Like Mother, Like Daughters – Part 1

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Me and two buddies met these two girls one night, Amber and Riley. They were cute party girls. Out to have a good time. Out at the club dancing the night away.

The three of us and two of them. They were both young and single. Flirting heavy enjoying the attention. We bought them drinks and danced and flirted.

They were wild party girls, both 21,out letting loose. Getting a little wild.

But all fun and games.

It started getting late. The club was thinning out. We were hoping to get some digits. Maybe meet up with these girls another night.

Amber said.

“Where are we going next?”

The five of use conversed.

I replied.

“All the clubs are closing down.”

“We could all go to my place. I live close by.”

She said.

This night had just taken a turn for the better.

Us boys were overly willing.

Yes, lets go we told them and a short drive later we were at the house. We all got out of the cars.

“You girls like to get high?”

I asked, as we walked to the door.

“They giggled, yes do you have some?”

“Yeah, I have some.”

Once inside we all settled down. They had a fridge full of beer. We all cracked one and sat in the living room. I started to roll a joint and the girls went back into the bedrooms and said they would be right back.

I finished rolling a fatty we all could distribute, when Amber and Riley came out from the back. They had changed into more comfortable clothes. Little short, shorts and tee-shirts, white ankle socks.

We all sat on the couches, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy. I was in the middle. We lit and passed the joint around. They were cool girls. Sexy little stoner sluts. We all were laughing and getting used to each other in this different setting.

The effects of the weed driving our laughter and our conversation. At one point the five of us all laughing hysterically.

Amber got her composure.

“Shh we need to keep it down. I don’t want to wake my Mom.”

“Amber your Mom is cool.”

Riley said.

“Yeah, I know but I feel bad waking her up in the middle of the night.”

“What? Your Mom is here? Why is she here?”

I asked.

“Because she lives here.”

Amber said.

She could see my apprehension.

“Don’t worry her Mom is cool,”

Riley assured us.

After hearing there was a prenatal figure in the house us boys keep it down. A much more low key conversation. And the girls kept laughing at us. We were all paranoid.

“Why are you whispering.”

“Well because you said your Mom was here.”

They laughed at us, they were nonchalant about the whole thing.

Then we met Karen.

She came down the hall in a little house robe just above her knees. Pulled closed.

The boys and I tensed up. I started to stand.

“No don’t get up.”

She said.

The three of us acting funny with this new older woman in the room.

The two younger women giggled at us.

Karen sat across front the sofa in the side chair.

“So what are you all up to?”

“Oh, nothing Mom.”

More giggling.

“Umm hmm, you are all high as shit.”

I got really tense her mother sitting down with us in the middle of the night. Knowing immediately that I was over there drinking their beer, getting her daughter high.

I was worried. A little paranoid from the weed.

Until we settled into conversation. Until we gradually realized her Mom was cool. We said our introductions. Came to realize that she was a really chill, sexy older lady.

Very definition of a MILF. A mommy next door type. Burnette, shoulder length bob haircut. Round little body. Made for making babies. Little mommy curves and bumps for days. In there looking so sexy.

Just a little house coat and her fuzzy slippers. Skimpy, her legs crossed as she sat down. I thought what was below there. Couldn’t be wearing much under that house coat. Maybe a bra and panties? Maybe nothing underneath? She was so sky and composed. Dangling and kicking her leg as she got to know us.

We talked a good little while. Riley scooched over close to my buddy Ryan to one end. They were cuddled up. And Amber was sitting close to me.

These girls were throwing signals left and right that they were ready to get fucked. Right there in front of Karen. They did not try to hide anything.

Riley and Ryan in each others arms, whispering and playing handsies.

Amber had started rubbing her hand up and down my leg ever so softly. Up and down from knee to thigh. Gentle, subtle strokes.

This felt so wrong, yet so ordinary. The two of them rubbing up on us with the Mother looking on. Like she noticed but didn’t care.

Where were my manners?

I made Karen an offer.

“We have some more. Would you like me to roll another one?”

“No, no, I’m going back to sleep. I just wanted to see what all the commotion was.

She got up.

“Goodnight Mom.”

“Good night.”

“Goodnight Karen.”

Amber Teased as she went down the hall.

With her out of the room. Things intensified. I felt bad for my buddy Brad as it was Amber and I, Ryan and Riley paired up.

The four of us starting to play. Whispers, touches, kisses.

Tongues exploring. Tasting.

Brad not moving in. Watching and waiting in the wing. Bidding his time.

Careful not to bud in. O kill the vibe, he let things run their course.

We wet them. We wet their mouths and moistened their lips. Panties dripping, I felt Amber’s wetness through her shorts as my hands explored.

These girls were melting.

Amber stood up.

She pulled me up by my hand.

Her skin flushed her lips smeared from our sloppy kiss.

She pulled me down the hallway.

Her room way at the end of the hall.

She pulled me inside. Inside of her dimly lit room.

