letting my boyfriend lose me in a bet to our dealer [26F]

We started dating when we were sixteen. We’re both from a small town in Australia where you’re basically with the same group of people through high college that you grew up with. Most people from our home town tend to stay and work around there after college finishes, so Nick and I are some of the few people to have actually moved away. We both got accepted into the same uni and now live on campus, but we’re only a three hour drive away so sometimes pop home for the weekends. We’ve stayed in touch with all of our friends from college, and this story centres around one of them, a guy named Travis.

Travis was all the time more of Nick’s friend than mine, I mostly just tolerated him. He was dealing weed even back when we were at college and I all the time assumed that was the main reason that everyone put up with him. He’s all the time been aggressive, arrogant, rude and insulting, literally the opposite of Nick and the rest of our friends in just about every aspect. That being said he could be fun to hang around and get high with, but I could only ever handle him in small doses. He’s also an absolute chauvinist and fuck boy. Most of our friends have dated around and been single on and off, where as Nick and I have stuck together the whole way through high college. As a result of this Travis has managed to sleep with just about every girl in our friendship group at some point. Almost all, because he’s never managed to get into my pants despite his constant efforts.

Having been dating through our teen years and having only ever slept with each other, Nick and I would sometimes talk about how we felt we might be missing out on the ‘wider world’ of dating to a degree. It started off as joking around, but after our first year of uni we started talking about it more seriously. We were both comfortable enough on our relationship and trusted each other, but it still took a while for us to honestly begin sharing with each other. What we discovered about each other is that Nick has sort of a jealousy kink. He told me how he’d all the time notice other guys checking me out or flirting with me, and while it would make him jealous at first, he really got turned on at the wondered of another guy taking me. And on my part, the more we spoke about it, the more I realised I wanted to know what it was like to be with an asshole. Nick wish the most supportive and caring person, and that’s exactly what I want in a relationship, but I couldn’t fight the feeling that I wanted to get treated like an object. We tried roleplaying a few times but it all the time ended up with us both laughing at how unnatural it felt.

So this is where Travis comes in. It was Nick who first suggested it when I was describing the sort of guy that I would hypothetically use a hall pass on. I didn’t even realise who I was describing until he came out and said “so…Travis?”. Surprisingly Nick latched onto the idea and it sort of became a regular topic for us that started off as a joke and slowly became more serious. Eventually we both decided that if the opportunity presented itself we would see what happened.

It was a few months before said opportunity arose. We were visiting home for a long weekend and went out for drinks with our friends one night. At the end of the night Nick and I ended back at Travis’s and we’re getting high with him and another friend. Eventually that friend passed out on the couch and it was just the three of us. I was watching Nick and Travis playing a game on some old console and just talking shit together. We were also planning on picking up some weed to take back to uni for us and a few friends there. Nick suggested having a bet on the next round. If he won, Travis would have to hand over an ounce for free.

At first he laughed it off, and said Nick had nothing to offer that was worth that. Nick kept suggesting it and told him to pick what he wants if he wins. Eventually it was Nick who just straight up suggested, if you win, you can have Ellie for the rest of the night.

I still remember the intense silence that hung in the air. I should mention that every time I smoke weed I get insanely turned on. I don’t know what it is but it just sort of melts my brain on way that hits so so well. So I’m sitting there stoned and silent looking between the two of them while my heart pounds in my chest.

Travis immediately stops laughing and starts asking for specifics, so suddenly they’re negotiating between them what he’s allowed to do before I finally manage to speak up. Nick and I leave the room to have a quick chat where we both agree that we want to go ahead with this and set our boundaries. We end up agreeing that if Nick wins, we get three ounces of weed free of charge, and if Travis wins, he gets to keep me for the night to do whatever (within reason) he wants. Basically the only conditions were that I get a safe word, would check in with Nick every half hour and he would agree not to take any pictures.

We both knew we were giving him a much better offer than he was giving us, and he seemed to think that we were too stoned and stupid to realise. After shaking on it they began the game. Part of me was worried that Nick might win, but in about a minute Travis has demolished him and he sat there doing a very convincing impression of someone who was stunned beyond belief. Travis was laughing and taunting us both before telling Nick it was time for him to go, and to take our other friend (the one passed out on the couch) with him.

We managed to shake him awake and the four of us walked out to wait for the Uber to arrive for Nick and him. The whole time Travis stood there with his hand on my ass and a shit eating grin on his face. I said my goodbyes to Nick, promised to message and said that I’d be home soon no doubt. I knew he was probably gonna just drop our mate home and then hang around the area anyway.

As soon as their car turned the corner Travis steered me back into the house. He was almost bouncing with excitement. I tried really hard to contain how excited I was, tried to pretend that I was annoyed at Nick, reluctant to go through with this. The more I tried to convince Travis, the more excited I was getting. As soon as we were through the door Travis packed a bong and offered me a hit. I was already quite stoned, but I knew that another hit would only make me more suggestible, more ridiculously turned on, and I wanted to ride that wave.

I could almost feel my brain melting as I took the pull and exhaled. It was much stronger than I was used to smoking with him also. He laughed as I coughed and took his own pull before sitting back in an armchair. He told me to stand in front of him, then looked me in the eye and said “strip”.

I could feel my heart racing in my ears. I’d known this guy for years, I’d all the time sort of loathed him, and I was about to be standing naked in front of him. I felt so clumsy and stoned as I undressed. When I got down to my underwear I turned my back before getting completely nude. When I was finally undressed I turned back to face him covering my chest and crotch. He found this really funny and laughed at me for a bit while I stood there blushing. It felt so surreal standing here with nothing on while he sat there fully clothed and laughing, I honestly had never felt excitement on this level at any point on my life, my knees were weak, my heart was racing, I was trembling with excitement.

