Lonely Girl (FF) – Short Sex Story

Lonely Girl (FF) – Short Sex Story

She had been single for awhile now and the dating pool was shallow. She had no time for bullshit and drama but was also tired of being alone and lonely at all times. She didn’t need someone to take care of her needs but it was definitely more fun when someone else did. She was starting to wonder if a person could masturbate too often, it was a good thing she had a vast selection of toys to choose from to help her out.

Was it because she had no prospects that sex seemed to all the time be on her mind? She wondered about it constantly, so much that it was almost taking over her life. Anytime she was anywhere alone she would discover a way to take care of her needs.

Girl touching her vaginaGirl touching her vagina

One night she went out for dinner with friends and she found herself getting turned on by the waitress. She was exactly the type of girl she was attracted to, not too tall, curves in all the right places and perky round tits. Each time the waitress came to the table all she could think about was taking one of them in her mouth, suckling on her perk nipples. She could feel the wetness building and excused herself from the table and went to the bathroom. She found a quiet stall, leaned against the door, slowly slid her hand down the front of her pants and slid her fingers into her slick pussy. Careful to listen for anyone else coming in, she started to rub her clit and slide her fingers slowly in and out, pausing every once in awhile to take a taste from her fingers. She was just about to cum when someone walked through the door, she bit her lip to try and keep her moans hidden as she let go. She straightened herself out and walked out of the stall only to see the waitress standing at the sink washing her hands. The waitress looked at her with a sly smile and asked if she had worked up an appetite for dinner now or something else.

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