, pushing my hand underneath your breast being forceful yet soft. Pushing ever so slowly up until my palm is over your entire breast. My lips continue their attack on your neck, this causes you to moan and lean back into me. I can feel your nipple harden in my palm. My fingers begin to to focus on it. Pulling it through the fabric of your bra and your dress. My other hand pulling your ass back into my groin. I want to be sure you find out my intentions. My cock is already hard, you had to have felt it throbbing against your ass.

I pull back and spin you around. Your eyes are sparkling, your cheeks are flush. I know I’ve got you where I want you. I can see it in your eyes as my lips touch yours. The kiss is slow but there is electricity there. Our tongues dueling, tasting each other. My hands are at your waist again. I grab around your waist and pull, you get the idea and put your arms behind you to assist me in getting you up on the counter. We continue to kiss as my hands trail over your body. When my hands get to your chest I push you back so your practically laying on the counter. Your legs splayed out. I push your dress up so your lower half is in view. You have my favorite black lace thong on. It drives me wild when you put that on while getting ready.

I drop to my knees and kiss your inner thigh, my lips trailing up your leg, dragging my tongue on your skin as I make my journey. My path is slow and somewhat jagged. Never taking a direct path to my target, teasing and tasting your skin as I go. This is my favorite part. I can feel your body tense with anticipation as I get closer. My tongue is finally at the crease where your thigh meets your pussy. The thong is covering you up. I can smell you and it’s intoxicating. I fucking live for that smell. My tongue and lips are teasing the crease. It’s my favorite part of your body. Every time I drag my tongue towards the top, you shake a little. Those tremors tell me everything I need to know. I pull back and slowly move my head to the other side. Breathing hot air on your pussy. My lips grazing the lacey material as I pass. You grab my head and try to pull me into you. I’m not having it. Instead I lick up and down the other crease. I can taste your salty desire that has now created a wet spot on the fabric covering your pussy. As I reach the top of the crease you tremble. I slide a finger inside the fabric pulling it away to the other side. Your shaved mound is now on full display. Your lips are swollen and the moisture is impressive. I’m so turned on.

I cover your entire mound with my mouth taking all of you in. My tongue in a wide firm shape, I push in as far as I can go inside you. I love the taste. Your hands are on the back of my head pulling me in as I try to lick as deep as efficient inside you. Lapping up all your delicious juice. Pulling my tongue out but keeping it in a wide firm form and slowly licking up towards your clit. I pass the spot just below and to the right of your clit, I know in a few seconds I’ll be focusing on that spot. You cum every time I apply pressure to that spot. It’s my secret weapon.

I get to your clit and in one fluid motion form an “O” with my lips and suck, vacuuming your clit, this makes you squirm and really pull my head into you. While sucking I apply pressure to your clit with my tongue and start to swipe over it. I’m a little sloppy here as there is a lot of liquid. My chin and lower face are covered, I’m in heaven.

My tongue is now licking from the top left of your clit to the bottom right. My lips still vacuumed over it. I slide a finger inside you and feel for the spot just inside the top of your pussy. I push up on it as my tongue starts to focus on the spot just under your clit. I hear you gasp and feel your thighs clench. Your tremble turns into an all out shake. Your body is rigid, breath comes in erratic gasps as your body locks. Your clit is spasming as my attack continues. It’s hard to hold my head where it is, you’ve lost control of your body making my task difficult but not impossible. I push on that spot with my tongue, my finger massaging your gspot. Your pussy clenching on it. I taste the liquid that gushes out. I love the taste of your cum. So fucking sexy. Your breathing returns to ordinary as I pull back with a grin on my face. I need you so fucking bad right now.

NSFW: yes

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