Then he said, “put your hands on your head and spread your legs”. The crazy thing is I didn’t even hesitate. I linked my fingers on top of my head and moved my feet shoulder width aside, standing there completely exposed while he got his first look at my bare naked body. And he really got a good look. He stood, walked around, commenting on my body, lifting my tits up and commenting on how saggy they were, making remarks about my labia and my ass, really letting it sink in for me that he now knows what every inch of my body looks like. By this stage he could tell I wasn’t offering any resistance and seemed to sense how much I was getting off on what he was saying. He was joking about how my boyfriend had basically bet me for a few bags of weed. He told me to bend over and touch the floor, then stood behind me massaging my ass cheeks, pulling them aside and spanking me a few times, telling me to shake my ass, laughing as my cheeks jiggled up and down in front of him.

I was pretty much a mess my this stage. I was more or less leaking and he made sure to let me know how wet I was, commenting on how much I was obviously enjoying this, how little miss perfect wasn’t too good for him after all. Everything he was saying was just washing over me, my brain felt like it had liquified, all I could focus on was how insanely, achingly turned on I was. I remember letting out a gasp/moan and him laughing as he slid his fingers between my pussy lips then held them out for me to taste. I had to look up into his eyes as I sucked his fingers clean, tasting myself on his skin.

He ordered me onto the couch and offered me the bong again. I knew I was already too stoned, but I really wanted to push myself and took another hit while he told me to keep my legs open. It was like feeling my brain leave my body. Then he guided me back so I was lying on my back, took my knees in his hands and lifted my legs up and open. I was lying down, spread wide open as he positioned himself between my legs and started playing with my pussy. He was taking his time, parting my pussy lips, tracing his fingers over it before slowly sliding his fingers in and out. It could have been 10 minutes or 2 hours, I lay back as he slowly edged me, bringing me agonisingly close to an orgasm at least half a dozen times, laughing as I began moaning and humping against his fingers, desperately trying to get myself off. He kept telling me I had to ask permission, and when I finally broke down and begged him to let me cum, he gave me a little slap right on my open pussy and told me he would say when I was allowed.

Then he started to eat me out. It was too much for my melted brain, knowing that he was tasting me, sticking his tongue inside of me. I came so close so many times but he’d keep stopping me just before I crossed over the line. I felt so slutty, lying back, still holding myself open for him, thrusting myself at him, begging for him to make me cum. I knew how much he’d be loving this, how long he would have wanted this.

I was a quivering mess by the time he finally put his cock inside of me. While he has been almost gentle while he was teasing me, he was anything but that when he started to fuck me. I was getting rocked up and down on the couch, my breasts bouncing, my head bumping against the arm rest. Nick has a really good sized cock and knows how to use it, but Travis’ was thick, and filled me up in a way I hadn’t felt before, almost to the point of feeling stretched when he bottomed out inside me. I probably lasted less than a minute before I was cumming while he grinned down at me, watching me spasm and moan.

I came a second time when he flipped me over and took me from behind. I’d never come this way before, I’ve all the time enjoyed doggy but something about the position doesn’t ever get me right to the point of cumming. Maybe it was the way his cock was hitting my g spot, or maybe it was just my broken sex crazed brain that pushed me over the edge. It was only another couple of minutes before I was slumped over, face to the ground, legs shaking while he held my ass up, hard fucking me while I whimpered in ecstasy.

There aren’t many things that I’ve found impressive about Travis, but his stamina was incredible. Thinking back afterwards I got the feeling that he knew this could be a one time thing and he planned to enjoy it as much as he could. We fucked in almost a dozen different positions and I came a final time on my back again, this time on the floor, while he held my legs wide aside, pushing himself deep inside of me.

When it was clear he was getting close I managed to muster enough brain power to ask him not to cum inside of me. Nick is still the only person who’s ever done that and I half expected Travis to pretend not to hear. Thankfully he did. He pulled out of my, lifted me up into a kneeling position and started stroking himself in front of my face, lightly slapping his cock against my face and lips. I kept my mouth closed tightly and shut my eyes right before he started to cum over my face. After the first shot he pressed the tip of his cock against my pursed lips. I could feel his cum shooting out and I lasted a couple of seconds before I opened my mouth, letting him slide his cock inside, cumming over my tongue and down my throat. I couldn’t believe that I was tasting and swallowing his cum. Despite how sore and used I felt at that point, I was almost ready to cum again.

When he was done he sat back down with me still kneeling in front of him. I could feel his cum on my chin and he said how much he wanted a picture of that. I eventually agreed to let him take a pic on my phone, and I’d decide the next day if he got to keep it. We did send it to Nick though to let him know I was ready to be picked up.

After that he sent me to the kitchen to get him him a beer before I cleaned myself up. It was surreal walking through his house naked feeling his cum on my face. After washing my face I got a drink for myself and joined him on the couch, still naked while we waited for Nick to arrive. I sat the whole time with my legs open, my aching swollen pussy slightly gaped while Travis teased me with his fingers again.

When Nick finally arrived I went out to meet him, just pulling my dress on and stuffing everything else onto my bag. I was so desperate to tell him everything but we managed to take the short Uber ride mostly in silence. I did lift up my dress in the back seat to show him my aching and freshly fucked pussy during the ride.

Once we got back home I explained everything that had happened, giving him a blow by blow profile while slowly stroking him, finally lying back and letting him fuck me, only just managing to cum for the final time that night as I told him how I’d swallowed his friends cum.

We’ve relived that night together dozens of times now. Nick enjoys hearing about it almost as much as I do reliving it in my mind. I’m not sure if it would feel as mind blowing the second time round, but we’re already at the point of trying to work out if we could do something similar in the future.

NSFW: yes

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