Lockdown Dental Checkup – A Unique Experience Pt.1 [Long] [FM] [Public] – Short Sex Story

Reposting this story as I have a part two cumming out soon.

Since the first lock-down due to Covid-19, my dentist was only open for emergencies. Recently when I got an email informing me they were during routine check-ups again and to get in contact with them as mine was now overdue. I did just that, getting an appointment for the following week and the receptionist advised me they would email me a set of instructions as they were still working within current government guidelines. The instructions were quite simple, wear mask (which was quite obvious) but park in a marked bay in their car park and wait for a dentist assistant to come collect you rather than walk into reception as typical. Little did I know at this point just how different this check-up would be and one I wouldn’t forget.

The day of my appointment arrived, I drove to the dentist and sure enough after pulling in the car park, 5 spaces were marked for patients. Two cars were already parked, one with two ladies in it, presumably waiting to be led in so I pulled into the one of the free and waited to for someone to come get me.

I don’t know what it is about my dentist but they all the time seem to have a number of attractive staff which makes having a check-up less stressful. As I sat in my car, the most beautiful assistant I’d ever seen came out the building head towards the parked cars. Even the PPE and face visor she wore could not detract from her beauty. She was petite, long red hair with blonde highlights, blue eyes and lovely sun-kissed tone skin, I was mesmerised. Just as she approached the cars, the ladies in the other car called her over. Disaster I wondered, as she may have not come to collect me.

I sat despondent until suddenly she re-emerged in front of my car and quickly I rolled down the window.

“Hi, Jay right?” She said softly.

“Ye…Yes,” I replied but why could I suddenly not talk.

“Great I found you. I’m Beth, could you please put on your mask and step out your car,” she instructed.

I put on my mask, got out my car, took off my coat and chucked it on the passage seat then locked the car. I could smell her sweet perfume and she was even more gorgeous close up, making me a bit nervous. Attached to her belt was a bottle of hand-gel which she then grabbed.

“Ok please just stand there while I squirt on your hands,” she commands.

My mind immediately jumps to something naughty.

“Oh, kinky, was not expecting that.” I replied.

Suddenly I realised I said that wondered out loud, filling me with dread and believing she must think I’m some kind of creep. I looked up at her sheepishly, she had gone bright red and at first I couldn’t work out if it was anger or embarrassment then we both spontaneously burst out laughing.

“Hand gel, hand gel I meant,” she protested.

“God I can’t believe I said that, Ha-ha.”

I was glad she took it so well, and helped break the tension. Once we both calmed down I held out my hands and she dispensed a few of drops of gel on them both of us smiling then we started to walk towards the surgery. This was distracting of course as her lovely perky butt was wiggling in front of me, her scrubs more revealing than you’d think.

“At least you were easy to find today. I mean, I was looking for man not a women and there you were,” Beth said.

Again I found this funny and I think this time she realised what she said, blushing slightly.

“Ahem, well I could be looking for a women also after all it is 2021,” she said trying to laugh off the previous remark.

“Well whoever it was, they would be a very lucky person,” I replied trying to complement her without being cringey.

“Besides your way out of my league,” I continued and she smiled.

“Aww, thank you. But you’re not so bad,” she replied.

“Now you’re just being polite but thank you.”

Beth at this point stopped and turned to me.

“No really, I mean it.”

This really intrigued me, was she being truthful or just trying to me nice. I don’t generally take compliments and don’t think much of my self but this has been such an interesting few minutes. Maybe she was flirting with me a bit but what do I say or do then my addled brain took over.

“Ok prove it,” I said sounding more like a question while Beth looked at me confused.

“You…I mean…I dare you at some point to flash your underwear during my check-up then I’ll know.”

I felt stupid saying it but I’d never get any other opportunity and really wanted to know if she did like me. Beth stayed quiet, then turned and continued leading me into the surgery and into the room with my dentist. Dam I’ve gone too far, I wondered and she probably can’t wait to see the back of me. Never mind, I guess I’ll all the time have the image of her blushing at my inappropriate comments.