Our clothes came off and scattered.

She stood there with her close shaved pussy. Tight little bod. Perky little tits pointing up. Nipples hard. Soft light brown hair, hazel eyes. Hair up in a ponytail. Cute in the face, freckles.

I stepped over close my cock pointing at her. Hard as a rock.

She dropped to her knees.

A slobber, blobber, fest all over my cock. Sucking and licking and bobbing.

Temptation every second of it, to explode, to erupt.

I somehow keep it together.

As she pulls away for a second. A little gag and cough, a gasp for air having throated my cock.

I hear faint sounds from the other room. Sounds like Ryan and Riley, Laughs, and bumps, and voices and moans. In there getting busy. Just like Amber and I.

I look down at her. She smiles. My wet cock in her hand. Her drool running down her chin.

I pull her up by her arm.

Time to fuck this freak.

She crawls onto the bed. Up on her knees, ass in the air. Face in a pillow.

She adjusts and positions more pillows, she settles into a comfortable position.

Ass in the air. Pretty face looking back at me.

Anticipating the fuck.

I’m stroking as I approach.

And I crawl up in the bed. I slide up inside her sopping velvet. That warm wet pleasure hole.

I had to go so slow every second I was on the edge of shooting a geyser of cum up into her tight pink pussy.

She had the sexiest little moans. Soft and sweet as I fucked her steady. Deep and long. A nice gentle fuck but deep and wet. My cock way up inside her tight little snatch. Her cream coating my stick. Up inside her honey pot. Mixing up something nice.

When she started bumping, and grinding, wiggling and gyratining on my cock. When she rubbed back against it and came on my shaft.

She breathed into the bed, her face turning red.

The feel of of her pushing back into my cock, her thrusts back into mine as I fucked her through her orgasm and beyond.

She had built me up. I could hold on no more.

I pulled out and I splattered her back and then her ass. The last few ropes across her pink asshole.

A enormous cum explosion across her back side.

She collapsed on the bed, wet, used ass, facing up.

I wanted a cigarette.

I pulled on my boxers and shorts and left the room. Went into the living area. Expecting to see Brad.

There was Ryan.

“Hey where is Brad?”

“Down the hall with Riley.”

“But I wondered you were hooking up with Riley?”

“I did!”

“I already fucked her. She is so fucking hot.”

“Yeah I know she is.”

I agreed.

“Yeah, I thought I heard your voice in there.”

He nodded his head and spilled.

“But then dude, when I was done, she told me she wanted Brad to come in there. She mentioned your name too.”

“What? Are you for real?”

He chuckled.

“Yeah man these girls want to fuck. Did you and Amber?”

“Oh yeah.”

I answered.

“He grinned, couldn’t help but grin back at him.

“Was she good?”

My expression said it all. My glow. I didn’t even have to answer.

“Haha, hell yes she was I can tell.”

“Well Riley told me that she and Amber already talked about it, and they like all of us.”

“Like… all of us?

“Yeah… all of us.”

Feel free to explore she said. Make yourselves at home.

“This isn’t even her house?”

I quipped.

“Whatever, I’m going to go check on Amber. See if she needs some company.”

I watched as Ryan walked down the hall.

He knocked on her door. Waiting for her to open the door, like a gentleman.

Amber opened the door.

I watched.

She let him inside.

Wow. This was insane. We had just met these two girls maybe three hours before. All three of us now laid, or getting laid. Buddy Ryan heading after my sloppy seconds.

I stepped out on the back deck and had a smoke.

I came back into the living room and I sat and laid back on the sofa quietly. Sounds of sex echoing down the hall. Soft moans and grunts. Beds pounding and squeaking.

I sat in the quiet and listened.

When from down the hall, a silhouette emerges. Her bare legs walking into the room.

It was Karen.

“Hey, you’re up! What has you up at this hour?”

She rolled her eyes at me.

“Are you kidding, what has me up?”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

Karen did not seem to mind.

She stood for a moment. An uncomfortable quiet with the faint muffled sounds of her daughter and her daughter’s best friend down the hall getting railed. Their noises filled the background.

“Do you want to sit down and hang out?” I asked.

My heart was thumping…

“Sure I will sit a while.”

She walked over and sat down right next to me. The same spot where Amber had sat and rubbed my leg earlier in the night.

She sat close, she snuggled up. Her bare legs curled up to me. Her hand rubbing my leg. Just like her Daughter’s hand before.

Before I fucked her. And Mommy could hear us for sure. Hearing me fuck her daughter’s tight little cunt.

She had listened she did. That sexy piece of MILF fuck-meat Karen.

Snuggling up beside me. She had come to get her some.

Her head on my shoulder, she spoke soft.

“Do you still want to smoke that joint?”

I giggled.

I smiled her, and she at me.

I was pinching myself. It was like a dream.

Too good to be true!

Whatever it was, it was just getting started.

This was to be one hell of a time.

NSFW: yes

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