Lick And Leave

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NSFW: yes

Another afternoon of “work from home” lost online.
Playing with yourself for hours… working your sweet little pussy into a mess. You have been close to cumming several times, but resisted. Deciding instead to continue edging. But you grow more desperate and hungry with every round.

Then a wondered pops into your head. Something you have never considered before, but for some reason now it sounds like the perfect idea. You remember this message from that guy with the funny name on Reddit.

“What was his name?…LickAndLeave I think.”

You dig into your messages and discover it.

“My offer stands,” he wrote. “Just reply to this message. All I need is a place and a time. “

You pick up your phone and begin to type a reply…
Your address “Vista Gardens #966” and the word “now.”

You lay back on the couch and stir your finger in your pussy, laughing and thinking to yourself,

“You’re such a slut sometimes! It’s ridiculous to even think that would work.”

Half an hour passes and it is all but forgotten. Then you hear a knock on the door. You shutter and pick up your phone. You open Reddit and see the reply,


You message back, “ I don’t think we shou…”
Before you can finish the sentence he sends another message.

“Unlock the door, turn off the lights and lay on the couch… Legs open.”

Your heart is racing… “I should call 911!” You think to yourself.
Then another wondered comes from a place deeper inside you,
“You should let him in.”

It’s shocking that you would even have that wondered… more shocking still that you are walking towards the door.

Your hand switches off the light, then turns the deadbolt. Slowly, you back away from the door.

“This is the most insane thing you have ever done.” You think as you almost trip and fall back onto the couch.

Quickly gathering yourself, you look back at the door.
He is already in the room… slowly moving towards you in the dark… lowering himself to his hands and knees as he gets closer. Without wondered, your legs spread aside. You are dripping onto the couch.

You feel a soft, warm kiss on your ankle… then your calf… inner thigh… and finally you feel his warm breath on your open pussy.

A hot, wet tongue touches your glistening lips… slowly drawing a circle up to your clit then back down to your open hole.

The tongue flattens and starts painting juices up and down your swollen pussy. The licks are getting deeper and sloppier with each stroke.

He’s pressing his face into you more aggressively now… lapping at you like a hungry dog. His deep moans echo into your hungry little fuckhole. You begin to contract and he responds by moaning even louder… painting his face with your pussy as you begin to cum. Wave after wave of pleasure spills over you.

Suddenly there are hands around your ankles, pushing you back. Forcing you into a ball and exposing your holes even more.

His sloppy face moves lower, coating your ass with slick juices .

The wet tongue is firm now and pushing against your tight hole. You relax and let It press into you. He spreads your legs even wider, as if he is trying to rip you aside. The wet little tongue-cock fucks deeper into your ass with every thrust.

His enthusiasm builds… hammering away at your holes with his whole head… tongue digging deep into your ass… his face splashing into your pussy again, and again, and again. Loud, sloppy slapping sounds echo around the room along with the deep impacts of the couch hitting the wall behind you. Finally, you let out an audible scream as your body collapses into a convulsing frenzy of cum, grool and spit.

You lie limp on the couch. Your mind is completely blank… your body completely relaxed. As you catch your breath enough to speak, you hear the click of the closing door.

He is gone.

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