I sat down in the dentist’s chair with the dentist sat behind me facing a computer. After initial greetings they begin asking me all the usual standard questions. Beth initially fills a cup with the strange pink water then places it on the stand next to me and continue to stands by me looking over towards the dentist sat at the computer while I stare at the ceiling.

Suddenly I catch something out the corner of my eye. Beth has lifted her top and pull her scrub trousers down slightly, revealing the top of her purple lace panties. I couldn’t believe it, this had to be a dream. I look up and she smiles at me then starts to giggle. I look down wondering what she is finding amusing then realised my cock is getting hard and is very obvious. Immediately I blush causing more amusement for Beth and letting go of her garments. Suddenly the dentist has finished what they are doing on the PC beginning to turn round and roll towards me. I quickly take my mask off, and place my hands over my lap to hide my shame.

As dentist starts doing their exam, Beth walks over to the cupboards in front of me. She bends over in a most seductive way, her trousers being stretched tight, revealing her cute perk ass and G-string. Was she genuinely retrieving something and using the opportunity to torment me or just teasing me? Either way it was not helping the situation in my pants.

“Have you got the plates ready,” the dentist says, interrupting Beth who quickly gets up.

“Yes, ready when you are,” she replied.

The dentist went on to state that they were gonna take a few X-rays, I had many before so knew what to expect. Beth came over with the equipment, the dentist placed two plates in my mouth, positioned the X-ray machine then went to stand outside the room. Beth was stood behind the dentist looking up and down the corridor, I couldn’t quite see clearly but I’m sure she placed a hand on her lap. The X-ray is taken quickly, so no chance to really see what she was up to. The dentist places the next set and goes back out the room this time I can clearly see Beth as she stood more to the side. She made it very clear this time, placing a hand down her scrubs, and making a face of bliss.

I could hardly believe my eyes, but like most things over too quickly. Final X-ray taken the dentist and Beth made their way back in except this time the dentist tells Beth to retrieve the plates in my mouth as they sit down at their PC. As if she knew in advance, Beth takes out the plates then sticks the index and middle finger of the hand she had placed down her scrubs in my mouth for a few moments. I was a bit shocked at first but then started to savour the taste. There was a strong taste of rubber glove but there was also a nice sweetness, her sweetness. Wow she did taste good and still couldn’t believe how naughty she was being while looking so innocent.

The dentist went on to explain my teeth were in good health but need a scale and polish. Due to the fact of having wear extra PPE and having to leave the room empty for a while afterwards, normally they’d would refer me to the dental hygienist but as there was no appointments for a while, they could do it now if I wanted.

I agreed to get it done now, Beth and the dentist started equipping themselves with more protective PPE. After a few minutes they were ready but unfortunately it meant I could hardly see Beth’s face, leaving just her lovely blue eyes.

“Ok Jay, this will be just a bit of noise and water. It shouldn’t be uncomfortable but if you wish to stop just squeeze Beth’s hand,” the dentist explained as Beth held my hand with one arm and a piece of equipment in the other.

The dentist began getting to work and initially it was fine. However after about a minute Beth let go of my hand and placed it on my thigh. I immediately jumped, not expecting it and I’m sure Beth probably has a very naughty grin under her facemask. The dentist thinks they are the cause of my panic, little did they know and they tell me just to relax. It was a very confusing, having a procedure in my mouth which was a little uncomfortable while also having my thigh stroked. Eventually the dentist finishes and Beth let go of my thigh well in advance, not wishing to be caught. Both the dentist and Beth ditch the extra PPE going back to plain scrubs and an typical blue surgical mask.

“Ok all done, you can put your face mask on again now. I’ll get reception to ring you later to book your next check-up in six months’ time and Beth will so you out.”

“We have not got another appointment for a while Beth so you may as well take a break,” concluded the dentist.

I get up out the chair, follow Beth out the room then she stopped, waiting for the door to close behind us. As soon as it did she grabbed my hand, quickly led me to the disabled bathroom then threw my inside, locking the door behind us. She continued to push me backwards till I reached the toilet, closed the lid and sat me down.

