Lingerie shopping with my brother (M18 and F19)

Both of us are 18+, I am the original author. Reposted from r/incestconfessions

I have explained my relationship with my brother in my last post. One of the things he enjoys is wearing women’s lingerie. I love that he embraces that side of himself. When we got our own place he told me he doesn’t want to wear boy underwear anymore. Just panties. I was very excited for him because this means we get to go shopping together. The first weekend of school we took a trip to Victoria’s Secret and just bought him some everyday and some really sexy ones for our time.

The sales girl had a blast helping us. She took us around asking him all these questions. Once he felt comfortable he had so much fun. About two weeks ago he told me he wanted to begin wearing more provocative lingerie. So I asked him what he wanted to wear? We went online and he was showing me basically dance wear. Satin and lace, bustiers, bodysuits, he loves garter belts and stockings. So this weekend d we went to a couple of dance wear lingerie stores. Again we told the ladies that worked there it was for him and they went to town, measuring him lining up all kinds of lingerie that would fit him. We got some matching lucrative thongs and he’s in heaven now trying them on for me.

His dick has been rock hard since we got home. I know tonight is gonna be so amazing. I’m just hoping he starts wearing this under his boy clothes when he goes to classes. Next time ill update you and talk a little about what I’ve been experimenting with.

NSFW: yes

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