Letting my 29M bf turn me into a teen mom 19F

When I met my bf I was on birth control. Once he learned this, condoms were out of the question. I loved getting filled up with his cum so I had no complaints.

However I decided I was sick of taking my birth control. I told him and was expecting he’d go back to wearing condoms.

Luckily he didn’t. He seemed thrilled to now get to fill my unprotected pussy full of his cum. I was excited too.

He constantly tells me how excited he is to knock me up and turn me into a teen mom and his pregnant housewife. How he wants to keep breeding me and how my body is meant to be pregnant. Commenting on my hips and tits and saying how he can’t wait to watch my belly grow with his baby and my tits swell and get heavy with milk.

I can’t wait either. It’s only been about two weeks with no birth control but I’m looking forward to getting my first positive test.

I’m so happy my bf is gonna make me his breeding whore. I’ll let him knock me up as many times as he wants.

I’m so excited to finally fulfill my wish of being a teen mom with him.

NSFW: yes


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