Beth kneels down in front of me, immediately undoing my trousers, and pulling out my very hard cock. She is still wearing her blue face mask but her eyes are intensely focused, as she begins stroking my cock. Wow it felt great then she ran her nails up and down, never have I felt such a gentle sensation.

Grabbing my cock again, I could see she suddenly had an idea. She pulled her face mask forward then slid my cock in before letting go, trapping it between the mask and mouth. She played sliding her head with mask up and down my cock then used her tongue. The feeling of the mask material and her tongue felt amazing against my cock and it was so hot just to watch. I couldn’t believe she had such an imaginative mind to come up with this kinky game.

She loved how much this was teasing me and could see me wanting more. She slid up to the top of my cock, then suddenly warmth and my whole cock disappearing under the mask. Her eyes seemed to gleam with pleasure as she was able to take me fully in her mouth and couldn’t withstand her own desires any more, plunging a hand down her wet panties.

Beth began sliding her mouth up and down my cock with one hand rubbing her pussy and the other squeezing her breast. I ran my hand through her hair and watched my cock disappearing each time under her mask, it seemed so strange not being able to see fully and heightened the sensation. It wasn’t long before I got close to blow my load, Beth could sense it, immediately releasing my cock from her mouth and denying my orgasm.

She sat looking up at me touching herself, enjoying the torment of not allowing me to cum then stood up. Slowly she pulled down her scrubs with one hand whilst the other still in her panties and tried to look all innocent. I helped her step out of her trousers then she stood in front of me continuing to pleasure herself, the hand in her purple lacy panties stopping me from getting a clear view of her pussy.

Beth bent over forward as she slowly removed her panties and wrapped them round my cock, presumably not wanting to drop them to the floor. When she stood up her top was now stopping me from seeing her pussy, continuing to tease me. She stepped forward straddling me, ran a hand through my hair, and grabbed the back of it then pulled it forward towards her crotch. At the last minute she lifted her top slightly but I was too close now to see anything. She continued pulling me closer till my face (mask still on) was pressed against her pussy.

Grabbing my head still, she started grinding her pussy against my face and mask, coating it her juices. I could almost taste her through my mask, though a bit difficult to breathe at times it felt great as she massaged my head for every feeling of pleasure she felt. Eventually she moved in such a way that slid my face mask up revealing just my mouth. At first I was a bit hesitant just landing gentle kisses as she moved my head up and down her pussy. It felt so smooth, and warm, yet all I could see was her top. Each time I would lick my lips to savour her the little grool that had transferred on to them and wow she tasted great.

As I grew more confident I started to use my tongue, licking up and down then around her clit causing her to grab my header slightly harder each time as she reached round and stroked my cock a few times just to make sure ensure I stayed hard. I pressed my tongue hard between her pussy lips seeing how far I could go. Beth loved this and started rocking my head back and forth, plunging my tongue in her pussy each time, her juices now starting to run down my chin. I licked upwards to her clit then sucked and ran my tongue over it at the same time.

Beth grabbed my head like nothing before and held it hard into her for as long as she dared before throwing me back completely preventing herself from orgasming. For a moment she leant forward against me to compose herself then looked into my eyes as she started stroking my cock with her panties which she placed their earlier. She pulled my mask back down over my mouth then took her wet panties and tucked them inside.

I watched with anticipation as Beth stepped back, turned away from me and for a moment I wondered it may be all over. She bent over forward revealing her naked cute ass and looked back at me, seeing how vulnerable I was, sat there with my hard cock begging for more attention, her panties stuffed in my face mask, and only my eyes conveying my affection for her. She paused, savouring this moment, feeling so empowered and having such an affect over me. It only aroused her more and she couldn’t help but touch herself.

Beth started wiggling her butt, moving backwards closer to me, eventually her butt cheeks found my cock and she started grinding up and down it like a very sexual lap dance. I tried to help by sliding forward right to the edge of the seat to angle my body as much as efficient without falling off. This was appreciated as Beth found she could now slide my cock between the top of her thighs, teasing us both with a great pussy job. It felt great her sliding along the top of my shaft then the gentle feeling of her pussy lips on the head of my cock, covering it in her juices and my pre-cum.

Finally holding my cock tightly to her pussy, she slid up to the head of my cock then guided it straight into her pussy. She moaned deeply, arched her back and leant against me as I penetrated her for the first time in one smooth motion. Fortunately our facemasks helped reduce the noise. I reached found and rubbed her clit as at first she just moved her hips in circular motions, feeling me deep inside her. After a few moments she lifted herself, sliding up my cock and I grabbed her hips to help as she started riding me, slowly.

As she got more relaxed she picked up speed and one hand disappeared under her top to give her breasts attention and I caught her watching herself in the mirror which only seemed to increase her arousal. Her pussy felt great like velvet wrapped tightly around my cock as she slide up and down, the sounds of her wet pussy and moans sending tingles down my back. It didn’t take long for my cock start to throb, and I was close to cumming. I reached around again and rubbed her clit quickly knowing I was so close to blowing my load. This had the desired effect on Beth, I could feel the odd pulse from her pussy and she was riding me harder.

“Not inside,” she gasped realising I was about to cum.

Beth gave a final burst of speed then pulled my cock out at just the right time, holding it against her pussy lips and she grinded vigorously on my shaft as I started shooting long ropes of cum, my legs were shaking it seemed so intense. I intensified rubbing her clit, the combination of this and my pulsing cock she was grinding on, pushed her over the edge. Beth started cumming hard, her hips bucking, rolling her back as waves of pleasure shot up her body like a bolt of electricity. She grabbed my hand off her clit as it was too much for her and gripped it tight as she lost control and collapsed into me. I held her tight whilst as she continued to grind her pussy on the shaft of my cock trying to extend this orgasm for as long as efficient for the both of us. It was so hot I came again, as Beth’s body continued to ripple with pleasure against my own.

Eventually her body movements slowed, then finally to a stop. Both of us were out of breath and we just stayed there, her laying against me while we recovered. I very gently caressed her pussy which still was twitching occasionally till it too calmed down, I could have stayed like that for hours in this total euphoria.

Unfortunately it had to end; Beth stood up, retrieved her panties from my facemask then casually used them to wipe her thighs and pussy clean. I was quite disappointed to lose them but was a slight turn on to see her use them to clean her juices. It was quite a shock when she threw them back at me, then quickly she put her scrub trousers back on and walked out of the bathroom.

I sat there stunned till then realised anyone could now walk in on me, now she unlocked the door on exit, and see me in this very compromising position. I quickly took her panties and put them in my pocket, pulled my boxes and trousers up then ran back to my car. I sat for a few moments in my car trying to comprehend what just happened. I put a hand into my pockets to check Beth’s panties were really in there and this wasn’t some wet dream. Thinking of our encounter and the little gift she left me made me hard again so I started the engine and drove home before getting too distracted.

For the rest of the day, I found it very hard to concentrate on my work and couldn’t get Beth off my mind. Late afternoon I suddenly get a text from an unknown number.

Unknown: Soooo did we really do that earlier? (o^.^o) xxx

It was obviously from Beth and I’m guessing she got my number from my patient’s file.

Me: Ikr, I’ve been thinking it must have been some crazy hot dream.

Beth: Btw someone didn’t clean up after themselves…

Me: Oh fuck I got so worried of someone suddenly opening the door after you left, I pulled up my trousers and ran out to my car. Totally forgot what I left behind >.<.

Beth: It’s ok I’ll just tell the cleaner there must a been some kinky pervert of patient in here earlier :3.

Me: Lol Well I’m sorry anyway.

Beth: Just so you know I’ve never done anything like that before, EVER! I really not that sort of girl AND I left you one of my favourite pairs of panties.

Beth: Just what did you do to me!!!!

Me: ME??? I was not the one who was posing seductively, groping their patient, touching themselves whilst I was in the dentist’s chair.

Beth: You started it with your wicked little game, and who was getting hard whilst I was innocently standing their trying to do my job :3.

Me: To be fair you are pretty hot though and very wild 🙂

Me: I’ve been hard all day just thinking about. It’s been very distracting and struggling to get any work done.

Beth: You’re struggling??? Really??? At home on your own…Try being in a building with other people and providing assistance to a dentist whilst being so horny.

Beth: I’m on my third pair of scrubs, just see for yourself…

Beth then sent a picture, she was stood in the same bathroom as earlier. Her phone must have been resting at an angle on the toilet seat as the camera was aimed up the front of her body from about knee height. She had rolled down the top of her scrub trousers, clearly showing a wet patch due to being still aroused. Her top still dropped below her waist protecting her modesty but one hand was placed over her pussy, her fingers in a v shape and lifting the top slightly to reveal just the base of her pussy as a tease. Her knees were pointing inwards, thighs together and her other hand had one finger placed on her face mask where her mouth was, she was trying to pose in the most innocent yet seductive pose ever. Boy was it a hot look, very much teasing me and along with those smouldering eyes.

Beth: You’re doing it again, look what you made me do. I don’t send naughty pictures to strangers.

Me: That’s so dam fucking hot. Any glamour models got nothing on you, make any guy cum and any girl wet :3.

Beth: (o^.^o) TY

Beth: Sooo…prove it.

A little shocked at first I didn’t know what she was suggesting or what do. Do I just sent a picture of my hard cock or something else? Not knowing what to do, I quickly sent a picture of my trousers with my hard cock clearly visible.

Beth: Hmmm…I think you can do better and how does that relate to me??

Dam she wants more but what? It was then I remembered a reddit post where a women was asking for “tributes”. At the time I never know what it meant but they posted a picture of themselves, asked men to cum to it then take a picture. As I wasn’t interesting in seeing the results I closed it and quickly moved on but maybe I could “tribute” Beth.

I grabbed my Ipad, copied over the picture she sent and also retrieved the panties she gave me earlier. At first I took a picture of her panties hanging out of me mouth trying my best to look seductive as efficient. Quickly I got my cock out which was very hard by know, wrapped her panties around it and used them to stroke up and down a few times before sliding them to the base of my cock. Her panties were still wet leaving my cock slightly glistening with her grool and a slight residue on my lips. I stared at Beth’s photo as I started stroking my cock then closed my eyes remembering the events of earlier. Her soft velvet pussy wrapped around my cock, her sweet honey scent on my lips and her moans of pleasure. I was stroking my cock faster and faster, it didn’t take very long for me to begin cumming. I was so lost in wondered I almost forgot to cum on her picture but fortunately came to my senses and got a few shots on it.

I took another picture of the shots of cum decorating Beth’s photo on my Ipad along with my cock in view complete with her panties still wrapped round. She can’t say this is not related to her now, I wondered to myself but I was still a bit apprehensive. Before I could think of it any more, I quickly texted both pictures.

Me: (0^.^0) Hope you like these.

Beth: OMG…I’ve never… I mean, I don’t know what to say.

At this point my heart sank, had I gone too far.

ME: 🙁

Beth: No don’t be upset, their great it’s just a first for me X.

Me: Phew lol.

Beth: Is it hot in here suddenly? You’ve got me all hot and horny again you naughty boy :3.

Beth: I only came in to change my scrubs but now I’m need some me time.

Me: Sorry not sorry :3.

Beth: Least I have some good material ~..

Me: Dam you got me going again now.

Beth: Feel free to join in 😀 Now if you excuse me, I’ll have company to attend too.

I stopped texting Beth at this point, not wanting to interrupt her me time. I felt so horny again knowing she was touching herself right now, and whilst potentially looking at my picture. I couldn’t help get off again before cleaning up after myself. This had to be the best dental check-up ever, and can’t wait for the next.

NSFW: yes

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